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Sun Con Mercury
Venus Opp Saturn
Venus Tri Neptune
Saturn Sex Neptune
Jupiter Squ Neptune
Venus Opp Pluto
Sun Opp Pluto
Saturn Con Pluto
Neptune Sex Pluto
Mars Tri Jupiter
Sun Con Venus
Mars Squ Uranus
Mercury Squ Uranus

Planets in Signs

Sun in Cancer

With a Cancer Sun, you are a somewhat complex character - kind, diplomatic, sympathetic, highly sensitive and deeply emotional, yet very defensive, protective and at times quite unforgiving - unable to forget even a minor slight. You possess a powerful imagination, and on occasions, you bring a touch of genius into the more profound affairs of life, to your and everyone else's surprise! Comfort, pleasure and relaxation are all found in your own little retreat, the home and family. Instinctive, maternal/paternal nurturing qualities make you an excellent parent and home-maker. With a sense of sound economy, you also have talent for business, but your changeable nature suggests that partnership of some form is safer than go-it-alone enterprises. Hitting one of your frequent emotional lows could precipitate disaster, having no obligation to a second party. To develop your personality to its fullest potential, the main task is one of keeping the outlook free of morbidity, and preventing depletion of emotional energy through wrong thinking. You need to cultivate a positive mental outlook. Likely occupations are nautical professions and work connected with the sea, institutional work, businesses and professions dealing with liquids, or professional occupations to do with religion.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius endows you with a sociable, imaginative, sympathetic and independent nature. You regard yourself as a 'free soul' and will not be bound by any social convention - although, you do have strong humanitarian sympathies. At times, others may view you as unorthodox, unconventional, exciting and individualistic. By temperament you are inclined to original or novel subjects such as astrology, fortune-telling, mediumship, mysticism, and the occult generally - you may also be attracted to political, educational, and scientific work. At some stage you may join a secret or mystical society, association or brotherhood. For general well-being you will require complete freedom of emotional self-expression.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer suggests that your mind is greatly influenced by emotional and subconscious patterns - thoughts will affect your emotional state and visa-versa. You have a good memory, imagination and the ability to absorb knowledge subconsciously. The mental disposition is quiet, good-humoured, easy-going and sociable, but somewhat changeable. Your mind is sound and strong, but not always quick or alert. There is a tendency to introversion and contemplation - others may view you as something of a dreamer. Notwithstanding, this ability to turn the mind inward can bring intuitive insights which border on the genius. Many of your most perplexing problems will be solved in this manner. On your negative days the mind can be gloomy, apprehensive and fearful of the future.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer indicates a very sensitive, warm-hearted, protective, affectionate and deeply emotional romantic nature. For general well-being and emotional security you require a safe home and a loving family. In romance, your super-sensitive feelings are vulnerable to the least slight - you are very fragile in this area, thus easily hurt. Your lack of romantic self-confidence requires that your partner demonstrates constant affection and devotion. Your moodiness, sentimentality and tendency to sulk could present some problems, but on the whole, you are the ideal marriage partner in that you cherish your home and family, seeking a stable and affectionate domestic life.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo indicates that you will assert yourself in a creative, proud, energetic, responsible, positive, self-confident, optimistic, dutiful and dramatic manner - possessing strong will-power, dignity and natural leadership qualities. The ego is strong and much of your energy will be channelled into personal projects that enhance your own pleasures in life. On occasion, you can be rebellious, domineering and self-indulgent. A full, rewarding and colourful sex-life in indicated. Lovemaking is romantic, yet egocentric - for full satisfaction you require the appropriate response from your partner.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius gives you the opportunity to develop wisdom though an innate ability for deep and profound thought, and a strong desire for, religious, philosophical and metaphysical knowledge and understanding. This quality is necessary to enable you to expand your personality and life experience. There is likely to be much travel and deep study of foreign cultures. This will serve to expand your intellectual perspective. You will eventually adopt an ethical code of living, in line with your own search for meaning and understanding.

Saturn in Capricorn

In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with worldly power, status, achievement, practical accomplishment and the ability to deal effectively with authority. You should develop ambition, determination and a capacity for hard work in order to excel in business, politics or your chosen career. Your deep need for financial security and self-sufficiency will provide the necessary impetus for success.

Uranus in Taurus

Those born in this generation have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind timely ideas for materially implementing the new directions that are being taken on the planet. They will receive insights about ways to structure the new directions, to establish innovative energies in a practical, essential way. Disruption occurs only through holding on to old value systems that are not in harmony with the new direction of society as a whole.

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Planets in Houses

Sun in 1st House

With the Sun's energy in the First House your personality drive will find expression mainly through personal issues related to self-image, physical appearance and personal interests. You are required to acquire knowledge of self in order to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose and destiny. Strong will-power and self-assurance add strength to your personality. Very brave, positive and competitive, you develop natural leadership qualities. Your enterprising nature, with a capability for seizing opportunities is another factor for success - obstacles are overcome by sheer physical courage. You are to become self-determined and self-sufficient, carving your own path in life. Your enthusiasm for life may manifest as robust health and vitality. There may be some tendency to pride and insolence at times.

Moon in 8th House

With the Moon in the Eighth House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through intense emotional involvement with the other sex and by enjoying the good things of life generally. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by the emotional state of play relating to romance, money, business and social life. High sensitivity gives a possible psychic nature and some interest in occult subjects - death and afterlife issues in particular. An intuitive business sense is another possibility.

Mercury in 1st House

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to personal issues relating to self-awareness and the search for an intellectual social identity. You have an inquiring, competitive and intellectual mental disposition, with above-average ability to express yourself orally and in writing. Many intellectual avenues will be explored through an innate drive for knowledge and new personal experiences that stimulate the growth of mind and personality. Your mental qualities are ideally suited to academic and scientific work.

Venus in 1st House

With Venus in the First House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities are through your own self, by presenting an elegant, graceful, magnetic, happy, socially outgoing, attractive personality, with much joy for living. This placing of Venus indicates an impulsive, passionate in love, extrovert, bold and romantic nature. There is a need for constant variety in both your romantic and social lives. You make friends easily and are fond of love and admiration. Artistic self-expression is important, possibly through music, clothing or writing.

Mars in 2nd House

With Mars in the Second House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into business enterprises or other financial dealings in an active search for personal wealth. Capital is acquired through careful investment, sheer hard work and clever financial dealing. Strong-willed, determined and resourceful you enjoy a challenge and thrive on opposition. You may become a financial genius, or a mere spendthrift.

Jupiter in 6th House

With Jupiter in the Sixth House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune coming through robust health and lucrative, enjoyable, constructive work. This placing of Jupiter usually confers considerable literary skill, intelligent technique, scientific ability and technical expertise. It often denotes successful doctors, physicians and others in the healing professions - to the degree of social and financial prominence. In any event, your work or profession is likely be both highly remunerative and morally satisfying.

Saturn in 7th House

A Seventh House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to social relationships, partnerships and correct public dealings. Marriage is an important factor and it is likely that your partner is sincere, faithful and well-disposed, possibly older and more serious than yourself, not demonstrative or emotional, but stable in affections, possessing property or status. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of social awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in relationships. You must come to realise that co-operation, justice and mutual agreement are necessary for stable, enduring friendships and partnerships. Receptiveness, tact, reliability and good organising skills could bring wealth and social standing. Your profession could be in law, business organisation or management positions relating to contractual affairs.

Uranus in 11th House

With an Eleventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an involvement in unusual and original social, political or cultural groups dedicated to social reform or revolution. Dynamic, stimulating friendships transform your ideas and ideals. Your friends may be regarded as peculiar, unusual or extraordinary in some way - geniuses, inventors, writers, New Age promoters, occultists, government executives, etc. There may be sudden and unexpected benefits from such friends enabling you to progress towards your personal hopes and wishes. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Neptune in 9th House

Neptune in the Ninth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest in an ability to gain knowledge through intuitive and mystical channels. You possess a clairvoyant, psychic and highly inspirational nature and are likely to investigate psychic phenomena, religion, psychology, philosophy, spiritualism, astral projection and other profound subjects. An inner need for transcendental rebirth could dominate your life. At times you may experience ominous foreboding, strange dreams and negative emotional states.

Pluto in 7th House

With Pluto in the Seventh House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through marriage, close personal relationships or business partnerships. General well-being is dependant on intimate and fulfilling relationships. Success here depends on how responsible you are in your dealings with partners, psychological compatibility, co-operation and the ability to understanding the emotional needs of others. This is a good position for working with law and the legal system, and with the public, particularly indirectly as through the courts.

Houses in Signs

1st House in Cancer

Cancers tend to he emotionally volatile. They expend a great deal of energy through their feelings and are romantic and dramatic in their emotional expressions. Their emotions are supported by their will, however. They identify strongly with their families and familial concerns.

