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Mars Con Saturn
Venus Tri Pluto
Sun Sex Moon
Venus Tri Mars
Mars Con Pluto
Jupiter Con Pluto
Saturn Squ Uranus
Venus Tri Jupiter
Moon Squ Mercury
Venus Tri Saturn
Saturn Con Pluto
Moon Tri Saturn
Mars Con Jupiter
Mars Squ Uranus
Jupiter Sex Neptune
Jupiter Con Saturn
Neptune Sex Pluto
Moon Tri Mars
Mercury Con Neptune

Planets in Signs

Sun in Aries

With an Aries Sun you possess abundant creative energy and enthusiasm for life. Very brave, positive and competitive, you have natural leadership qualities. Obstacles are overcome by sheer physical courage. An enterprising nature, with a capability for seizing opportunities is a factor for success. Recklessness and arrogance are your worst traits. You can also be violent when roused. You value your freedom and independence, though this may be interpreted as selfishness by others. To develop your personality to its fullest potential, the main task is one of gaining complete control over the physical and emotional natures to avoid extremes of embarrassing behaviour. Likely occupations are those associated with military professions, engineering projects, the police or fire department, or any work which requires the control of fire and metals.

Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini gives you the ability to objectify and rationalise your emotional nature. Resourceful and keen-witted you are able to find practical solutions to any domestic or personal problems. You have an intellectual nature fond of study and should achieve emotional satisfaction from scientific or literary pursuits. Travel and out-door activities such as walking will have therapeutic effects upon your nature.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces gives you a highly sensitive, just, sympathetic, good-humoured, poetic, intuitive and imaginative mind, whilst being shy and reserved. You tend to lack self-confidence in intellectual matters preferring to evaluate situations on the intuitive and imaginative level - feeling your way through life rather than reasoning and evaluating events. Notwithstanding, this placement of Mercury is powerful for creative endeavour and occupations that require your special qualities - acting, writing, art, poetry, singing, music, nursing or humanitarian work. On occasion your mind may be overpowered by deep emotional eruptions and to retain balance you will need to seek peace, quiet and seclusion.

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus indicates an affectionate, constant, loyal and faithful romantic nature, yet very possessive. You are sensual in a passive way, seeking to attract rather than pursue the love object. Your emotional well-being is largely dependent on the security that comes from a stable relationship and secure home life. Money and material possessions are also important, thus enabling you to beautify your home and surroundings and to add the touches of luxury you desire.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn indicates that you will assert yourself in a practical, rational, self-controlled, disciplined, well-organised, persistent, structured, effective and efficient manner. Conventional and conservative, much of your energy is channelled into professional ambition and social advancement - you like to see practical results for your efforts and take pride in doing a job correctly. On occasion you can be calculating, selfish, materialistic and show a total disregard for others. Sexual relationships are not a priority - you can at times feel inhibited and clumsy in this department. However, if married, sex is elevated to the status of 'duty to perform . Lovemaking in usually conventional, controlled and unimaginative, but you do have your moments of transcendence.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn gives you the opportunity to develop a strong sense of duty, integrity, honesty, mature judgement, sound business ethics and a suitability for executive positions. There is an innate drive for dignity, importance, power and status. These qualities are necessary to enable you to expand your personality and life experience. Eventually, through hard work, determination and accomplishment you are likely to achieve a high position of commercial, industrial or political responsibility. The achievement of wealth is a high probability.

Saturn in Aquarius

In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the development of a broad, tolerant and impartial attitude when dealing with friends and other social groups. Intellectual power is important - original thinking, intuition and an investigative nature need to be developed and given practical application, through a quiet and steady mind capable of scientific reasoning.

Uranus in Taurus

Those born in this generation have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind timely ideas for materially implementing the new directions that are being taken on the planet. They will receive insights about ways to structure the new directions, to establish innovative energies in a practical, essential way. Disruption occurs only through holding on to old value systems that are not in harmony with the new direction of society as a whole.

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Planets in Houses

Sun in 11th House

With the Sun's energy in the Eleventh House your personality drive will express itself mainly through friendships and group activities - perhaps in social or cultural reform, or as a manager of a social institution. You are advised to develop a cultured and refined personality.

Moon in 12th House

With the Moon in the Twelfth House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through reflective meditation and quiet contemplation. Your sensitive emotional nature tends to shy away from social confutation, feelings are fragile and you are easily hurt. At times, others may view you as a lonely, emotionally withdrawn person. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by current environmental conditions and your emotional ability to cope with events - energy levels fluctuate with mood and surrounding circumstances. You may gain satisfaction from some form of selfless behind-the-scenes service involving sacrifice on your part. Occasionally, it is important for your general health and well-being that you seek seclusion in order to renew your emotional strength. Mystical ability is indicated and there is likely to be a keen interest in things spiritual.

Mercury in 10th House

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to professional worldly ambitions where knowledge and education are pursued in order to enhance career prospects or social standing. Your mental qualities are well-suited to managerial posts, government positions, politics and any work requiring communication skill and executive ability. With this placing of Mercury financial security, professional prestige and social status are the dominant mental issues.

Venus in 12th House

With Venus in the Twelfth House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities are through a love of quiet and seclusion to peruse personal or secret study and meditation - probably of a spiritual nature. Personal and social contacts often are secretive, and there can be secret love affairs. Social inhibitions or shyness can lead to some loneliness or romantic frustration.

Mars in 8th House

With Mars in the Eighth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into the quest for personal success, self-knowledge and emotional security. Your energy is channelled through powerful, deep-seated but easily aroused emotions and a powerful sex-drive. There is a desire for leadership within your social and business sphere - involvement with metaphysical or occult groups is a possibility. Your deep interest in finance, big business and a keen, positive attitude to investment ensures success. You possess an intuitive sense that is well tuned when it comes to assessing prospective partners and financial opportunities.

Jupiter in 8th House

With Jupiter in the Eighth House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune coming through an inheritance, joint finances, investment, business dealings or your marriage partner. This position of Jupiter gives you the opportunity to develop skill in business, a flair for handling money and a marked degree of social power.

Saturn in 8th House

An Eighth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world is to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the responsible handling of other people s property and money - banking, investments, insurance, corporate money, tax, inheritances, etc. A will to succeed must be developed together with a calm, efficient, determined and persistent effort for thoroughness.

Uranus in 11th House

With an Eleventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an involvement in unusual and original social, political or cultural groups dedicated to social reform or revolution. Dynamic, stimulating friendships transform your ideas and ideals. Your friends may be regarded as peculiar, unusual or extraordinary in some way - geniuses, inventors, writers, New Age promoters, occultists, government executives, etc. There may be sudden and unexpected benefits from such friends enabling you to progress towards your personal hopes and wishes. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Neptune in 10th House

Neptune in the Tenth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through your chosen social position in the world. You possess a highly inspirational nature, capable of attaining honour or position through some unique achievement. Your professional life could be enclosed within a spiritual framework such as ministers, spiritual teachers and psychiatrists or within an institutional environment such as in hospitals, asylums or prisons. On occasion, you will tend to lose direction life and withdraw from work to seek seclusion and direction - possibly as prelude to a change of career.

Pluto in 8th House

With Pluto in the Eighth House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through a strong interest in occult studies or through other forms of metaphysical work. This position is favourable for extra-sensory and higher consciousness experiences. You probably possess psychic abilities that may manifest in many levels - astral projection, dreams, mediumship, healing abilities, etc. A strong desire to prove the immortality of life is a constant challenge to your intellect.

Houses in Signs

1st House in Cancer

Cancers tend to he emotionally volatile. They expend a great deal of energy through their feelings and are romantic and dramatic in their emotional expressions. Their emotions are supported by their will, however. They identify strongly with their families and familial concerns.

2nd House in Cancer

These natives acquire money through their adaptability and their receptiveness to the people around them. They instinctively know what others need for growth and nourishment, and by responding to these needs they are often able to make money. Thus, their emotional and financial affairs are interrelated. Generally, they have something tucked away as a nest egg. They are emotionally tied to this and protect it at all costs.

3rd House in Leo

These natives express power through creative thinking and invest their ideas with great energy. Thus, they think in large and dramatic terms. Their mental ingenuity is often expressed in art. Their journeys are likely to have a pleasurable or creative purpose; they tend to travel to see those whom they love or with whom they are romantically involved.

4th House in Virgo

These natives prefer to and often do situate their professions and workshops in the home. They render service to their families and are fastidious and discerning in the home. Like the Moon, they move around constantly and, if possible, combine visits with financial gain.

5th House in Libra

Partnership is the channel for their creative power. These people are attracted to people of refinement, grace, and balance. They derive great aesthetic pleasure from listening to music and enjoy intellectual discussion in social interchange. They have artistic ability of which other people are usually unaware; their artistic creativity is as much mental as emotional.