2nd House in Leo

These natives express power through financial matters, but they want their money to be used for their children, family, and home. They generally earn money by being placed in positions of authority.

3rd House in Leo

These natives express power through creative thinking and invest their ideas with great energy. Thus, they think in large and dramatic terms. Their mental ingenuity is often expressed in art. Their journeys are likely to have a pleasurable or creative purpose; they tend to travel to see those whom they love or with whom they are romantically involved.

4th House in Virgo

These natives prefer to and often do situate their professions and workshops in the home. They render service to their families and are fastidious and discerning in the home. Like the Moon, they move around constantly and, if possible, combine visits with financial gain.

5th House in Scorpio

The children of these natives are subjected to intense emotionality. Although they are very generous and provide the wherewithal for their children, their excessive concern may lead to domination if it is not controlled. They tend to be jealous of their loved ones. They are extremely sensual in their romantic lives. Actors with this sign in the 5th house express great emotional intensity on stage.

6th House in Sagittarius

Since the native is generous in helping others, his spiritual self is able to mature through service. However, these natives must be free to follow their own inspiration in work. They have a great belief in faith healing and the power of positive thinking. They will work hard and selflessly for others, believing that if they help one they help all.

7th House in Capricorn

There is a tendency to he cautious and reserved in forming partnerships and to be shy in public relations. Since large crowds frighten them, these natives do not like to remain in a crowd for very long. They are cautious in marriage. They tend to marry late in life and often for status.

8th House in Aquarius

These natives are interested in the spiritual side of life. Many of them have ability as mediums. They are uniquely connected with the goods of the dead. When friends pass away, the loss stirs them deeply, more than they demonstrate outwardly.

9th House in Aquarius

There is a tendency to be progressive, unusual, and freethinking in matters of religion, philosophy, and higher education. These natives like to associate with people involved in these fields. They are curious about foreign cultures and seek out the unusual through travel and study. Since inspiration comes in sudden flashes, they go on long journeys suddenly, without much preparation.

10th House in Pisces

These natives tend to be 'other-worldly' and visionary, and not always practical with regard to work and public reputation. They are elusive and hard to pin down in professional matters. Peculiar conditions are sometimes associated with their jobs and reputations, and there is always an element of mystery in their professional activity.

11th House in Taurus

These natives have an attraction for artistic, stable, and wealthy people. This is one of the secrets of their own ability to amass wealth and financial resources. Very often they invoke the aid of their wealthy friends to finance their meticulously worked-out plans.

12th House in Gemini

Hidden support comes to these natives from their ability to keep their ideas secret. Thus, they provide their own impetus for growth; yet they have a self-destructive habit of discussing their emotional problems, verbalizing what should remain concealed.

Ephemeris (Yearly)