6th House in Scorpio

These natives have to regenerate themselves through the areas of work and service. Only by making their ideas effective in a practical way can they transform themselves and get a new start in life. This Sixth House placement of the highly emotional Scorpio indicates that the expression or repression of desires strongly influences the natives' health. So there is a necessity to use the mind in such a way as to improve the health.

7th House in Capricorn

There is a tendency to he cautious and reserved in forming partnerships and to be shy in public relations. Since large crowds frighten them, these natives do not like to remain in a crowd for very long. They are cautious in marriage. They tend to marry late in life and often for status.

8th House in Capricorn

These natives have to earn their fair share in any sort of partnership or they deprive themselves of fulfillment. If they are lucky enough to get an inheritance, there is generally delay and the inheritance is often tied up in litigation. However, they protect themselves by buying insurance.

9th House in Aquarius

There is a tendency to be progressive, unusual, and freethinking in matters of religion, philosophy, and higher education. These natives like to associate with people involved in these fields. They are curious about foreign cultures and seek out the unusual through travel and study. Since inspiration comes in sudden flashes, they go on long journeys suddenly, without much preparation.

10th House in Pisces

These natives tend to be 'other-worldly' and visionary, and not always practical with regard to work and public reputation. They are elusive and hard to pin down in professional matters. Peculiar conditions are sometimes associated with their jobs and reputations, and there is always an element of mystery in their professional activity.

11th House in Aries

There is a constant effort to make new friends. These natives are continually moving in a new group, leaving old friends behind and rejoining them at a later time. They tend to organize group endeavors. They are energetic in expressing their hopes and wishes and often try new and unusual methods of obtaining them.

12th House in Taurus

These natives are likely to he affected by conditions from the past that do not change easily. There is a tendency to he more persistent on the unconscious level than on the conscious level. Their self-undoing comes from their unconscious materialistic desires.

Ephemeris (Yearly)