Mo/Dy/Yr Sun Moon Merc Venu Mars Jupi Satu Uran Nept Plut
1/1/19 10Cp46 18Sc56 24Sg35 23Sc59 0Ar16 11Sg52 11Cp26 28Ar36 14Pi05 20Cp36
1/2/19 11Cp47 1Sg41 26Sg04 24Sc58 0Ar56 12Sg05 11Cp33 28Ar36 14Pi06 20Cp38
1/3/19 12Cp48 14Sg13 27Sg32 25Sc58 1Ar37 12Sg17 11Cp40 28Ar36 14Pi08 20Cp40
1/4/19 13Cp49 26Sg34 29Sg02 26Sc59 2Ar17 12Sg30 11Cp47 28Ar36 14Pi09 20Cp42
1/5/19 14Cp51 8Cp44 0Cp31 27Sc59 2Ar58 12Sg42 11Cp54 28Ar36 14Pi10 20Cp44
1/6/19 15Cp52 20Cp46 2Cp02 29Sc00 3Ar38 12Sg54 12Cp01 28Ar36 14Pi12 20Cp46
1/7/19 16Cp53 2Aq40 3Cp32 0Sg02 4Ar19 13Sg07 12Cp08 28Ar36 14Pi13 20Cp48
1/8/19 17Cp54 14Aq30 5Cp03 1Sg04 4Ar59 13Sg19 12Cp15 28Ar36 14Pi14 20Cp50
1/9/19 18Cp55 26Aq17 6Cp35 2Sg06 5Ar40 13Sg31 12Cp22 28Ar36 14Pi16 20Cp52
1/10/19 19Cp57 8Pi05 8Cp07 3Sg08 6Ar20 13Sg43 12Cp29 28Ar36 14Pi17 20Cp54
1/11/19 20Cp58 19Pi57 9Cp40 4Sg11 7Ar01 13Sg55 12Cp36 28Ar36 14Pi19 20Cp56
1/12/19 21Cp59 1Ar57 11Cp12 5Sg15 7Ar41 14Sg07 12Cp44 28Ar36 14Pi20 20Cp58
1/13/19 23Cp00 14Ar09 12Cp46 6Sg18 8Ar22 14Sg19 12Cp51 28Ar37 14Pi22 21Cp00
1/14/19 24Cp01 26Ar38 14Cp20 7Sg22 9Ar02 14Sg31 12Cp58 28Ar37 14Pi24 21Cp02
1/15/19 25Cp02 9Ta29 15Cp54 8Sg26 9Ar43 14Sg43 13Cp05 28Ar37 14Pi25 21Cp04
1/16/19 26Cp03 22Ta44 17Cp29 9Sg30 10Ar24 14Sg54 13Cp12 28Ar38 14Pi27 21Cp06
1/17/19 27Cp04 6Ge26 19Cp04 10Sg35 11Ar04 15Sg06 13Cp19 28Ar38 14Pi28 21Cp08
1/18/19 28Cp06 20Ge36 20Cp40 11Sg40 11Ar45 15Sg18 13Cp25 28Ar39 14Pi30 21Cp11
1/19/19 29Cp07 5Cn10 22Cp16 12Sg45 12Ar25 15Sg29 13Cp32 28Ar40 14Pi32 21Cp13
1/20/19 0Aq08 20Cn06 23Cp53 13Sg51 13Ar06 15Sg40 13Cp39 28Ar40 14Pi34 21Cp15
1/21/19 1Aq09 5Le14 25Cp30 14Sg57 13Ar47 15Sg52 13Cp46 28Ar41 14Pi35 21Cp17
1/22/19 2Aq10 20Le25 27Cp08 16Sg03 14Ar27 16Sg03 13Cp53 28Ar42 14Pi37 21Cp19
1/23/19 3Aq11 5Vi31 28Cp47 17Sg09 15Ar08 16Sg14 14Cp00 28Ar43 14Pi39 21Cp21
1/24/19 4Aq12 20Vi22 0Aq26 18Sg15 15Ar49 16Sg25 14Cp07 28Ar44 14Pi41 21Cp23
1/25/19 5Aq13 4Li52 2Aq06 19Sg22 16Ar29 16Sg36 14Cp14 28Ar45 14Pi43 21Cp25
1/26/19 6Aq14 18Li58 3Aq46 20Sg29 17Ar10 16Sg47 14Cp20 28Ar46 14Pi44 21Cp27
1/27/19 7Aq15 2Sc37 5Aq27 21Sg36 17Ar51 16Sg58 14Cp27 28Ar47 14Pi46 21Cp28
1/28/19 8Aq16 15Sc52 7Aq09 22Sg43 18Ar31 17Sg09 14Cp34 28Ar48 14Pi48 21Cp30
1/29/19 9Aq17 28Sc45 8Aq51 23Sg50 19Ar12 17Sg20 14Cp40 28Ar49 14Pi50 21Cp32
1/30/19 10Aq18 11Sg18 10Aq34 24Sg58 19Ar53 17Sg30 14Cp47 28Ar50 14Pi52 21Cp34
1/31/19 11Aq19 23Sg37 12Aq18 26Sg06 20Ar33 17Sg41 14Cp54 28Ar51 14Pi54 21Cp36
2/1/19 12Aq20 5Cp44 14Aq02 27Sg14 21Ar14 17Sg51 15Cp00 28Ar53 14Pi56 21Cp38
2/2/19 13Aq20 17Cp42 15Aq47 28Sg22 21Ar54 18Sg01 15Cp07 28Ar54 14Pi58 21Cp40
2/3/19 14Aq21 29Cp34 17Aq33 29Sg30 22Ar35 18Sg11 15Cp13 28Ar55 15Pi00 21Cp42
2/4/19 15Aq22 11Aq23 19Aq19 0Cp39 23Ar16 18Sg21 15Cp20 28Ar57 15Pi02 21Cp44
2/5/19 16Aq23 23Aq11 21Aq05 1Cp47 23Ar56 18Sg31 15Cp26 28Ar58 15Pi04 21Cp46
2/6/19 17Aq24 5Pi00 22Aq53 2Cp56 24Ar37 18Sg41 15Cp33 29Ar00 15Pi06 21Cp48
2/7/19 18Aq25 16Pi51 24Aq40 4Cp05 25Ar18 18Sg51 15Cp39 29Ar01 15Pi08 21Cp50
2/8/19 19Aq26 28Pi48 26Aq29 5Cp14 25Ar58 19Sg01 15Cp45 29Ar03 15Pi10 21Cp51
2/9/19 20Aq26 10Ar52 28Aq17 6Cp23 26Ar39 19Sg10 15Cp52 29Ar05 15Pi12 21Cp53
2/10/19 21Aq27 23Ar07 0Pi06 7Cp32 27Ar19 19Sg20 15Cp58 29Ar06 15Pi15 21Cp55
2/11/19 22Aq28 5Ta36 1Pi54 8Cp41 28Ar00 19Sg29 16Cp04 29Ar08 15Pi17 21Cp57
2/12/19 23Aq28 18Ta21 3Pi43 9Cp51 28Ar41 19Sg38 16Cp10 29Ar10 15Pi19 21Cp59
2/13/19 24Aq29 1Ge28 5Pi31 11Cp00 29Ar21 19Sg47 16Cp16 29Ar12 15Pi21 22Cp00
2/14/19 25Aq30 14Ge58 7Pi18 12Cp10 0Ta02 19Sg56 16Cp22 29Ar14 15Pi23 22Cp02
2/15/19 26Aq30 28Ge54 9Pi05 13Cp20 0Ta42 20Sg05 16Cp28 29Ar16 15Pi25 22Cp04
2/16/19 27Aq31 13Cn16 10Pi51 14Cp30 1Ta23 20Sg14 16Cp34 29Ar18 15Pi28 22Cp06
2/17/19 28Aq32 28Cn01 12Pi35 15Cp39 2Ta03 20Sg22 16Cp40 29Ar20 15Pi30 22Cp07
2/18/19 29Aq32 13Le06 14Pi17 16Cp50 2Ta44 20Sg31 16Cp46 29Ar22 15Pi32 22Cp09
2/19/19 0Pi33 28Le20 15Pi57 18Cp00 3Ta24 20Sg39 16Cp52 29Ar24 15Pi34 22Cp11
2/20/19 1Pi33 13Vi36 17Pi33 19Cp10 4Ta05 20Sg47 16Cp58 29Ar26 15Pi36 22Cp12
2/21/19 2Pi34 28Vi41 19Pi07 20Cp20 4Ta45 20Sg55 17Cp03 29Ar28 15Pi39 22Cp14
2/22/19 3Pi34 13Li27 20Pi36 21Cp31 5Ta26 21Sg03 17Cp09 29Ar30 15Pi41 22Cp16
2/23/19 4Pi34 27Li48 22Pi00 22Cp41 6Ta06 21Sg11 17Cp14 29Ar33 15Pi43 22Cp17
2/24/19 5Pi35 11Sc39 23Pi20 23Cp52 6Ta47 21Sg19 17Cp20 29Ar35 15Pi45 22Cp19
2/25/19 6Pi35 25Sc01 24Pi33 25Cp03 7Ta27 21Sg27 17Cp25 29Ar37 15Pi48 22Cp20
2/26/19 7Pi35 7Sg57 25Pi40 26Cp13 8Ta07 21Sg34 17Cp31 29Ar40 15Pi50 22Cp22
2/27/19 8Pi36 20Sg29 26Pi39 27Cp24 8Ta48 21Sg41 17Cp36 29Ar42 15Pi52 22Cp24
2/28/19 9Pi36 2Cp43 27Pi31 28Cp35 9Ta28 21Sg48 17Cp41 29Ar44 15Pi54 22Cp25
3/1/19 10Pi36 14Cp43 28Pi14 29Cp46 10Ta08 21Sg55 17Cp47 29Ar47 15Pi57 22Cp27
3/2/19 11Pi36 26Cp35 28Pi49 0Aq57 10Ta49 22Sg02 17Cp52 29Ar49 15Pi59 22Cp28
3/3/19 12Pi37 8Aq23 29Pi15 2Aq08 11Ta29 22Sg09 17Cp57 29Ar52 16Pi01 22Cp29
3/4/19 13Pi37 20Aq09 29Pi31 3Aq19 12Ta09 22Sg15 18Cp02 29Ar55 16Pi03 22Cp31
3/5/19 14Pi37 1Pi58 29Pi38 4Aq31 12Ta49 22Sg22 18Cp07 29Ar57 16Pi06 22Cp32
3/6/19 15Pi37 13Pi51 29Pi36 5Aq42 13Ta30 22Sg28 18Cp12 0Ta00 16Pi08 22Cp34
3/7/19 16Pi37 25Pi50 29Pi25 6Aq53 14Ta10 22Sg34 18Cp16 0Ta03 16Pi10 22Cp35
3/8/19 17Pi37 7Ar56 29Pi04 8Aq05 14Ta50 22Sg40 18Cp21 0Ta05 16Pi13 22Cp36
3/9/19 18Pi37 20Ar11 28Pi36 9Aq16 15Ta30 22Sg46 18Cp26 0Ta08 16Pi15 22Cp38
3/10/19 19Pi37 2Ta36 28Pi00 10Aq27 16Ta11 22Sg52 18Cp30 0Ta11 16Pi17 22Cp39
3/11/19 20Pi37 15Ta13 27Pi18 11Aq39 16Ta51 22Sg57 18Cp35 0Ta14 16Pi19 22Cp40
3/12/19 21Pi37 28Ta02 26Pi30 12Aq51 17Ta31 23Sg02 18Cp39 0Ta17 16Pi22 22Cp41
3/13/19 22Pi37 11Ge08 25Pi38 14Aq02 18Ta11 23Sg07 18Cp44 0Ta19 16Pi24 22Cp43
3/14/19 23Pi37 24Ge31 24Pi43 15Aq14 18Ta51 23Sg12 18Cp48 0Ta22 16Pi26 22Cp44
3/15/19 24Pi37 8Cn15 23Pi46 16Aq26 19Ta31 23Sg17 18Cp52 0Ta25 16Pi28 22Cp45
3/16/19 25Pi36 22Cn21 22Pi48 17Aq37 20Ta11 23Sg22 18Cp56 0Ta28 16Pi31 22Cp46
3/17/19 26Pi36 6Le48 21Pi52 18Aq49 20Ta51 23Sg26 19Cp00 0Ta31 16Pi33 22Cp47
3/18/19 27Pi36 21Le35 20Pi57 20Aq01 21Ta31 23Sg31 19Cp04 0Ta34 16Pi35 22Cp48
3/19/19 28Pi36 6Vi34 20Pi05 21Aq13 22Ta11 23Sg35 19Cp08 0Ta37 16Pi37 22Cp49
3/20/19 29Pi35 21Vi40 19Pi17 22Aq25 22Ta51 23Sg39 19Cp12 0Ta40 16Pi40 22Cp50
3/21/19 0Ar35 6Li41 18Pi33 23Aq37 23Ta31 23Sg43 19Cp16 0Ta43 16Pi42 22Cp51
3/22/19 1Ar34 21Li29 17Pi54 24Aq49 24Ta11 23Sg46 19Cp19 0Ta46 16Pi44 22Cp52
3/23/19 2Ar34 5Sc54 17Pi21 26Aq01 24Ta51 23Sg50 19Cp23 0Ta49 16Pi46 22Cp53
3/24/19 3Ar33 19Sc53 16Pi54 27Aq13 25Ta31 23Sg53 19Cp26 0Ta53 16Pi49 22Cp54
3/25/19 4Ar33 3Sg22 16Pi33 28Aq25 26Ta11 23Sg56 19Cp30 0Ta56 16Pi51 22Cp55
3/26/19 5Ar32 16Sg23 16Pi18 29Aq37 26Ta51 23Sg59 19Cp33 0Ta59 16Pi53 22Cp56
3/27/19 6Ar32 28Sg59 16Pi09 0Pi49 27Ta30 24Sg02 19Cp36 1Ta02 16Pi55 22Cp57
3/28/19 7Ar31 11Cp15 16Pi05 2Pi01 28Ta10 24Sg04 19Cp39 1Ta05 16Pi57 22Cp58
3/29/19 8Ar30 23Cp16 16Pi08 3Pi13 28Ta50 24Sg07 19Cp42 1Ta09 16Pi59 22Cp58
3/30/19 9Ar30 5Aq08 16Pi16 4Pi26 29Ta30 24Sg09 19Cp45 1Ta12 17Pi02 22Cp59
3/31/19 10Ar29 16Aq55 16Pi29 5Pi38 0Ge09 24Sg11 19Cp48 1Ta15 17Pi04 23Cp00
4/1/19 11Ar28 28Aq42 16Pi47 6Pi50 0Ge49 24Sg13 19Cp51 1Ta18 17Pi06 23Cp01
4/2/19 12Ar27 10Pi34 17Pi10 8Pi03 1Ge29 24Sg14 19Cp54 1Ta22 17Pi08 23Cp01
4/3/19 13Ar27 22Pi33 17Pi38 9Pi15 2Ge08 24Sg16 19Cp56 1Ta25 17Pi10 23Cp02
4/4/19 14Ar26 4Ar41 18Pi10 10Pi27 2Ge48 24Sg17 19Cp59 1Ta28 17Pi12 23Cp03
4/5/19 15Ar25 17Ar00 18Pi47 11Pi40 3Ge28 24Sg18 20Cp01 1Ta32 17Pi14 23Cp03
4/6/19 16Ar24 29Ar31 19Pi27 12Pi52 4Ge07 24Sg19 20Cp04 1Ta35 17Pi16 23Cp04
4/7/19 17Ar23 12Ta12 20Pi11 14Pi04 4Ge47 24Sg20 20Cp06 1Ta38 17Pi18 23Cp04
4/8/19 18Ar22 25Ta05 20Pi59 15Pi17 5Ge27 24Sg20 20Cp08 1Ta42 17Pi20 23Cp05
4/9/19 19Ar21 8Ge09 21Pi49 16Pi29 6Ge06 24Sg20 20Cp10 1Ta45 17Pi22 23Cp05
4/10/19 20Ar20 21Ge25 22Pi43 17Pi42 6Ge46 24Sg21 20Cp12 1Ta48 17Pi24 23Cp06
4/11/19 21Ar19 4Cn53 23Pi40 18Pi54 7Ge25 24Sg20 20Cp14 1Ta52 17Pi26 23Cp06
4/12/19 22Ar18 18Cn35 24Pi40 20Pi07 8Ge05 24Sg20 20Cp16 1Ta55 17Pi28 23Cp06
4/13/19 23Ar17 2Le32 25Pi43 21Pi19 8Ge44 24Sg20 20Cp17 1Ta59 17Pi30 23Cp07
4/14/19 24Ar15 16Le45 26Pi48 22Pi32 9Ge23 24Sg19 20Cp19 2Ta02 17Pi32 23Cp07
4/15/19 25Ar14 1Vi11 27Pi56 23Pi44 10Ge03 24Sg18 20Cp20 2Ta06 17Pi34 23Cp07
4/16/19 26Ar13 15Vi47 29Pi06 24Pi57 10Ge42 24Sg17 20Cp22 2Ta09 17Pi36 23Cp08
4/17/19 27Ar12 0Li30 0Ar18 26Pi10 11Ge22 24Sg16 20Cp23 2Ta12 17Pi38 23Cp08
4/18/19 28Ar10 15Li10 1Ar33 27Pi22 12Ge01 24Sg15 20Cp24 2Ta16 17Pi40 23Cp08
4/19/19 29Ar09 29Li42 2Ar50 28Pi35 12Ge40 24Sg13 20Cp25 2Ta19 17Pi41 23Cp08
4/20/19 0Ta07 13Sc57 4Ar09 29Pi47 13Ge20 24Sg12 20Cp26 2Ta23 17Pi43 23Cp08
4/21/19 1Ta06 27Sc50 5Ar30 1Ar00 13Ge59 24Sg10 20Cp27 2Ta26 17Pi45 23Cp08
4/22/19 2Ta05 11Sg18 6Ar53 2Ar13 14Ge38 24Sg08 20Cp28 2Ta30 17Pi47 23Cp09
4/23/19 3Ta03 24Sg20 8Ar18 3Ar25 15Ge17 24Sg05 20Cp29 2Ta33 17Pi49 23Cp09
4/24/19 4Ta02 6Cp59 9Ar45 4Ar38 15Ge56 24Sg03 20Cp29 2Ta37 17Pi50 23Cp09
4/25/19 5Ta00 19Cp18 11Ar13 5Ar51 16Ge36 24Sg00 20Cp30 2Ta40 17Pi52 23Cp09
4/26/19 5Ta58 1Aq21 12Ar44 7Ar03 17Ge15 23Sg57 20Cp30 2Ta43 17Pi54 23Cp09
4/27/19 6Ta57 13Aq15 14Ar16 8Ar16 17Ge54 23Sg54 20Cp30 2Ta47 17Pi55 23Cp08
4/28/19 7Ta55 25Aq04 15Ar51 9Ar29 18Ge33 23Sg51 20Cp31 2Ta50 17Pi57 23Cp08
4/29/19 8Ta53 6Pi54 17Ar27 10Ar42 19Ge12 23Sg48 20Cp31 2Ta54 17Pi59 23Cp08
4/30/19 9Ta52 18Pi49 19Ar05 11Ar54 19Ge51 23Sg44 20Cp31 2Ta57 18Pi00 23Cp08
5/1/19 10Ta50 0Ar54 20Ar45 13Ar07 20Ge30 23Sg41 20Cp31 3Ta01 18Pi02 23Cp08
5/2/19 11Ta48 13Ar11 22Ar26 14Ar20 21Ge09 23Sg37 20Cp30 3Ta04 18Pi03 23Cp08