Mo/Dy/Yr Sun Moon Merc Venu Mars Jupi Satu Uran Nept Plut
1/1/20 10Cp38 23Pi32 5Cp21 15Aq10 28Sc48 6Cp48 21Cp28 2Ta41 16Pi16 22Cp24
1/2/20 11Cp39 5Ar24 6Cp56 16Aq23 29Sc28 7Cp02 21Cp35 2Ta40 16Pi17 22Cp26
1/3/20 12Cp41 17Ar19 8Cp31 17Aq37 0Sg08 7Cp16 21Cp42 2Ta40 16Pi19 22Cp28
1/4/20 13Cp42 29Ar20 10Cp07 18Aq50 0Sg49 7Cp30 21Cp49 2Ta40 16Pi20 22Cp30
1/5/20 14Cp43 11Ta34 11Cp43 20Aq04 1Sg29 7Cp44 21Cp56 2Ta39 16Pi21 22Cp32
1/6/20 15Cp44 24Ta03 13Cp19 21Aq17 2Sg10 7Cp57 22Cp03 2Ta39 16Pi22 22Cp34
1/7/20 16Cp45 6Ge51 14Cp56 22Aq30 2Sg50 8Cp11 22Cp10 2Ta39 16Pi24 22Cp36
1/8/20 17Cp46 20Ge01 16Cp33 23Aq43 3Sg31 8Cp25 22Cp17 2Ta39 16Pi25 22Cp38
1/9/20 18Cp47 3Cn32 18Cp10 24Aq56 4Sg11 8Cp39 22Cp24 2Ta39 16Pi26 22Cp40
1/10/20 19Cp49 17Cn25 19Cp48 26Aq09 4Sg52 8Cp52 22Cp31 2Ta38 16Pi28 22Cp42
1/11/20 20Cp50 1Le35 21Cp26 27Aq22 5Sg32 9Cp06 22Cp38 2Ta39 16Pi29 22Cp44
1/12/20 21Cp51 15Le59 23Cp05 28Aq35 6Sg13 9Cp20 22Cp45 2Ta39 16Pi31 22Cp46
1/13/20 22Cp52 0Vi30 24Cp44 29Aq48 6Sg53 9Cp33 22Cp53 2Ta39 16Pi32 22Cp48
1/14/20 23Cp53 15Vi03 26Cp24 1Pi01 7Sg34 9Cp47 23Cp00 2Ta39 16Pi34 22Cp50
1/15/20 24Cp54 29Vi32 28Cp04 2Pi14 8Sg15 10Cp01 23Cp07 2Ta39 16Pi35 22Cp52
1/16/20 25Cp55 13Li52 29Cp45 3Pi27 8Sg55 10Cp14 23Cp14 2Ta39 16Pi37 22Cp54
1/17/20 26Cp56 28Li01 1Aq26 4Pi39 9Sg36 10Cp28 23Cp21 2Ta40 16Pi39 22Cp56
1/18/20 27Cp57 11Sc56 3Aq07 5Pi52 10Sg17 10Cp41 23Cp28 2Ta40 16Pi40 22Cp58
1/19/20 28Cp59 25Sc38 4Aq49 7Pi04 10Sg58 10Cp55 23Cp35 2Ta40 16Pi42 23Cp00
1/20/20 0Aq00 9Sg06 6Aq31 8Pi17 11Sg38 11Cp09 23Cp42 2Ta41 16Pi44 23Cp02
1/21/20 1Aq01 22Sg20 8Aq14 9Pi29 12Sg19 11Cp22 23Cp49 2Ta41 16Pi45 23Cp04
1/22/20 2Aq02 5Cp22 9Aq57 10Pi41 13Sg00 11Cp35 23Cp56 2Ta42 16Pi47 23Cp06
1/23/20 3Aq03 18Cp12 11Aq40 11Pi53 13Sg41 11Cp49 24Cp04 2Ta43 16Pi49 23Cp08
1/24/20 4Aq04 0Aq50 13Aq24 13Pi05 14Sg21 12Cp02 24Cp11 2Ta43 16Pi50 23Cp10
1/25/20 5Aq05 13Aq17 15Aq07 14Pi17 15Sg02 12Cp16 24Cp18 2Ta44 16Pi52 23Cp12
1/26/20 6Aq06 25Aq33 16Aq50 15Pi29 15Sg43 12Cp29 24Cp25 2Ta45 16Pi54 23Cp14
1/27/20 7Aq07 7Pi40 18Aq34 16Pi41 16Sg24 12Cp42 24Cp32 2Ta46 16Pi56 23Cp16
1/28/20 8Aq08 19Pi38 20Aq17 17Pi53 17Sg05 12Cp55 24Cp39 2Ta47 16Pi58 23Cp18
1/29/20 9Aq09 1Ar32 21Aq59 19Pi05 17Sg46 13Cp09 24Cp46 2Ta47 17Pi00 23Cp20
1/30/20 10Aq10 13Ar23 23Aq40 20Pi16 18Sg27 13Cp22 24Cp53 2Ta48 17Pi02 23Cp22
1/31/20 11Aq11 25Ar16 25Aq21 21Pi28 19Sg08 13Cp35 25Cp00 2Ta49 17Pi03 23Cp24
2/1/20 12Aq12 7Ta14 27Aq00 22Pi39 19Sg49 13Cp48 25Cp06 2Ta51 17Pi05 23Cp26
2/2/20 13Aq13 19Ta24 28Aq37 23Pi50 20Sg30 14Cp01 25Cp13 2Ta52 17Pi07 23Cp28
2/3/20 14Aq14 1Ge48 0Pi13 25Pi01 21Sg11 14Cp14 25Cp20 2Ta53 17Pi09 23Cp29
2/4/20 15Aq14 14Ge33 1Pi45 26Pi12 21Sg52 14Cp27 25Cp27 2Ta54 17Pi11 23Cp31
2/5/20 16Aq15 27Ge42 3Pi14 27Pi23 22Sg33 14Cp39 25Cp34 2Ta55 17Pi13 23Cp33
2/6/20 17Aq16 11Cn18 4Pi40 28Pi34 23Sg14 14Cp52 25Cp41 2Ta57 17Pi15 23Cp35
2/7/20 18Aq17 25Cn20 6Pi01 29Pi45 23Sg55 15Cp05 25Cp47 2Ta58 17Pi17 23Cp37
2/8/20 19Aq18 9Le48 7Pi17 0Ar55 24Sg36 15Cp18 25Cp54 3Ta00 17Pi19 23Cp39
2/9/20 20Aq18 24Le35 8Pi27 2Ar05 25Sg17 15Cp30 26Cp01 3Ta01 17Pi22 23Cp41
2/10/20 21Aq19 9Vi34 9Pi30 3Ar16 25Sg58 15Cp43 26Cp08 3Ta03 17Pi24 23Cp43
2/11/20 22Aq20 24Vi35 10Pi26 4Ar26 26Sg39 15Cp55 26Cp14 3Ta04 17Pi26 23Cp44
2/12/20 23Aq21 9Li30 11Pi14 5Ar36 27Sg20 16Cp08 26Cp21 3Ta06 17Pi28 23Cp46
2/13/20 24Aq21 24Li10 11Pi53 6Ar46 28Sg02 16Cp20 26Cp27 3Ta07 17Pi30 23Cp48
2/14/20 25Aq22 8Sc31 12Pi23 7Ar55 28Sg43 16Cp32 26Cp34 3Ta09 17Pi32 23Cp50
2/15/20 26Aq22 22Sc29 12Pi42 9Ar05 29Sg24 16Cp45 26Cp40 3Ta11 17Pi34 23Cp52
2/16/20 27Aq23 6Sg06 12Pi52 10Ar14 0Cp05 16Cp57 26Cp47 3Ta13 17Pi36 23Cp53
2/17/20 28Aq24 19Sg21 12Pi51 11Ar23 0Cp47 17Cp09 26Cp53 3Ta15 17Pi39 23Cp55
2/18/20 29Aq24 2Cp19 12Pi40 12Ar32 1Cp28 17Cp21 27Cp00 3Ta16 17Pi41 23Cp57
2/19/20 0Pi25 15Cp02 12Pi18 13Ar41 2Cp09 17Cp33 27Cp06 3Ta18 17Pi43 23Cp58
2/20/20 1Pi25 27Cp32 11Pi47 14Ar50 2Cp51 17Cp45 27Cp12 3Ta20 17Pi45 24Cp00
2/21/20 2Pi26 9Aq53 11Pi07 15Ar59 3Cp32 17Cp57 27Cp19 3Ta22 17Pi47 24Cp02
2/22/20 3Pi26 22Aq05 10Pi20 17Ar07 4Cp13 18Cp08 27Cp25 3Ta24 17Pi50 24Cp03
2/23/20 4Pi27 4Pi11 9Pi26 18Ar15 4Cp55 18Cp20 27Cp31 3Ta27 17Pi52 24Cp05
2/24/20 5Pi27 16Pi10 8Pi26 19Ar23 5Cp36 18Cp31 27Cp37 3Ta29 17Pi54 24Cp07
2/25/20 6Pi27 28Pi06 7Pi24 20Ar31 6Cp17 18Cp43 27Cp43 3Ta31 17Pi56 24Cp08
2/26/20 7Pi28 9Ar58 6Pi19 21Ar39 6Cp59 18Cp54 27Cp49 3Ta33 17Pi58 24Cp10
2/27/20 8Pi28 21Ar49 5Pi14 22Ar46 7Cp40 19Cp06 27Cp55 3Ta35 18Pi01 24Cp11
2/28/20 9Pi28 3Ta41 4Pi10 23Ar53 8Cp22 19Cp17 28Cp01 3Ta38 18Pi03 24Cp13
2/29/20 10Pi29 15Ta39 3Pi09 25Ar00 9Cp03 19Cp28 28Cp07 3Ta40 18Pi05 24Cp14
3/1/20 11Pi29 27Ta45 2Pi12 26Ar07 9Cp44 19Cp39 28Cp13 3Ta42 18Pi08 24Cp16