5/3/19 12Ta47 25Ar42 24Ar10 15Ar33 21Ge48 23Sg33 20Cp30 3Ta07 18Pi05 23Cp07
5/4/19 13Ta45 8Ta28 25Ar55 16Ar46 22Ge27 23Sg28 20Cp30 3Ta11 18Pi06 23Cp07
5/5/19 14Ta43 21Ta29 27Ar42 17Ar58 23Ge06 23Sg24 20Cp29 3Ta14 18Pi08 23Cp07
5/6/19 15Ta41 4Ge43 29Ar31 19Ar11 23Ge45 23Sg20 20Cp29 3Ta18 18Pi09 23Cp07
5/7/19 16Ta39 18Ge09 1Ta22 20Ar24 24Ge24 23Sg15 20Cp28 3Ta21 18Pi11 23Cp06
5/8/19 17Ta37 1Cn45 3Ta14 21Ar37 25Ge03 23Sg10 20Cp27 3Ta24 18Pi12 23Cp06
5/9/19 18Ta35 15Cn30 5Ta09 22Ar50 25Ge42 23Sg05 20Cp26 3Ta28 18Pi13 23Cp05
5/10/19 19Ta33 29Cn23 7Ta05 24Ar03 26Ge21 23Sg00 20Cp25 3Ta31 18Pi15 23Cp05
5/11/19 20Ta31 13Le24 9Ta03 25Ar15 27Ge00 22Sg55 20Cp24 3Ta34 18Pi16 23Cp05
5/12/19 21Ta29 27Le31 11Ta03 26Ar28 27Ge39 22Sg49 20Cp23 3Ta38 18Pi17 23Cp04
5/13/19 22Ta27 11Vi45 13Ta04 27Ar41 28Ge18 22Sg44 20Cp22 3Ta41 18Pi18 23Cp04
5/14/19 23Ta25 26Vi02 15Ta08 28Ar54 28Ge57 22Sg38 20Cp20 3Ta44 18Pi20 23Cp03
5/15/19 24Ta23 10Li19 17Ta12 0Ta07 29Ge35 22Sg32 20Cp19 3Ta48 18Pi21 23Cp02
5/16/19 25Ta21 24Li33 19Ta19 1Ta20 0Cn14 22Sg26 20Cp18 3Ta51 18Pi22 23Cp02
5/17/19 26Ta19 8Sc38 21Ta26 2Ta33 0Cn53 22Sg20 20Cp16 3Ta54 18Pi23 23Cp01
5/18/19 27Ta16 22Sc30 23Ta35 3Ta46 1Cn32 22Sg14 20Cp14 3Ta57 18Pi24 23Cp01
5/19/19 28Ta14 6Sg05 25Ta45 4Ta58 2Cn10 22Sg08 20Cp12 4Ta01 18Pi25 23Cp00
5/20/19 29Ta12 19Sg21 27Ta56 6Ta11 2Cn49 22Sg01 20Cp11 4Ta04 18Pi26 22Cp59
5/21/19 0Ge10 2Cp15 0Ge07 7Ta24 3Cn28 21Sg55 20Cp09 4Ta07 18Pi27 22Cp58
5/22/19 1Ge07 14Cp50 2Ge18 8Ta37 4Cn06 21Sg48 20Cp07 4Ta10 18Pi28 22Cp58
5/23/19 2Ge05 27Cp08 4Ge30 9Ta50 4Cn45 21Sg42 20Cp04 4Ta13 18Pi29 22Cp57
5/24/19 3Ge03 9Aq13 6Ge41 11Ta03 5Cn24 21Sg35 20Cp02 4Ta16 18Pi30 22Cp56
5/25/19 4Ge00 21Aq08 8Ge52 12Ta16 6Cn02 21Sg28 20Cp00 4Ta20 18Pi31 22Cp55
5/26/19 4Ge58 2Pi59 11Ge03 13Ta29 6Cn41 21Sg21 19Cp57 4Ta23 18Pi32 22Cp54
5/27/19 5Ge56 14Pi51 13Ge12 14Ta42 7Cn19 21Sg14 19Cp55 4Ta26 18Pi33 22Cp54
5/28/19 6Ge53 26Pi48 15Ge20 15Ta55 7Cn58 21Sg07 19Cp52 4Ta29 18Pi34 22Cp53
5/29/19 7Ge51 8Ar56 17Ge26 17Ta08 8Cn37 21Sg00 19Cp50 4Ta32 18Pi34 22Cp52
5/30/19 8Ge48 21Ar19 19Ge31 18Ta21 9Cn15 20Sg52 19Cp47 4Ta35 18Pi35 22Cp51
5/31/19 9Ge46 3Ta58 21Ge33 19Ta34 9Cn54 20Sg45 19Cp44 4Ta38 18Pi36 22Cp50
6/1/19 10Ge43 16Ta56 23Ge34 20Ta47 10Cn32 20Sg37 19Cp41 4Ta41 18Pi36 22Cp49
6/2/19 11Ge41 0Ge13 25Ge33 22Ta00 11Cn11 20Sg30 19Cp39 4Ta44 18Pi37 22Cp48
6/3/19 12Ge38 13Ge47 27Ge29 23Ta13 11Cn49 20Sg23 19Cp35 4Ta47 18Pi38 22Cp47
6/4/19 13Ge36 27Ge37 29Ge23 24Ta26 12Cn28 20Sg15 19Cp32 4Ta49 18Pi38 22Cp46
6/5/19 14Ge33 11Cn38 1Cn14 25Ta39 13Cn06 20Sg07 19Cp29 4Ta52 18Pi39 22Cp45
6/6/19 15Ge31 25Cn48 3Cn03 26Ta52 13Cn45 20Sg00 19Cp26 4Ta55 18Pi39 22Cp44
6/7/19 16Ge28 10Le03 4Cn49 28Ta06 14Cn23 19Sg52 19Cp23 4Ta58 18Pi40 22Cp43
6/8/19 17Ge26 24Le19 6Cn33 29Ta19 15Cn01 19Sg45 19Cp19 5Ta01 18Pi40 22Cp42
6/9/19 18Ge23 8Vi34 8Cn13 0Ge32 15Cn40 19Sg37 19Cp16 5Ta03 18Pi41 22Cp40
6/10/19 19Ge20 22Vi45 9Cn52 1Ge45 16Cn18 19Sg29 19Cp13 5Ta06 18Pi41 22Cp39
6/11/19 20Ge18 6Li51 11Cn27 2Ge58 16Cn57 19Sg22 19Cp09 5Ta09 18Pi41 22Cp38
6/12/19 21Ge15 20Li50 13Cn00 4Ge11 17Cn35 19Sg14 19Cp05 5Ta11 18Pi42 22Cp37
6/13/19 22Ge12 4Sc40 14Cn30 5Ge24 18Cn13 19Sg06 19Cp02 5Ta14 18Pi42 22Cp36
6/14/19 23Ge10 18Sc19 15Cn58 6Ge37 18Cn52 18Sg59 18Cp58 5Ta16 18Pi42 22Cp35
6/15/19 24Ge07 1Sg44 17Cn22 7Ge51 19Cn30 18Sg51 18Cp54 5Ta19 18Pi42 22Cp33
6/16/19 25Ge04 14Sg55 18Cn44 9Ge04 20Cn08 18Sg44 18Cp50 5Ta22 18Pi43 22Cp32
6/17/19 26Ge02 27Sg51 20Cn03 10Ge17 20Cn47 18Sg36 18Cp47 5Ta24 18Pi43 22Cp31
6/18/19 26Ge59 10Cp31 21Cn19 11Ge30 21Cn25 18Sg28 18Cp43 5Ta26 18Pi43 22Cp30
6/19/19 27Ge56 22Cp56 22Cn32 12Ge43 22Cn03 18Sg21 18Cp39 5Ta29 18Pi43 22Cp28
6/20/19 28Ge53 5Aq09 23Cn42 13Ge57 22Cn41 18Sg14 18Cp35 5Ta31 18Pi43 22Cp27
6/21/19 29Ge51 17Aq10 24Cn49 15Ge10 23Cn20 18Sg06 18Cp31 5Ta34 18Pi43 22Cp26
6/22/19 0Cn48 29Aq05 25Cn53 16Ge23 23Cn58 17Sg59 18Cp27 5Ta36 18Pi43 22Cp24
6/23/19 1Cn45 10Pi56 26Cn54 17Ge36 24Cn36 17Sg52 18Cp23 5Ta38 18Pi43 22Cp23
6/24/19 2Cn42 22Pi49 27Cn51 18Ge50 25Cn14 17Sg44 18Cp18 5Ta40 18Pi43 22Cp22
6/25/19 3Cn40 4Ar46 28Cn45 20Ge03 25Cn53 17Sg37 18Cp14 5Ta43 18Pi43 22Cp20
6/26/19 4Cn37 16Ar55 29Cn35 21Ge16 26Cn31 17Sg30 18Cp10 5Ta45 18Pi43 22Cp19
6/27/19 5Cn34 29Ar17 0Le22 22Ge30 27Cn09 17Sg23 18Cp06 5Ta47 18Pi42 22Cp18
6/28/19 6Cn31 11Ta59 1Le05 23Ge43 27Cn47 17Sg16 18Cp02 5Ta49 18Pi42 22Cp16
6/29/19 7Cn28 25Ta02 1Le45 24Ge56 28Cn25 17Sg09 17Cp57 5Ta51 18Pi42 22Cp15
6/30/19 8Cn26 8Ge27 2Le20 26Ge10 29Cn04 17Sg03 17Cp53 5Ta53 18Pi42 22Cp13
7/1/19 9Cn23 22Ge15 2Le51 27Ge23 29Cn42 16Sg56 17Cp49 5Ta55 18Pi41 22Cp12
7/2/19 10Cn20 6Cn23 3Le18 28Ge37 0Le20 16Sg50 17Cp44 5Ta57 18Pi41 22Cp11
7/3/19 11Cn17 20Cn48 3Le41 29Ge50 0Le58 16Sg43 17Cp40 5Ta59 18Pi41 22Cp09
7/4/19 12Cn15 5Le24 3Le59 1Cn03 1Le36 16Sg37 17Cp35 6Ta01 18Pi40 22Cp08
7/5/19 13Cn12 20Le04 4Le13 2Cn17 2Le14 16Sg31 17Cp31 6Ta02 18Pi40 22Cp06
7/6/19 14Cn09 4Vi44 4Le22 3Cn30 2Le53 16Sg25 17Cp27 6Ta04 18Pi39 22Cp05
7/7/19 15Cn06 19Vi15 4Le27 4Cn44 3Le31 16Sg19 17Cp22 6Ta06 18Pi39 22Cp03
7/8/19 16Cn03 3Li36 4Le27 5Cn57 4Le09 16Sg13 17Cp18 6Ta07 18Pi38 22Cp02
7/9/19 17Cn01 17Li42 4Le22 7Cn11 4Le47 16Sg07 17Cp13 6Ta09 18Pi38 22Cp00
7/10/19 17Cn58 1Sc33 4Le12 8Cn24 5Le25 16Sg02 17Cp09 6Ta11 18Pi37 21Cp59
7/11/19 18Cn55 15Sc06 3Le58 9Cn38 6Le03 15Sg56 17Cp05 6Ta12 18Pi37 21Cp58
7/12/19 19Cn52 28Sc24 3Le39 10Cn52 6Le41 15Sg51 17Cp00 6Ta14 18Pi36 21Cp56
7/13/19 20Cn50 11Sg27 3Le17 12Cn05 7Le19 15Sg46 16Cp56 6Ta15 18Pi35 21Cp55
7/14/19 21Cn47 24Sg15 2Le50 13Cn19 7Le58 15Sg41 16Cp51 6Ta16 18Pi35 21Cp53
7/15/19 22Cn44 6Cp51 2Le19 14Cn32 8Le36 15Sg36 16Cp47 6Ta18 18Pi34 21Cp52
7/16/19 23Cn41 19Cp14 1Le46 15Cn46 9Le14 15Sg32 16Cp43 6Ta19 18Pi33 21Cp50
7/17/19 24Cn38 1Aq27 1Le09 17Cn00 9Le52 15Sg27 16Cp38 6Ta20 18Pi32 21Cp49
7/18/19 25Cn36 13Aq31 0Le31 18Cn13 10Le30 15Sg23 16Cp34 6Ta22 18Pi32 21Cp47
7/19/19 26Cn33 25Aq28 29Cn51 19Cn27 11Le08 15Sg18 16Cp29 6Ta23 18Pi31 21Cp46
7/20/19 27Cn30 7Pi21 29Cn10 20Cn41 11Le46 15Sg14 16Cp25 6Ta24 18Pi30 21Cp44
7/21/19 28Cn27 19Pi11 28Cn29 21Cn54 12Le24 15Sg11 16Cp21 6Ta25 18Pi29 21Cp43
7/22/19 29Cn25 1Ar04 27Cn48 23Cn08 13Le02 15Sg07 16Cp17 6Ta26 18Pi28 21Cp42
7/23/19 0Le22 13Ar01 27Cn09 24Cn22 13Le40 15Sg03 16Cp12 6Ta27 18Pi27 21Cp40
7/24/19 1Le19 25Ar08 26Cn32 25Cn36 14Le18 15Sg00 16Cp08 6Ta28 18Pi26 21Cp39
7/25/19 2Le16 7Ta28 25Cn57 26Cn50 14Le56 14Sg57 16Cp04 6Ta29 18Pi25 21Cp37
7/26/19 3Le14 20Ta07 25Cn26 28Cn03 15Le34 14Sg54 16Cp00 6Ta30 18Pi24 21Cp36
7/27/19 4Le11 3Ge07 24Cn58 29Cn17 16Le13 14Sg51 15Cp56 6Ta30 18Pi23 21Cp34
7/28/19 5Le08 16Ge32 24Cn35 0Le31 16Le51 14Sg48 15Cp52 6Ta31 18Pi22 21Cp33
7/29/19 6Le06 0Cn23 24Cn17 1Le45 17Le29 14Sg46 15Cp48 6Ta32 18Pi21 21Cp32
7/30/19 7Le03 14Cn40 24Cn05 2Le59 18Le07 14Sg43 15Cp44 6Ta33 18Pi20 21Cp30
7/31/19 8Le01 29Cn18 23Cn58 4Le13 18Le45 14Sg41 15Cp40 6Ta33 18Pi19 21Cp29
8/1/19 8Le58 14Le13 23Cn57 5Le27 19Le23 14Sg39 15Cp36 6Ta34 18Pi17 21Cp27
8/2/19 9Le55 29Le16 24Cn02 6Le41 20Le01 14Sg37 15Cp32 6Ta34 18Pi16 21Cp26
8/3/19 10Le53 14Vi18 24Cn14 7Le55 20Le39 14Sg36 15Cp28 6Ta35 18Pi15 21Cp25
8/4/19 11Le50 29Vi11 24Cn32 9Le09 21Le17 14Sg34 15Cp25 6Ta35 18Pi14 21Cp23
8/5/19 12Le48 13Li48 24Cn56 10Le23 21Le55 14Sg33 15Cp21 6Ta35 18Pi13 21Cp22
8/6/19 13Le45 28Li03 25Cn27 11Le37 22Le33 14Sg32 15Cp17 6Ta36 18Pi11 21Cp21
8/7/19 14Le43 11Sc54 26Cn05 12Le51 23Le11 14Sg31 15Cp14 6Ta36 18Pi10 21Cp19
8/8/19 15Le40 25Sc22 26Cn49 14Le05 23Le49 14Sg31 15Cp10 6Ta36 18Pi09 21Cp18
8/9/19 16Le38 8Sg29 27Cn39 15Le19 24Le28 14Sg30 15Cp07 6Ta36 18Pi07 21Cp17
8/10/19 17Le35 21Sg17 28Cn36 16Le33 25Le06 14Sg30 15Cp03 6Ta36 18Pi06 21Cp16
8/11/19 18Le33 3Cp48 29Cn38 17Le47 25Le44 14Sg30 15Cp00 6Ta36 18Pi05 21Cp14
8/12/19 19Le30 16Cp08 0Le47 19Le01 26Le22 14Sg30 14Cp57 6Ta36 18Pi03 21Cp13
8/13/19 20Le28 28Cp17 2Le02 20Le15 27Le00 14Sg30 14Cp54 6Ta36 18Pi02 21Cp12
8/14/19 21Le25 10Aq19 3Le22 21Le30 27Le38 14Sg31 14Cp51 6Ta36 18Pi00 21Cp11
8/15/19 22Le23 22Aq15 4Le47 22Le44 28Le16 14Sg31 14Cp48 6Ta36 17Pi59 21Cp09
8/16/19 23Le21 4Pi08 6Le17 23Le58 28Le54 14Sg32 14Cp45 6Ta36 17Pi58 21Cp08
8/17/19 24Le18 15Pi59 7Le51 25Le12 29Le32 14Sg33 14Cp42 6Ta36 17Pi56 21Cp07
8/18/19 25Le16 27Pi50 9Le30 26Le26 0Vi10 14Sg34 14Cp39 6Ta35 17Pi55 21Cp06
8/19/19 26Le14 9Ar44 11Le13 27Le41 0Vi49 14Sg36 14Cp36 6Ta35 17Pi53 21Cp05
8/20/19 27Le11 21Ar43 12Le59 28Le55 1Vi27 14Sg37 14Cp33 6Ta35 17Pi52 21Cp04
8/21/19 28Le09 3Ta50 14Le48 0Vi09 2Vi05 14Sg39 14Cp31 6Ta34 17Pi50 21Cp03
8/22/19 29Le07 16Ta09 16Le40 1Vi23 2Vi43 14Sg41 14Cp28 6Ta34 17Pi48 21Cp01
8/23/19 0Vi05 28Ta44 18Le34 2Vi38 3Vi21 14Sg43 14Cp26 6Ta33 17Pi47 21Cp00
8/24/19 1Vi03 11Ge38 20Le30 3Vi52 3Vi59 14Sg45 14Cp23 6Ta33 17Pi45 20Cp59
8/25/19 2Vi00 24Ge57 22Le27 5Vi06 4Vi37 14Sg48 14Cp21 6Ta32 17Pi44 20Cp58
8/26/19 2Vi58 8Cn42 24Le25 6Vi21 5Vi16 14Sg50 14Cp19 6Ta31 17Pi42 20Cp57
8/27/19 3Vi56 22Cn54 26Le23 7Vi35 5Vi54 14Sg53 14Cp17 6Ta31 17Pi41 20Cp56
8/28/19 4Vi54 7Le33 28Le22 8Vi49 6Vi32 14Sg56 14Cp15 6Ta30 17Pi39 20Cp55
8/29/19 5Vi52 22Le33 0Vi21 10Vi04 7Vi10 14Sg59 14Cp13 6Ta29 17Pi37 20Cp54
8/30/19 6Vi50 7Vi46 2Vi20 11Vi18 7Vi48 15Sg03 14Cp11 6Ta28 17Pi36 20Cp54
8/31/19 7Vi48 23Vi03 4Vi19 12Vi32 8Vi27 15Sg06 14Cp09 6Ta27 17Pi34 20Cp53
9/1/19 8Vi46 8Li12 6Vi16 13Vi47 9Vi05 15Sg10 14Cp08 6Ta26 17Pi33 20Cp52
9/2/19 9Vi44 23Li04 8Vi14 15Vi01 9Vi43 15Sg14 14Cp06 6Ta25 17Pi31 20Cp51