3/2/20 12Pi29 10Ge05 1Pi20 27Ar14 10Cp26 19Cp50 28Cp19 3Ta45 18Pi10 24Cp17
3/3/20 13Pi29 22Ge44 0Pi34 28Ar20 11Cp07 20Cp01 28Cp25 3Ta47 18Pi12 24Cp19
3/4/20 14Pi29 5Cn46 29Aq54 29Ar26 11Cp49 20Cp12 28Cp30 3Ta50 18Pi14 24Cp20
3/5/20 15Pi30 19Cn15 29Aq20 0Ta32 12Cp30 20Cp22 28Cp36 3Ta52 18Pi17 24Cp22
3/6/20 16Pi30 3Le14 28Aq53 1Ta38 13Cp12 20Cp33 28Cp41 3Ta55 18Pi19 24Cp23
3/7/20 17Pi30 17Le42 28Aq33 2Ta43 13Cp53 20Cp43 28Cp47 3Ta57 18Pi21 24Cp24
3/8/20 18Pi30 2Vi36 28Aq20 3Ta48 14Cp35 20Cp54 28Cp52 4Ta00 18Pi23 24Cp26
3/9/20 19Pi30 17Vi48 28Aq13 4Ta53 15Cp16 21Cp04 28Cp58 4Ta03 18Pi26 24Cp27
3/10/20 20Pi30 3Li08 28Aq13 5Ta57 15Cp58 21Cp14 29Cp03 4Ta05 18Pi28 24Cp28
3/11/20 21Pi29 18Li23 28Aq19 7Ta01 16Cp40 21Cp24 29Cp08 4Ta08 18Pi30 24Cp30
3/12/20 22Pi29 3Sc24 28Aq31 8Ta05 17Cp21 21Cp34 29Cp13 4Ta11 18Pi33 24Cp31
3/13/20 23Pi29 18Sc02 28Aq48 9Ta09 18Cp03 21Cp44 29Cp19 4Ta14 18Pi35 24Cp32
3/14/20 24Pi29 2Sg12 29Aq10 10Ta12 18Cp44 21Cp54 29Cp24 4Ta16 18Pi37 24Cp33
3/15/20 25Pi29 15Sg55 29Aq38 11Ta15 19Cp26 22Cp03 29Cp29 4Ta19 18Pi39 24Cp35
3/16/20 26Pi28 29Sg12 0Pi10 12Ta18 20Cp08 22Cp13 29Cp33 4Ta22 18Pi42 24Cp36
3/17/20 27Pi28 12Cp05 0Pi46 13Ta20 20Cp49 22Cp22 29Cp38 4Ta25 18Pi44 24Cp37
3/18/20 28Pi28 24Cp40 1Pi26 14Ta22 21Cp31 22Cp31 29Cp43 4Ta28 18Pi46 24Cp38
3/19/20 29Pi28 7Aq00 2Pi10 15Ta23 22Cp13 22Cp41 29Cp48 4Ta31 18Pi48 24Cp39
3/20/20 0Ar27 19Aq10 2Pi58 16Ta25 22Cp54 22Cp50 29Cp52 4Ta34 18Pi51 24Cp40
3/21/20 1Ar27 1Pi11 3Pi49 17Ta25 23Cp36 22Cp59 29Cp57 4Ta37 18Pi53 24Cp41
3/22/20 2Ar26 13Pi08 4Pi43 18Ta26 24Cp18 23Cp07 0Aq02 4Ta40 18Pi55 24Cp42
3/23/20 3Ar26 25Pi02 5Pi41 19Ta26 24Cp59 23Cp16 0Aq06 4Ta43 18Pi57 24Cp43
3/24/20 4Ar25 6Ar54 6Pi41 20Ta25 25Cp41 23Cp25 0Aq10 4Ta46 19Pi00 24Cp44
3/25/20 5Ar25 18Ar46 7Pi43 21Ta24 26Cp23 23Cp33 0Aq15 4Ta49 19Pi02 24Cp45
3/26/20 6Ar24 0Ta39 8Pi48 22Ta23 27Cp04 23Cp41 0Aq19 4Ta52 19Pi04 24Cp46
3/27/20 7Ar24 12Ta35 9Pi56 23Ta21 27Cp46 23Cp49 0Aq23 4Ta55 19Pi06 24Cp47
3/28/20 8Ar23 24Ta36 11Pi06 24Ta19 28Cp28 23Cp57 0Aq27 4Ta58 19Pi08 24Cp47
3/29/20 9Ar22 6Ge45 12Pi17 25Ta16 29Cp10 24Cp05 0Aq31 5Ta02 19Pi11 24Cp48
3/30/20 10Ar22 19Ge06 13Pi31 26Ta13 29Cp51 24Cp13 0Aq35 5Ta05 19Pi13 24Cp49
3/31/20 11Ar21 1Cn43 14Pi47 27Ta09 0Aq33 24Cp20 0Aq39 5Ta08 19Pi15 24Cp50
4/1/20 12Ar20 14Cn40 16Pi05 28Ta05 1Aq15 24Cp28 0Aq42 5Ta11 19Pi17 24Cp50
4/2/20 13Ar19 28Cn01 17Pi25 29Ta00 1Aq56 24Cp35 0Aq46 5Ta15 19Pi19 24Cp51
4/3/20 14Ar18 11Le50 18Pi47 29Ta54 2Aq38 24Cp42 0Aq49 5Ta18 19Pi21 24Cp52
4/4/20 15Ar18 26Le08 20Pi10 0Ge48 3Aq20 24Cp49 0Aq53 5Ta21 19Pi23 24Cp52
4/5/20 16Ar17 10Vi53 21Pi35 1Ge42 4Aq01 24Cp56 0Aq56 5Ta24 19Pi25 24Cp53
4/6/20 17Ar16 25Vi59 23Pi02 2Ge34 4Aq43 25Cp03 1Aq00 5Ta28 19Pi27 24Cp54
4/7/20 18Ar15 11Li17 24Pi30 3Ge26 5Aq25 25Cp10 1Aq03 5Ta31 19Pi30 24Cp54
4/8/20 19Ar14 26Li37 26Pi00 4Ge17 6Aq07 25Cp16 1Aq06 5Ta34 19Pi32 24Cp55
4/9/20 20Ar12 11Sc46 27Pi32 5Ge07 6Aq48 25Cp22 1Aq09 5Ta38 19Pi34 24Cp55
4/10/20 21Ar11 26Sc35 29Pi05 5Ge57 7Aq30 25Cp28 1Aq12 5Ta41 19Pi36 24Cp56
4/11/20 22Ar10 10Sg57 0Ar40 6Ge46 8Aq12 25Cp34 1Aq15 5Ta44 19Pi38 24Cp56
4/12/20 23Ar09 24Sg50 2Ar16 7Ge34 8Aq53 25Cp40 1Aq18 5Ta48 19Pi40 24Cp56
4/13/20 24Ar08 8Cp14 3Ar54 8Ge21 9Aq35 25Cp46 1Aq20 5Ta51 19Pi42 24Cp57
4/14/20 25Ar07 21Cp12 5Ar34 9Ge07 10Aq17 25Cp51 1Aq23 5Ta55 19Pi44 24Cp57
4/15/20 26Ar05 3Aq49 7Ar15 9Ge53 10Aq58 25Cp56 1Aq25 5Ta58 19Pi45 24Cp58
4/16/20 27Ar04 16Aq07 8Ar58 10Ge37 11Aq40 26Cp02 1Aq28 6Ta01 19Pi47 24Cp58
4/17/20 28Ar03 28Aq13 10Ar42 11Ge21 12Aq22 26Cp07 1Aq30 6Ta05 19Pi49 24Cp58
4/18/20 29Ar01 10Pi11 12Ar28 12Ge03 13Aq03 26Cp11 1Aq32 6Ta08 19Pi51 24Cp58
4/19/20 0Ta00 22Pi04 14Ar16 12Ge44 13Aq45 26Cp16 1Aq34 6Ta12 19Pi53 24Cp58
4/20/20 0Ta59 3Ar55 16Ar05 13Ge25 14Aq27 26Cp20 1Aq36 6Ta15 19Pi55 24Cp59
4/21/20 1Ta57 15Ar47 17Ar56 14Ge04 15Aq08 26Cp25 1Aq38 6Ta19 19Pi57 24Cp59
4/22/20 2Ta56 27Ar41 19Ar48 14Ge42 15Aq50 26Cp29 1Aq40 6Ta22 19Pi58 24Cp59
4/23/20 3Ta54 9Ta39 21Ar42 15Ge19 16Aq32 26Cp33 1Aq42 6Ta26 20Pi00 24Cp59
4/24/20 4Ta53 21Ta42 23Ar38 15Ge54 17Aq13 26Cp37 1Aq44 6Ta29 20Pi02 24Cp59
4/25/20 5Ta51 3Ge52 25Ar35 16Ge28 17Aq55 26Cp40 1Aq45 6Ta32 20Pi04 24Cp59
4/26/20 6Ta49 16Ge11 27Ar34 17Ge01 18Aq36 26Cp44 1Aq47 6Ta36 20Pi05 24Cp59
4/27/20 7Ta48 28Ge40 29Ar35 17Ge32 19Aq18 26Cp47 1Aq48 6Ta39 20Pi07 24Cp59
4/28/20 8Ta46 11Cn24 1Ta37 18Ge02 19Aq59 26Cp50 1Aq49 6Ta43 20Pi09 24Cp59
4/29/20 9Ta45 24Cn24 3Ta40 18Ge30 20Aq41 26Cp53 1Aq50 6Ta46 20Pi10 24Cp59
4/30/20 10Ta43 7Le44 5Ta45 18Ge57 21Aq22 26Cp56 1Aq52 6Ta50 20Pi12 24Cp59
5/1/20 11Ta41 21Le26 7Ta51 19Ge22 22Aq03 26Cp58 1Aq52 6Ta53 20Pi14 24Cp59
5/2/20 12Ta39 5Vi33 9Ta58 19Ge45 22Aq45 27Cp00 1Aq53 6Ta57 20Pi15 24Cp58
5/3/20 13Ta37 20Vi02 12Ta06 20Ge07 23Aq26 27Cp03 1Aq54 7Ta00 20Pi17 24Cp58
5/4/20 14Ta36 4Li50 14Ta15 20Ge26 24Aq07 27Cp05 1Aq55 7Ta03 20Pi18 24Cp58
5/5/20 15Ta34 19Li51 16Ta25 20Ge44 24Aq49 27Cp06 1Aq55 7Ta07 20Pi20 24Cp58
5/6/20 16Ta32 4Sc56 18Ta35 21Ge00 25Aq30 27Cp08 1Aq56 7Ta10 20Pi21 24Cp57
5/7/20 17Ta30 19Sc56 20Ta45 21Ge13 26Aq11 27Cp09 1Aq56 7Ta14 20Pi23 24Cp57
5/8/20 18Ta28 4Sg41 22Ta56 21Ge25 26Aq52 27Cp11 1Aq57 7Ta17 20Pi24 24Cp57
5/9/20 19Ta26 19Sg05 25Ta05 21Ge34 27Aq33 27Cp12 1Aq57 7Ta21 20Pi25 24Cp56
5/10/20 20Ta24 3Cp03 27Ta14 21Ge42 28Aq15 27Cp12 1Aq57 7Ta24 20Pi27 24Cp56
5/11/20 21Ta22 16Cp33 29Ta22 21Ge47 28Aq56 27Cp13 1Aq57 7Ta27 20Pi28 24Cp55
5/12/20 22Ta20 29Cp37 1Ge29 21Ge49 29Aq37 27Cp14 1Aq57 7Ta31 20Pi29 24Cp55
5/13/20 23Ta17 12Aq19 3Ge34 21Ge50 0Pi18 27Cp14 1Aq57 7Ta34 20Pi31 24Cp54
5/14/20 24Ta15 24Aq41 5Ge38 21Ge48 0Pi59 27Cp14 1Aq56 7Ta37 20Pi32 24Cp54
5/15/20 25Ta13 6Pi49 7Ge39 21Ge43 1Pi40 27Cp14 1Aq56 7Ta41 20Pi33 24Cp53
5/16/20 26Ta11 18Pi47 9Ge38 21Ge37 2Pi21 27Cp14 1Aq55 7Ta44 20Pi34 24Cp53
5/17/20 27Ta09 0Ar40 11Ge35 21Ge27 3Pi01 27Cp13 1Aq55 7Ta47 20Pi36 24Cp52
5/18/20 28Ta07 12Ar31 13Ge29 21Ge16 3Pi42 27Cp12 1Aq54 7Ta51 20Pi37 24Cp52
5/19/20 29Ta04 24Ar25 15Ge21 21Ge02 4Pi23 27Cp12 1Aq53 7Ta54 20Pi38 24Cp51
5/20/20 0Ge02 6Ta23 17Ge09 20Ge45 5Pi04 27Cp10 1Aq53 7Ta57 20Pi39 24Cp50
5/21/20 1Ge00 18Ta28 18Ge55 20Ge27 5Pi44 27Cp09 1Aq52 8Ta00 20Pi40 24Cp50
5/22/20 1Ge58 0Ge41 20Ge38 20Ge06 6Pi25 27Cp08 1Aq51 8Ta04 20Pi41 24Cp49
5/23/20 2Ge55 13Ge05 22Ge18 19Ge42 7Pi05 27Cp06 1Aq49 8Ta07 20Pi42 24Cp48
5/24/20 3Ge53 25Ge39 23Ge54 19Ge17 7Pi46 27Cp04 1Aq48 8Ta10 20Pi43 24Cp47
5/25/20 4Ge51 8Cn26 25Ge28 18Ge50 8Pi26 27Cp02 1Aq47 8Ta13 20Pi44 24Cp47
5/26/20 5Ge48 21Cn25 26Ge58 18Ge20 9Pi06 27Cp00 1Aq45 8Ta16 20Pi45 24Cp46
5/27/20 6Ge46 4Le39 28Ge25 17Ge49 9Pi46 26Cp58 1Aq44 8Ta20 20Pi46 24Cp45
5/28/20 7Ge44 18Le08 29Ge49 17Ge17 10Pi26 26Cp55 1Aq42 8Ta23 20Pi47 24Cp44
5/29/20 8Ge41 1Vi53 1Cn09 16Ge43 11Pi07 26Cp53 1Aq41 8Ta26 20Pi47 24Cp43
5/30/20 9Ge39 15Vi55 2Cn26 16Ge08 11Pi47 26Cp50 1Aq39 8Ta29 20Pi48 24Cp42
5/31/20 10Ge36 0Li11 3Cn40 15Ge32 12Pi26 26Cp47 1Aq37 8Ta32 20Pi49 24Cp41
6/1/20 11Ge34 14Li40 4Cn50 14Ge55 13Pi06 26Cp43 1Aq35 8Ta35 20Pi50 24Cp40
6/2/20 12Ge31 29Li18 5Cn57 14Ge17 13Pi46 26Cp40 1Aq33 8Ta38 20Pi50 24Cp39
6/3/20 13Ge29 13Sc58 7Cn00 13Ge40 14Pi26 26Cp36 1Aq31 8Ta41 20Pi51 24Cp38
6/4/20 14Ge26 28Sc35 7Cn59 13Ge02 15Pi05 26Cp33 1Aq28 8Ta44 20Pi51 24Cp37
6/5/20 15Ge23 13Sg02 8Cn55 12Ge24 15Pi45 26Cp29 1Aq26 8Ta47 20Pi52 24Cp36
6/6/20 16Ge21 27Sg12 9Cn47 11Ge47 16Pi24 26Cp24 1Aq24 8Ta50 20Pi53 24Cp35
6/7/20 17Ge18 11Cp03 10Cn35 11Ge11 17Pi03 26Cp20 1Aq21 8Ta53 20Pi53 24Cp34
6/8/20 18Ge16 24Cp31 11Cn19 10Ge35 17Pi42 26Cp16 1Aq19 8Ta56 20Pi54 24Cp33
6/9/20 19Ge13 7Aq37 11Cn59 10Ge01 18Pi22 26Cp11 1Aq16 8Ta58 20Pi54 24Cp32
6/10/20 20Ge10 20Aq21 12Cn35 9Ge28 19Pi01 26Cp06 1Aq13 9Ta01 20Pi55 24Cp31
6/11/20 21Ge08 2Pi47 13Cn07 8Ge57 19Pi39 26Cp02 1Aq11 9Ta04 20Pi55 24Cp30
6/12/20 22Ge05 14Pi58 13Cn35 8Ge27 20Pi18 25Cp56 1Aq08 9Ta07 20Pi55 24Cp29
6/13/20 23Ge02 26Pi58 13Cn58 7Ge59 20Pi57 25Cp51 1Aq05 9Ta09 20Pi56 24Cp28
6/14/20 24Ge00 8Ar52 14Cn16 7Ge33 21Pi35 25Cp46 1Aq02 9Ta12 20Pi56 24Cp26
6/15/20 24Ge57 20Ar45 14Cn30 7Ge10 22Pi14 25Cp40 0Aq59 9Ta15 20Pi56 24Cp25
6/16/20 25Ge54 2Ta40 14Cn40 6Ge48 22Pi52 25Cp35 0Aq56 9Ta17 20Pi56 24Cp24
6/17/20 26Ge51 14Ta42 14Cn45 6Ge29 23Pi30 25Cp29 0Aq52 9Ta20 20Pi57 24Cp23
6/18/20 27Ge49 26Ta53 14Cn45 6Ge12 24Pi08 25Cp23 0Aq49 9Ta23 20Pi57 24Cp21
6/19/20 28Ge46 9Ge17 14Cn41 5Ge57 24Pi46 25Cp17 0Aq46 9Ta25 20Pi57 24Cp20
6/20/20 29Ge43 21Ge56 14Cn32 5Ge45 25Pi24 25Cp11 0Aq42 9Ta28 20Pi57 24Cp19
6/21/20 0Cn41 4Cn49 14Cn20 5Ge35 26Pi01 25Cp05 0Aq39 9Ta30 20Pi57 24Cp18
6/22/20 1Cn38 17Cn57 14Cn03 5Ge28 26Pi39 24Cp58 0Aq35 9Ta32 20Pi57 24Cp16
6/23/20 2Cn35 1Le20 13Cn42 5Ge23 27Pi16 24Cp52 0Aq32 9Ta35 20Pi57 24Cp15
6/24/20 3Cn32 14Le57 13Cn18 5Ge20 27Pi53 24Cp45 0Aq28 9Ta37 20Pi57 24Cp14
6/25/20 4Cn30 28Le46 12Cn50 5Ge20 28Pi30 24Cp38 0Aq24 9Ta39 20Pi57 24Cp12
6/26/20 5Cn27 12Vi44 12Cn20 5Ge22 29Pi07 24Cp31 0Aq21 9Ta42 20Pi57 24Cp11
6/27/20 6Cn24 26Vi51 11Cn48 5Ge26 29Pi43 24Cp25 0Aq17 9Ta44 20Pi57 24Cp10
6/28/20 7Cn21 11Li04 11Cn14 5Ge32 0Ar19 24Cp18 0Aq13 9Ta46 20Pi57 24Cp08
6/29/20 8Cn19 25Li20 10Cn38 5Ge41 0Ar56 24Cp10 0Aq09 9Ta48 20Pi56 24Cp07
6/30/20 9Cn16 9Sc36 10Cn02 5Ge51 1Ar32 24Cp03 0Aq05 9Ta51 20Pi56 24Cp06
7/1/20 10Cn13 23Sc51 9Cn26 6Ge04 2Ar08 23Cp56 0Aq01 9Ta53 20Pi56 24Cp04
7/2/20 11Cn10 8Sg00 8Cn51 6Ge19 2Ar43 23Cp49 29Cp57 9Ta55 20Pi56 24Cp03
7/3/20 12Cn07 22Sg00 8Cn16 6Ge35 3Ar19 23Cp41 29Cp53 9Ta57 20Pi55 24Cp01
7/4/20 13Cn04 5Cp48 7Cn44 6Ge54 3Ar54 23Cp34 29Cp49 9Ta59 20Pi55 24Cp00