9/3/19 10Vi42 7Sc32 10Vi10 16Vi16 10Vi21 15Sg18 14Cp05 6Ta24 17Pi29 20Cp50
9/4/19 11Vi40 21Sc31 12Vi06 17Vi30 11Vi00 15Sg22 14Cp03 6Ta23 17Pi28 20Cp49
9/5/19 12Vi39 5Sg02 14Vi00 18Vi45 11Vi38 15Sg26 14Cp02 6Ta22 17Pi26 20Cp49
9/6/19 13Vi37 18Sg07 15Vi53 19Vi59 12Vi16 15Sg31 14Cp01 6Ta21 17Pi24 20Cp48
9/7/19 14Vi35 0Cp49 17Vi46 21Vi13 12Vi54 15Sg36 14Cp00 6Ta20 17Pi23 20Cp47
9/8/19 15Vi33 13Cp12 19Vi37 22Vi28 13Vi33 15Sg40 13Cp59 6Ta18 17Pi21 20Cp46
9/9/19 16Vi31 25Cp22 21Vi27 23Vi42 14Vi11 15Sg46 13Cp58 6Ta17 17Pi19 20Cp46
9/10/19 17Vi30 7Aq23 23Vi16 24Vi57 14Vi49 15Sg51 13Cp57 6Ta16 17Pi18 20Cp45
9/11/19 18Vi28 19Aq17 25Vi04 26Vi11 15Vi27 15Sg56 13Cp56 6Ta14 17Pi16 20Cp44
9/12/19 19Vi26 1Pi08 26Vi51 27Vi26 16Vi06 16Sg02 13Cp56 6Ta13 17Pi14 20Cp44
9/13/19 20Vi25 12Pi59 28Vi36 28Vi40 16Vi44 16Sg07 13Cp55 6Ta11 17Pi13 20Cp43
9/14/19 21Vi23 24Pi52 0Li21 29Vi55 17Vi22 16Sg13 13Cp55 6Ta10 17Pi11 20Cp43
9/15/19 22Vi22 6Ar46 2Li04 1Li09 18Vi01 16Sg19 13Cp54 6Ta08 17Pi10 20Cp42
9/16/19 23Vi20 18Ar46 3Li47 2Li24 18Vi39 16Sg25 13Cp54 6Ta07 17Pi08 20Cp42
9/17/19 24Vi18 0Ta50 5Li28 3Li38 19Vi18 16Sg31 13Cp54 6Ta05 17Pi06 20Cp41
9/18/19 25Vi17 13Ta03 7Li08 4Li53 19Vi56 16Sg38 13Cp54 6Ta03 17Pi05 20Cp41
9/19/19 26Vi16 25Ta25 8Li47 6Li07 20Vi34 16Sg45 13Cp54 6Ta02 17Pi03 20Cp40
9/20/19 27Vi14 8Ge01 10Li25 7Li22 21Vi13 16Sg51 13Cp54 6Ta00 17Pi01 20Cp40
9/21/19 28Vi13 20Ge53 12Li02 8Li36 21Vi51 16Sg58 13Cp55 5Ta58 17Pi00 20Cp40
9/22/19 29Vi11 4Cn05 13Li39 9Li51 22Vi30 17Sg05 13Cp55 5Ta56 16Pi58 20Cp39
9/23/19 0Li10 17Cn40 15Li14 11Li05 23Vi08 17Sg12 13Cp55 5Ta55 16Pi57 20Cp39
9/24/19 1Li09 1Le41 16Li48 12Li20 23Vi47 17Sg20 13Cp56 5Ta53 16Pi55 20Cp39
9/25/19 2Li08 16Le08 18Li21 13Li35 24Vi25 17Sg27 13Cp57 5Ta51 16Pi53 20Cp38
9/26/19 3Li06 0Vi59 19Li54 14Li49 25Vi04 17Sg35 13Cp57 5Ta49 16Pi52 20Cp38
9/27/19 4Li05 16Vi06 21Li25 16Li04 25Vi42 17Sg42 13Cp58 5Ta47 16Pi50 20Cp38
9/28/19 5Li04 1Li21 22Li55 17Li18 26Vi21 17Sg50 13Cp59 5Ta45 16Pi49 20Cp38
9/29/19 6Li03 16Li33 24Li25 18Li33 26Vi59 17Sg58 14Cp00 5Ta43 16Pi47 20Cp38
9/30/19 7Li02 1Sc32 25Li53 19Li48 27Vi38 18Sg06 14Cp01 5Ta41 16Pi46 20Cp38
10/1/19 8Li01 16Sc08 27Li21 21Li02 28Vi16 18Sg15 14Cp03 5Ta39 16Pi44 20Cp38
10/2/19 9Li00 0Sg15 28Li48 22Li17 28Vi55 18Sg23 14Cp04 5Ta37 16Pi43 20Cp38
10/3/19 9Li59 13Sg53 0Sc14 23Li31 29Vi33 18Sg32 14Cp05 5Ta35 16Pi41 20Cp38
10/4/19 10Li58 27Sg01 1Sc38 24Li46 0Li12 18Sg40 14Cp07 5Ta32 16Pi40 20Cp38
10/5/19 11Li57 9Cp45 3Sc02 26Li00 0Li51 18Sg49 14Cp09 5Ta30 16Pi38 20Cp38
10/6/19 12Li56 22Cp08 4Sc25 27Li15 1Li29 18Sg58 14Cp10 5Ta28 16Pi37 20Cp38
10/7/19 13Li56 4Aq15 5Sc46 28Li30 2Li08 19Sg07 14Cp12 5Ta26 16Pi35 20Cp38
10/8/19 14Li55 16Aq13 7Sc07 29Li44 2Li47 19Sg16 14Cp14 5Ta24 16Pi34 20Cp38
10/9/19 15Li54 28Aq04 8Sc26 0Sc59 3Li25 19Sg25 14Cp16 5Ta21 16Pi32 20Cp38
10/10/19 16Li53 9Pi54 9Sc44 2Sc13 4Li04 19Sg35 14Cp18 5Ta19 16Pi31 20Cp38
10/11/19 17Li53 21Pi46 11Sc01 3Sc28 4Li43 19Sg44 14Cp20 5Ta17 16Pi30 20Cp39
10/12/19 18Li52 3Ar41 12Sc16 4Sc43 5Li22 19Sg54 14Cp23 5Ta14 16Pi28 20Cp39
10/13/19 19Li51 15Ar43 13Sc30 5Sc57 6Li00 20Sg03 14Cp25 5Ta12 16Pi27 20Cp39
10/14/19 20Li51 27Ar51 14Sc43 7Sc12 6Li39 20Sg13 14Cp28 5Ta10 16Pi26 20Cp39
10/15/19 21Li50 10Ta07 15Sc53 8Sc26 7Li18 20Sg23 14Cp30 5Ta07 16Pi24 20Cp40
10/16/19 22Li49 22Ta31 17Sc02 9Sc41 7Li57 20Sg33 14Cp33 5Ta05 16Pi23 20Cp40
10/17/19 23Li49 5Ge05 18Sc09 10Sc55 8Li35 20Sg43 14Cp36 5Ta03 16Pi22 20Cp41
10/18/19 24Li48 17Ge50 19Sc14 12Sc10 9Li14 20Sg53 14Cp38 5Ta00 16Pi21 20Cp41
10/19/19 25Li48 0Cn48 20Sc16 13Sc25 9Li53 21Sg04 14Cp41 4Ta58 16Pi20 20Cp41
10/20/19 26Li48 14Cn01 21Sc16 14Sc39 10Li32 21Sg14 14Cp44 4Ta55 16Pi18 20Cp42
10/21/19 27Li47 27Cn33 22Sc13 15Sc54 11Li11 21Sg25 14Cp48 4Ta53 16Pi17 20Cp42
10/22/19 28Li47 11Le24 23Sc06 17Sc08 11Li50 21Sg35 14Cp51 4Ta50 16Pi16 20Cp43
10/23/19 29Li47 25Le36 23Sc56 18Sc23 12Li29 21Sg46 14Cp54 4Ta48 16Pi15 20Cp44
10/24/19 0Sc46 10Vi08 24Sc43 19Sc37 13Li08 21Sg57 14Cp57 4Ta45 16Pi14 20Cp44
10/25/19 1Sc46 24Vi56 25Sc24 20Sc52 13Li47 22Sg08 15Cp01 4Ta43 16Pi13 20Cp45
10/26/19 2Sc46 9Li53 26Sc02 22Sc07 14Li26 22Sg19 15Cp04 4Ta41 16Pi12 20Cp46
10/27/19 3Sc46 24Li51 26Sc34 23Sc21 15Li05 22Sg30 15Cp08 4Ta38 16Pi11 20Cp46
10/28/19 4Sc46 9Sc39 27Sc00 24Sc36 15Li44 22Sg41 15Cp12 4Ta36 16Pi10 20Cp47
10/29/19 5Sc46 24Sc11 27Sc20 25Sc50 16Li23 22Sg52 15Cp16 4Ta33 16Pi09 20Cp48
10/30/19 6Sc46 8Sg18 27Sc32 27Sc05 17Li02 23Sg04 15Cp19 4Ta31 16Pi08 20Cp48
10/31/19 7Sc46 21Sg59 27Sc38 28Sc19 17Li41 23Sg15 15Cp23 4Ta28 16Pi07 20Cp49
11/1/19 8Sc46 5Cp12 27Sc35 29Sc34 18Li20 23Sg27 15Cp28 4Ta26 16Pi06 20Cp50
11/2/19 9Sc46 18Cp00 27Sc23 0Sg49 18Li59 23Sg38 15Cp32 4Ta23 16Pi06 20Cp51