7/5/20 14Cn02 19Cp22 7Cn14 7Ge14 4Ar29 23Cp26 29Cp45 10Ta01 20Pi55 23Cp58
7/6/20 14Cn59 2Aq38 6Cn47 7Ge36 5Ar04 23Cp19 29Cp40 10Ta02 20Pi54 23Cp57
7/7/20 15Cn56 15Aq37 6Cn23 8Ge00 5Ar38 23Cp11 29Cp36 10Ta04 20Pi54 23Cp56
7/8/20 16Cn53 28Aq18 6Cn03 8Ge26 6Ar13 23Cp04 29Cp32 10Ta06 20Pi53 23Cp54
7/9/20 17Cn50 10Pi43 5Cn48 8Ge53 6Ar47 22Cp56 29Cp28 10Ta08 20Pi53 23Cp53
7/10/20 18Cn48 22Pi54 5Cn37 9Ge21 7Ar21 22Cp48 29Cp23 10Ta10 20Pi52 23Cp51
7/11/20 19Cn45 4Ar55 5Cn30 9Ge51 7Ar54 22Cp41 29Cp19 10Ta11 20Pi52 23Cp50
7/12/20 20Cn42 16Ar49 5Cn29 10Ge23 8Ar28 22Cp33 29Cp15 10Ta13 20Pi51 23Cp48
7/13/20 21Cn39 28Ar42 5Cn33 10Ge56 9Ar01 22Cp25 29Cp10 10Ta15 20Pi50 23Cp47
7/14/20 22Cn36 10Ta38 5Cn43 11Ge30 9Ar34 22Cp18 29Cp06 10Ta16 20Pi50 23Cp46
7/15/20 23Cn34 22Ta41 5Cn57 12Ge05 10Ar06 22Cp10 29Cp01 10Ta18 20Pi49 23Cp44
7/16/20 24Cn31 4Ge57 6Cn18 12Ge42 10Ar38 22Cp02 28Cp57 10Ta19 20Pi48 23Cp43
7/17/20 25Cn28 17Ge28 6Cn43 13Ge20 11Ar10 21Cp54 28Cp53 10Ta21 20Pi48 23Cp41
7/18/20 26Cn25 0Cn17 7Cn15 13Ge59 11Ar42 21Cp47 28Cp48 10Ta22 20Pi47 23Cp40
7/19/20 27Cn23 13Cn27 7Cn52 14Ge39 12Ar13 21Cp39 28Cp44 10Ta23 20Pi46 23Cp38
7/20/20 28Cn20 26Cn58 8Cn34 15Ge20 12Ar44 21Cp31 28Cp39 10Ta24 20Pi45 23Cp37
7/21/20 29Cn17 10Le46 9Cn21 16Ge02 13Ar15 21Cp24 28Cp35 10Ta26 20Pi44 23Cp35
7/22/20 0Le15 24Le50 10Cn14 16Ge45 13Ar45 21Cp16 28Cp30 10Ta27 20Pi44 23Cp34
7/23/20 1Le12 9Vi05 11Cn13 17Ge29 14Ar16 21Cp09 28Cp26 10Ta28 20Pi43 23Cp33
7/24/20 2Le09 23Vi26 12Cn16 18Ge13 14Ar45 21Cp01 28Cp22 10Ta29 20Pi42 23Cp31
7/25/20 3Le07 7Li49 13Cn25 18Ge59 15Ar14 20Cp54 28Cp17 10Ta30 20Pi41 23Cp30
7/26/20 4Le04 22Li08 14Cn38 19Ge46 15Ar43 20Cp46 28Cp13 10Ta31 20Pi40 23Cp28
7/27/20 5Le01 6Sc21 15Cn57 20Ge33 16Ar12 20Cp39 28Cp08 10Ta32 20Pi39 23Cp27
7/28/20 5Le59 20Sc26 17Cn20 21Ge21 16Ar40 20Cp32 28Cp04 10Ta33 20Pi38 23Cp25
7/29/20 6Le56 4Sg21 18Cn48 22Ge10 17Ar08 20Cp25 28Cp00 10Ta34 20Pi37 23Cp24
7/30/20 7Le53 18Sg06 20Cn20 22Ge59 17Ar35 20Cp18 27Cp55 10Ta35 20Pi36 23Cp23
7/31/20 8Le51 1Cp40 21Cn57 23Ge49 18Ar02 20Cp11 27Cp51 10Ta35 20Pi34 23Cp21
8/1/20 9Le48 15Cp03 23Cn37 24Ge40 18Ar29 20Cp04 27Cp47 10Ta36 20Pi33 23Cp20
8/2/20 10Le45 28Cp14 25Cn22 25Ge32 18Ar55 19Cp57 27Cp42 10Ta37 20Pi32 23Cp18
8/3/20 11Le43 11Aq12 27Cn09 26Ge24 19Ar21 19Cp50 27Cp38 10Ta37 20Pi31 23Cp17
8/4/20 12Le40 23Aq58 29Cn00 27Ge17 19Ar46 19Cp44 27Cp34 10Ta38 20Pi30 23Cp16
8/5/20 13Le38 6Pi29 0Le54 28Ge10 20Ar11 19Cp37 27Cp30 10Ta39 20Pi29 23Cp14
8/6/20 14Le35 18Pi48 2Le50 29Ge04 20Ar35 19Cp31 27Cp26 10Ta39 20Pi27 23Cp13
8/7/20 15Le33 0Ar56 4Le48 29Ge59 20Ar59 19Cp24 27Cp22 10Ta39 20Pi26 23Cp12
8/8/20 16Le30 12Ar55 6Le48 0Cn54 21Ar22 19Cp18 27Cp17 10Ta40 20Pi25 23Cp10
8/9/20 17Le28 24Ar48 8Le49 1Cn49 21Ar45 19Cp12 27Cp13 10Ta40 20Pi23 23Cp09
8/10/20 18Le25 6Ta39 10Le51 2Cn45 22Ar07 19Cp06 27Cp09 10Ta40 20Pi22 23Cp08
8/11/20 19Le23 18Ta34 12Le54 3Cn42 22Ar29 19Cp01 27Cp05 10Ta41 20Pi21 23Cp07
8/12/20 20Le20 0Ge36 14Le57 4Cn39 22Ar50 18Cp55 27Cp02 10Ta41 20Pi19 23Cp05
8/13/20 21Le18 12Ge51 17Le00 5Cn36 23Ar11 18Cp50 26Cp58 10Ta41 20Pi18 23Cp04
8/14/20 22Le16 25Ge23 19Le03 6Cn34 23Ar31 18Cp44 26Cp54 10Ta41 20Pi17 23Cp03
8/15/20 23Le13 8Cn18 21Le05 7Cn32 23Ar51 18Cp39 26Cp50 10Ta41 20Pi15 23Cp02
8/16/20 24Le11 21Cn38 23Le07 8Cn31 24Ar09 18Cp34 26Cp46 10Ta41 20Pi14 23Cp00
8/17/20 25Le09 5Le23 25Le08 9Cn30 24Ar28 18Cp29 26Cp43 10Ta41 20Pi12 22Cp59
8/18/20 26Le06 19Le32 27Le08 10Cn30 24Ar45 18Cp24 26Cp39 10Ta41 20Pi11 22Cp58
8/19/20 27Le04 4Vi01 29Le08 11Cn29 25Ar02 18Cp20 26Cp36 10Ta41 20Pi09 22Cp57
8/20/20 28Le02 18Vi43 1Vi06 12Cn30 25Ar19 18Cp16 26Cp32 10Ta40 20Pi08 22Cp56
8/21/20 29Le00 3Li30 3Vi02 13Cn30 25Ar34 18Cp11 26Cp29 10Ta40 20Pi06 22Cp55
8/22/20 29Le58 18Li15 4Vi58 14Cn31 25Ar49 18Cp07 26Cp26 10Ta40 20Pi05 22Cp54
8/23/20 0Vi55 2Sc49 6Vi52 15Cn32 26Ar03 18Cp03 26Cp22 10Ta39 20Pi03 22Cp53
8/24/20 1Vi53 17Sc10 8Vi45 16Cn34 26Ar17 18Cp00 26Cp19 10Ta39 20Pi02 22Cp51
8/25/20 2Vi51 1Sg14 10Vi37 17Cn36 26Ar30 17Cp56 26Cp16 10Ta39 20Pi00 22Cp50
8/26/20 3Vi49 15Sg01 12Vi27 18Cn38 26Ar42 17Cp53 26Cp13 10Ta38 19Pi59 22Cp49
8/27/20 4Vi47 28Sg31 14Vi16 19Cn40 26Ar53 17Cp50 26Cp10 10Ta37 19Pi57 22Cp48
8/28/20 5Vi45 11Cp46 16Vi04 20Cn43 27Ar04 17Cp47 26Cp07 10Ta37 19Pi55 22Cp47
8/29/20 6Vi43 24Cp48 17Vi50 21Cn46 27Ar13 17Cp44 26Cp04 10Ta36 19Pi54 22Cp47
8/30/20 7Vi41 7Aq38 19Vi36 22Cn49 27Ar22 17Cp41 26Cp01 10Ta35 19Pi52 22Cp46
8/31/20 8Vi39 20Aq18 21Vi19 23Cn53 27Ar31 17Cp39 25Cp59 10Ta35 19Pi51 22Cp45
9/1/20 9Vi37 2Pi47 23Vi02 24Cn57 27Ar38 17Cp36 25Cp56 10Ta34 19Pi49 22Cp44
9/2/20 10Vi35 15Pi06 24Vi43 26Cn01 27Ar45 17Cp34 25Cp54 10Ta33 19Pi47 22Cp43
9/3/20 11Vi33 27Pi16 26Vi23 27Cn05 27Ar51 17Cp32 25Cp51 10Ta32 19Pi46 22Cp42
9/4/20 12Vi31 9Ar18 28Vi02 28Cn10 27Ar56 17Cp31 25Cp49 10Ta31 19Pi44 22Cp41
9/5/20 13Vi29 21Ar13 29Vi40 29Cn15 28Ar00 17Cp29 25Cp47 10Ta30 19Pi43 22Cp40
9/6/20 14Vi28 3Ta04 1Li17 0Le20 28Ar03 17Cp28 25Cp44 10Ta29 19Pi41 22Cp40
9/7/20 15Vi26 14Ta53 2Li52 1Le26 28Ar06 17Cp27 25Cp42 10Ta28 19Pi39 22Cp39
9/8/20 16Vi24 26Ta45 4Li26 2Le31 28Ar07 17Cp26 25Cp40 10Ta27 19Pi38 22Cp38
9/9/20 17Vi22 8Ge45 5Li59 3Le37 28Ar08 17Cp25 25Cp38 10Ta26 19Pi36 22Cp38
9/10/20 18Vi21 20Ge57 7Li31 4Le43 28Ar08 17Cp24 25Cp37 10Ta25 19Pi34 22Cp37
9/11/20 19Vi19 3Cn27 9Li01 5Le49 28Ar07 17Cp24 25Cp35 10Ta23 19Pi33 22Cp36
9/12/20 20Vi17 16Cn20 10Li31 6Le56 28Ar05 17Cp24 25Cp33 10Ta22 19Pi31 22Cp36
9/13/20 21Vi16 29Cn40 11Li59 8Le02 28Ar02 17Cp24 25Cp32 10Ta21 19Pi29 22Cp35
9/14/20 22Vi14 13Le29 13Li27 9Le09 27Ar58 17Cp24 25Cp30 10Ta19 19Pi28 22Cp34
9/15/20 23Vi13 27Le46 14Li53 10Le16 27Ar54 17Cp25 25Cp29 10Ta18 19Pi26 22Cp34
9/16/20 24Vi11 12Vi29 16Li17 11Le24 27Ar48 17Cp25 25Cp28 10Ta16 19Pi24 22Cp33
9/17/20 25Vi10 27Vi29 17Li41 12Le31 27Ar42 17Cp26 25Cp26 10Ta15 19Pi23 22Cp33
9/18/20 26Vi08 12Li38 19Li03 13Le39 27Ar35 17Cp27 25Cp25 10Ta13 19Pi21 22Cp32
9/19/20 27Vi07 27Li45 20Li24 14Le46 27Ar26 17Cp28 25Cp24 10Ta12 19Pi19 22Cp32
9/20/20 28Vi06 12Sc39 21Li44 15Le54 27Ar18 17Cp29 25Cp23 10Ta10 19Pi18 22Cp31
9/21/20 29Vi04 27Sc15 23Li02 17Le03 27Ar08 17Cp31 25Cp23 10Ta09 19Pi16 22Cp31
9/22/20 0Li03 11Sg28 24Li19 18Le11 26Ar57 17Cp33 25Cp22 10Ta07 19Pi15 22Cp31
9/23/20 1Li02 25Sg18 25Li35 19Le19 26Ar46 17Cp35 25Cp21 10Ta05 19Pi13 22Cp30
9/24/20 2Li01 8Cp44 26Li49 20Le28 26Ar34 17Cp37 25Cp21 10Ta03 19Pi11 22Cp30
9/25/20 2Li59 21Cp51 28Li01 21Le37 26Ar22 17Cp39 25Cp20 10Ta02 19Pi10 22Cp30
9/26/20 3Li58 4Aq41 29Li11 22Le46 26Ar08 17Cp42 25Cp20 10Ta00 19Pi08 22Cp30
9/27/20 4Li57 17Aq16 0Sc20 23Le55 25Ar54 17Cp44 25Cp20 9Ta58 19Pi07 22Cp29
9/28/20 5Li56 29Aq41 1Sc27 25Le04 25Ar39 17Cp47 25Cp20 9Ta56 19Pi05 22Cp29
9/29/20 6Li55 11Pi56 2Sc31 26Le13 25Ar24 17Cp50 25Cp20 9Ta54 19Pi03 22Cp29
9/30/20 7Li54 24Pi03 3Sc34 27Le23 25Ar08 17Cp54 25Cp20 9Ta52 19Pi02 22Cp29
10/1/20 8Li53 6Ar04 4Sc33 28Le33 24Ar52 17Cp57 25Cp20 9Ta50 19Pi00 22Cp29
10/2/20 9Li52 18Ar00 5Sc31 29Le42 24Ar35 18Cp01 25Cp20 9Ta48 18Pi59 22Cp29
10/3/20 10Li51 29Ar52 6Sc25 0Vi52 24Ar18 18Cp05 25Cp21 9Ta46 18Pi57 22Cp29
10/4/20 11Li50 11Ta42 7Sc16 2Vi03 24Ar00 18Cp08 25Cp21 9Ta44 18Pi56 22Cp29
10/5/20 12Li49 23Ta31 8Sc04 3Vi13 23Ar42 18Cp13 25Cp22 9Ta42 18Pi54 22Cp29
10/6/20 13Li48 5Ge24 8Sc48 4Vi23 23Ar24 18Cp17 25Cp22 9Ta40 18Pi53 22Cp29
10/7/20 14Li47 17Ge24 9Sc28 5Vi34 23Ar05 18Cp21 25Cp23 9Ta37 18Pi51 22Cp29
10/8/20 15Li46 29Ge35 10Sc03 6Vi44 22Ar47 18Cp26 25Cp24 9Ta35 18Pi50 22Cp29
10/9/20 16Li46 12Cn02 10Sc34 7Vi55 22Ar28 18Cp31 25Cp25 9Ta33 18Pi49 22Cp29
10/10/20 17Li45 24Cn50 10Sc59 9Vi06 22Ar09 18Cp36 25Cp26 9Ta31 18Pi47 22Cp29
10/11/20 18Li44 8Le04 11Sc19 10Vi17 21Ar49 18Cp41 25Cp27 9Ta29 18Pi46 22Cp29
10/12/20 19Li44 21Le47 11Sc32 11Vi28 21Ar30 18Cp47 25Cp29 9Ta26 18Pi44 22Cp30
10/13/20 20Li43 5Vi59 11Sc39 12Vi39 21Ar11 18Cp52 25Cp30 9Ta24 18Pi43 22Cp30
10/14/20 21Li43 20Vi40 11Sc38 13Vi51 20Ar52 18Cp58 25Cp32 9Ta22 18Pi42 22Cp30
10/15/20 22Li42 5Li42 11Sc30 15Vi02 20Ar33 19Cp04 25Cp33 9Ta19 18Pi40 22Cp31
10/16/20 23Li42 20Li58 11Sc14 16Vi14 20Ar14 19Cp10 25Cp35 9Ta17 18Pi39 22Cp31
10/17/20 24Li41 6Sc16 10Sc49 17Vi25 19Ar56 19Cp16 25Cp37 9Ta15 18Pi38 22Cp31
10/18/20 25Li41 21Sc26 10Sc15 18Vi37 19Ar37 19Cp22 25Cp38 9Ta12 18Pi37 22Cp32
10/19/20 26Li40 6Sg17 9Sc33 19Vi49 19Ar19 19Cp29 25Cp40 9Ta10 18Pi35 22Cp32
10/20/20 27Li40 20Sg44 8Sc42 21Vi01 19Ar02 19Cp36 25Cp42 9Ta08 18Pi34 22Cp33
10/21/20 28Li40 4Cp44 7Sc44 22Vi13 18Ar45 19Cp42 25Cp45 9Ta05 18Pi33 22Cp33
10/22/20 29Li39 18Cp18 6Sc39 23Vi25 18Ar28 19Cp49 25Cp47 9Ta03 18Pi32 22Cp34
10/23/20 0Sc39 1Aq26 5Sc28 24Vi37 18Ar12 19Cp57 25Cp49 9Ta00 18Pi31 22Cp34
10/24/20 1Sc39 14Aq14 4Sc14 25Vi50 17Ar57 20Cp04 25Cp52 8Ta58 18Pi30 22Cp35
10/25/20 2Sc39 26Aq44 2Sc58 27Vi02 17Ar42 20Cp11 25Cp54 8Ta55 18Pi29 22Cp35
10/26/20 3Sc39 9Pi00 1Sc43 28Vi14 17Ar27 20Cp19 25Cp57 8Ta53 18Pi27 22Cp36
10/27/20 4Sc38 21Pi06 0Sc30 29Vi27 17Ar13 20Cp27 26Cp00 8Ta51 18Pi26 22Cp37
10/28/20 5Sc38 3Ar05 29Li23 0Li40 17Ar00 20Cp34 26Cp02 8Ta48 18Pi25 22Cp37
10/29/20 6Sc38 14Ar59 28Li22 1Li52 16Ar48 20Cp42 26Cp05 8Ta46 18Pi24 22Cp38
10/30/20 7Sc38 26Ar51 27Li31 3Li05 16Ar36 20Cp51 26Cp08 8Ta43 18Pi24 22Cp39
10/31/20 8Sc38 8Ta42 26Li49 4Li18 16Ar25 20Cp59 26Cp11 8Ta41 18Pi23 22Cp40
11/1/20 9Sc38 20Ta33 26Li19 5Li31 16Ar15 21Cp07 26Cp15 8Ta38 18Pi22 22Cp40
11/2/20 10Sc38 2Ge27 26Li00 6Li44 16Ar06 21Cp16 26Cp18 8Ta36 18Pi21 22Cp41