11/3/19 10Sc46 0Aq26 27Sc02 2Sg03 19Li38 23Sg50 15Cp36 4Ta21 16Pi05 20Cp52
11/4/19 11Sc46 12Aq36 26Sc31 3Sg18 20Li17 24Sg02 15Cp40 4Ta18 16Pi04 20Cp53
11/5/19 12Sc46 24Aq34 25Sc51 4Sg32 20Li57 24Sg13 15Cp44 4Ta16 16Pi03 20Cp54
11/6/19 13Sc46 6Pi26 25Sc01 5Sg47 21Li36 24Sg25 15Cp49 4Ta14 16Pi03 20Cp55
11/7/19 14Sc46 18Pi17 24Sc03 7Sg01 22Li15 24Sg37 15Cp53 4Ta11 16Pi02 20Cp56
11/8/19 15Sc47 0Ar11 22Sc56 8Sg16 22Li54 24Sg49 15Cp58 4Ta09 16Pi01 20Cp57
11/9/19 16Sc47 12Ar10 21Sc43 9Sg30 23Li33 25Sg01 16Cp03 4Ta06 16Pi01 20Cp58
11/10/19 17Sc47 24Ar19 20Sc26 10Sg45 24Li13 25Sg14 16Cp07 4Ta04 16Pi00 20Cp59
11/11/19 18Sc47 6Ta38 19Sc06 11Sg59 24Li52 25Sg26 16Cp12 4Ta02 15Pi59 21Cp00
11/12/19 19Sc48 19Ta08 17Sc46 13Sg14 25Li31 25Sg38 16Cp17 3Ta59 15Pi59 21Cp01
11/13/19 20Sc48 1Ge49 16Sc30 14Sg28 26Li11 25Sg51 16Cp22 3Ta57 15Pi58 21Cp02
11/14/19 21Sc48 14Ge42 15Sc19 15Sg43 26Li50 26Sg03 16Cp27 3Ta55 15Pi58 21Cp04
11/15/19 22Sc49 27Ge46 14Sc15 16Sg57 27Li29 26Sg15 16Cp32 3Ta52 15Pi58 21Cp05
11/16/19 23Sc49 11Cn01 13Sc21 18Sg12 28Li09 26Sg28 16Cp37 3Ta50 15Pi57 21Cp06
11/17/19 24Sc50 24Cn28 12Sc37 19Sg26 28Li48 26Sg41 16Cp42 3Ta48 15Pi57 21Cp07
11/18/19 25Sc50 8Le07 12Sc05 20Sg40 29Li27 26Sg53 16Cp48 3Ta46 15Pi56 21Cp09
11/19/19 26Sc51 21Le58 11Sc44 21Sg55 0Sc07 27Sg06 16Cp53 3Ta43 15Pi56 21Cp10
11/20/19 27Sc51 6Vi03 11Sc35 23Sg09 0Sc46 27Sg19 16Cp58 3Ta41 15Pi56 21Cp11
11/21/19 28Sc52 20Vi19 11Sc37 24Sg24 1Sc26 27Sg32 17Cp04 3Ta39 15Pi56 21Cp13
11/22/19 29Sc52 4Li44 11Sc50 25Sg38 2Sc05 27Sg45 17Cp09 3Ta37 15Pi56 21Cp14
11/23/19 0Sg53 19Li14 12Sc13 26Sg53 2Sc45 27Sg58 17Cp15 3Ta35 15Pi55 21Cp15
11/24/19 1Sg54 3Sc45 12Sc44 28Sg07 3Sc25 28Sg11 17Cp21 3Ta33 15Pi55 21Cp17
11/25/19 2Sg54 18Sc09 13Sc24 29Sg21 4Sc04 28Sg24 17Cp26 3Ta31 15Pi55 21Cp18
11/26/19 3Sg55 2Sg21 14Sc10 0Cp36 4Sc44 28Sg37 17Cp32 3Ta28 15Pi55 21Cp20
11/27/19 4Sg56 16Sg15 15Sc03 1Cp50 5Sc23 28Sg50 17Cp38 3Ta26 15Pi55 21Cp21
11/28/19 5Sg57 29Sg48 16Sc01 3Cp05 6Sc03 29Sg03 17Cp44 3Ta25 15Pi55 21Cp23
11/29/19 6Sg57 12Cp58 17Sc04 4Cp19 6Sc43 29Sg16 17Cp50 3Ta23 15Pi55 21Cp24
11/30/19 7Sg58 25Cp47 18Sc11 5Cp33 7Sc22 29Sg29 17Cp56 3Ta21 15Pi55 21Cp26
12/1/19 8Sg59 8Aq16 19Sc22 6Cp48 8Sc02 29Sg43 18Cp02 3Ta19 15Pi55 21Cp27
12/2/19 10Sg00 20Aq28 20Sc36 8Cp02 8Sc42 29Sg56 18Cp08 3Ta17 15Pi56 21Cp29
12/3/19 11Sg01 2Pi29 21Sc52 9Cp16 9Sc21 0Cp09 18Cp14 3Ta15 15Pi56 21Cp31
12/4/19 12Sg02 14Pi23 23Sc11 10Cp31 10Sc01 0Cp23 18Cp20 3Ta13 15Pi56 21Cp32
12/5/19 13Sg02 26Pi15 24Sc31 11Cp45 10Sc41 0Cp36 18Cp26 3Ta12 15Pi56 21Cp34
12/6/19 14Sg03 8Ar10 25Sc54 12Cp59 11Sc21 0Cp50 18Cp32 3Ta10 15Pi56 21Cp35
12/7/19 15Sg04 20Ar11 27Sc18 14Cp13 12Sc01 1Cp03 18Cp39 3Ta08 15Pi57 21Cp37
12/8/19 16Sg05 2Ta24 28Sc42 15Cp28 12Sc40 1Cp17 18Cp45 3Ta07 15Pi57 21Cp39
12/9/19 17Sg06 14Ta50 0Sg08 16Cp42 13Sc20 1Cp30 18Cp51 3Ta05 15Pi58 21Cp41
12/10/19 18Sg07 27Ta32 1Sg35 17Cp56 14Sc00 1Cp44 18Cp58 3Ta04 15Pi58 21Cp42
12/11/19 19Sg08 10Ge30 3Sg03 19Cp10 14Sc40 1Cp58 19Cp04 3Ta02 15Pi58 21Cp44
12/12/19 20Sg09 23Ge44 4Sg31 20Cp24 15Sc20 2Cp11 19Cp11 3Ta01 15Pi59 21Cp46
12/13/19 21Sg10 7Cn13 6Sg00 21Cp38 16Sc00 2Cp25 19Cp17 2Ta59 15Pi59 21Cp48
12/14/19 22Sg11 20Cn54 7Sg30 22Cp52 16Sc40 2Cp38 19Cp24 2Ta58 16Pi00 21Cp49
12/15/19 23Sg12 4Le47 9Sg00 24Cp06 17Sc20 2Cp52 19Cp30 2Ta56 16Pi01 21Cp51
12/16/19 24Sg13 18Le47 10Sg30 25Cp21 18Sc00 3Cp06 19Cp37 2Ta55 16Pi01 21Cp53
12/17/19 25Sg14 2Vi53 12Sg00 26Cp35 18Sc40 3Cp20 19Cp44 2Ta54 16Pi02 21Cp55
12/18/19 26Sg15 17Vi03 13Sg31 27Cp49 19Sc20 3Cp33 19Cp50 2Ta53 16Pi03 21Cp57
12/19/19 27Sg16 1Li15 15Sg02 29Cp02 20Sc00 3Cp47 19Cp57 2Ta52 16Pi03 21Cp59
12/20/19 28Sg17 15Li25 16Sg34 0Aq16 20Sc40 4Cp01 20Cp04 2Ta50 16Pi04 22Cp00
12/21/19 29Sg18 29Li33 18Sg06 1Aq30 21Sc20 4Cp15 20Cp11 2Ta49 16Pi05 22Cp02
12/22/19 0Cp20 13Sc35 19Sg38 2Aq44 22Sc00 4Cp28 20Cp17 2Ta48 16Pi06 22Cp04
12/23/19 1Cp21 27Sc28 21Sg10 3Aq58 22Sc41 4Cp42 20Cp24 2Ta47 16Pi07 22Cp06
12/24/19 2Cp22 11Sg11 22Sg42 5Aq12 23Sc21 4Cp56 20Cp31 2Ta46 16Pi08 22Cp08
12/25/19 3Cp23 24Sg41 24Sg15 6Aq26 24Sc01 5Cp10 20Cp38 2Ta46 16Pi09 22Cp10
12/26/19 4Cp24 7Cp55 25Sg48 7Aq40 24Sc41 5Cp24 20Cp45 2Ta45 16Pi09 22Cp12
12/27/19 5Cp25 20Cp54 27Sg21 8Aq53 25Sc22 5Cp38 20Cp52 2Ta44 16Pi10 22Cp14
12/28/19 6Cp26 3Aq35 28Sg54 10Aq07 26Sc02 5Cp51 20Cp59 2Ta43 16Pi12 22Cp16
12/29/19 7Cp28 16Aq01 0Cp28 11Aq21 26Sc42 6Cp05 21Cp06 2Ta43 16Pi13 22Cp18
12/30/19 8Cp29 28Aq14 2Cp02 12Aq34 27Sc22 6Cp19 21Cp13 2Ta42 16Pi14 22Cp20
12/31/19 9Cp30 10Pi15 3Cp36 13Aq48 28Sc03 6Cp33 21Cp20 2Ta41 16Pi15 22Cp22

Chart Entry

Chart Data
Restrictions Sun
East Point
House System Placidus
Equal (MC)
Zodiac Type Krishnamurti

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