11/3/20 11Sc38 14Ge26 25Li53 7Li57 15Ar57 21Cp25 26Cp21 8Ta33 18Pi20 22Cp42
11/4/20 12Sc38 26Ge32 25Li58 9Li10 15Ar49 21Cp33 26Cp25 8Ta31 18Pi19 22Cp43
11/5/20 13Sc39 8Cn48 26Li13 10Li24 15Ar42 21Cp42 26Cp28 8Ta28 18Pi18 22Cp44
11/6/20 14Sc39 21Cn19 26Li38 11Li37 15Ar36 21Cp51 26Cp32 8Ta26 18Pi18 22Cp45
11/7/20 15Sc39 4Le06 27Li12 12Li50 15Ar30 22Cp01 26Cp35 8Ta23 18Pi17 22Cp46
11/8/20 16Sc39 17Le16 27Li55 14Li04 15Ar25 22Cp10 26Cp39 8Ta21 18Pi16 22Cp47
11/9/20 17Sc39 0Vi50 28Li45 15Li18 15Ar21 22Cp19 26Cp43 8Ta19 18Pi16 22Cp48
11/10/20 18Sc40 14Vi50 29Li42 16Li31 15Ar18 22Cp29 26Cp47 8Ta16 18Pi15 22Cp49
11/11/20 19Sc40 29Vi16 0Sc45 17Li45 15Ar16 22Cp39 26Cp51 8Ta14 18Pi14 22Cp50
11/12/20 20Sc40 14Li04 1Sc52 18Li59 15Ar14 22Cp49 26Cp55 8Ta11 18Pi14 22Cp51
11/13/20 21Sc41 29Li08 3Sc04 20Li12 15Ar14 22Cp59 26Cp59 8Ta09 18Pi13 22Cp52
11/14/20 22Sc41 14Sc20 4Sc20 21Li26 15Ar14 23Cp09 27Cp04 8Ta07 18Pi13 22Cp53
11/15/20 23Sc42 29Sc28 5Sc39 22Li40 15Ar15 23Cp19 27Cp08 8Ta04 18Pi12 22Cp54
11/16/20 24Sc42 14Sg25 7Sc00 23Li54 15Ar16 23Cp29 27Cp12 8Ta02 18Pi12 22Cp56
11/17/20 25Sc43 29Sg01 8Sc24 25Li08 15Ar19 23Cp39 27Cp17 7Ta59 18Pi11 22Cp57
11/18/20 26Sc43 13Cp12 9Sc50 26Li22 15Ar22 23Cp50 27Cp21 7Ta57 18Pi11 22Cp58
11/19/20 27Sc44 26Cp56 11Sc17 27Li36 15Ar26 24Cp01 27Cp26 7Ta55 18Pi11 22Cp59
11/20/20 28Sc44 10Aq13 12Sc46 28Li50 15Ar31 24Cp11 27Cp31 7Ta53 18Pi10 23Cp01
11/21/20 29Sc45 23Aq06 14Sc15 0Sc04 15Ar36 24Cp22 27Cp36 7Ta50 18Pi10 23Cp02
11/22/20 0Sg46 5Pi37 15Sc46 1Sc19 15Ar43 24Cp33 27Cp40 7Ta48 18Pi10 23Cp03
11/23/20 1Sg46 17Pi53 17Sc17 2Sc33 15Ar50 24Cp44 27Cp45 7Ta46 18Pi10 23Cp05
11/24/20 2Sg47 29Pi56 18Sc49 3Sc47 15Ar57 24Cp55 27Cp50 7Ta44 18Pi10 23Cp06
11/25/20 3Sg48 11Ar51 20Sc21 5Sc02 16Ar06 25Cp06 27Cp55 7Ta42 18Pi09 23Cp08
11/26/20 4Sg48 23Ar42 21Sc54 6Sc16 16Ar15 25Cp18 28Cp01 7Ta39 18Pi09 23Cp09
11/27/20 5Sg49 5Ta32 23Sc27 7Sc30 16Ar25 25Cp29 28Cp06 7Ta37 18Pi09 23Cp11
11/28/20 6Sg50 17Ta24 25Sc00 8Sc45 16Ar35 25Cp41 28Cp11 7Ta35 18Pi09 23Cp12
11/29/20 7Sg51 29Ta20 26Sc33 9Sc59 16Ar46 25Cp52 28Cp16 7Ta33 18Pi09 23Cp13
11/30/20 8Sg51 11Ge23 28Sc07 11Sc14 16Ar58 26Cp04 28Cp22 7Ta31 18Pi09 23Cp15
12/1/20 9Sg52 23Ge33 29Sc40 12Sc28 17Ar10 26Cp16 28Cp27 7Ta29 18Pi09 23Cp17
12/2/20 10Sg53 5Cn52 1Sg14 13Sc43 17Ar23 26Cp27 28Cp33 7Ta27 18Pi09 23Cp18
12/3/20 11Sg54 18Cn23 2Sg48 14Sc57 17Ar37 26Cp39 28Cp38 7Ta25 18Pi10 23Cp20
12/4/20 12Sg55 1Le06 4Sg21 16Sc12 17Ar51 26Cp51 28Cp44 7Ta23 18Pi10 23Cp21
12/5/20 13Sg56 14Le04 5Sg55 17Sc27 18Ar06 27Cp04 28Cp50 7Ta22 18Pi10 23Cp23
12/6/20 14Sg56 27Le18 7Sg29 18Sc42 18Ar21 27Cp16 28Cp55 7Ta20 18Pi10 23Cp25
12/7/20 15Sg57 10Vi50 9Sg03 19Sc56 18Ar37 27Cp28 29Cp01 7Ta18 18Pi11 23Cp26
12/8/20 16Sg58 24Vi41 10Sg36 21Sc11 18Ar53 27Cp40 29Cp07 7Ta16 18Pi11 23Cp28
12/9/20 17Sg59 8Li50 12Sg10 22Sc26 19Ar10 27Cp53 29Cp13 7Ta15 18Pi11 23Cp30
12/10/20 19Sg00 23Li17 13Sg44 23Sc41 19Ar27 28Cp05 29Cp19 7Ta13 18Pi12 23Cp31
12/11/20 20Sg01 7Sc57 15Sg18 24Sc56 19Ar45 28Cp18 29Cp25 7Ta11 18Pi12 23Cp33
12/12/20 21Sg02 22Sc45 16Sg52 26Sc10 20Ar04 28Cp30 29Cp31 7Ta10 18Pi12 23Cp35
12/13/20 22Sg03 7Sg35 18Sg26 27Sc25 20Ar22 28Cp43 29Cp37 7Ta08 18Pi13 23Cp36
12/14/20 23Sg04 22Sg19 20Sg00 28Sc40 20Ar42 28Cp56 29Cp43 7Ta07 18Pi13 23Cp38
12/15/20 24Sg05 6Cp50 21Sg34 29Sc55 21Ar01 29Cp09 29Cp50 7Ta05 18Pi14 23Cp40
12/16/20 25Sg07 21Cp02 23Sg09 1Sg10 21Ar22 29Cp21 29Cp56 7Ta04 18Pi15 23Cp42
12/17/20 26Sg08 4Aq50 24Sg43 2Sg25 21Ar42 29Cp34 0Aq02 7Ta02 18Pi15 23Cp44
12/18/20 27Sg09 18Aq14 26Sg18 3Sg40 22Ar03 29Cp47 0Aq08 7Ta01 18Pi16 23Cp45
12/19/20 28Sg10 1Pi13 27Sg52 4Sg55 22Ar25 0Aq01 0Aq15 7Ta00 18Pi17 23Cp47
12/20/20 29Sg11 13Pi51 29Sg27 6Sg10 22Ar47 0Aq14 0Aq21 6Ta58 18Pi17 23Cp49
12/21/20 0Cp12 26Pi09 1Cp02 7Sg25 23Ar09 0Aq27 0Aq28 6Ta57 18Pi18 23Cp51
12/22/20 1Cp13 8Ar14 2Cp38 8Sg40 23Ar32 0Aq40 0Aq34 6Ta56 18Pi19 23Cp53
12/23/20 2Cp14 20Ar09 4Cp13 9Sg55 23Ar55 0Aq53 0Aq41 6Ta55 18Pi20 23Cp55
12/24/20 3Cp15 1Ta59 5Cp49 11Sg10 24Ar18 1Aq07 0Aq47 6Ta54 18Pi21 23Cp57
12/25/20 4Cp16 13Ta49 7Cp25 12Sg25 24Ar42 1Aq20 0Aq54 6Ta53 18Pi21 23Cp58
12/26/20 5Cp18 25Ta42 9Cp01 13Sg40 25Ar06 1Aq33 1Aq01 6Ta52 18Pi22 24Cp00
12/27/20 6Cp19 7Ge44 10Cp37 14Sg55 25Ar30 1Aq47 1Aq07 6Ta51 18Pi23 24Cp02
12/28/20 7Cp20 19Ge55 12Cp14 16Sg11 25Ar55 2Aq00 1Aq14 6Ta50 18Pi24 24Cp04
12/29/20 8Cp21 2Cn19 13Cp51 17Sg26 26Ar20 2Aq14 1Aq21 6Ta49 18Pi25 24Cp06
12/30/20 9Cp22 14Cn57 15Cp28 18Sg41 26Ar46 2Aq28 1Aq28 6Ta48 18Pi26 24Cp08
12/31/20 10Cp23 27Cn49 17Cp06 19Sg56 27Ar11 2Aq41 1Aq34 6Ta48 18Pi27 24Cp10

Chart Entry

Chart Data
Restrictions Sun
East Point
House System Placidus
Equal (MC)
Zodiac Type Krishnamurti

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