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Mercury Squ Mars
Uranus Tri Pluto
Jupiter Squ Saturn
Mars Con Uranus

Planets in Signs

Sun in Leo

With a Leo Sun, you possess a strong sense of dignity, nobility and warmth of heart. Broadminded, expansive and self-confident you seek positions of authority and responsibility in whatever field you operate. You tend to dominate people and situations through sheer enthusiasm. This ability, together with a keen sense of drama and a love of display, makes you very popular. On the negative side you can be patronising, conceited, intolerant, snobbish, pompous, self-indulgent and tyrannical - but only sometimes, and even then you are still a likeable sort of person! In personality development your main task is one of preserving a careful balance between desirable ambitions and right methods of obtaining them. Likely occupations are executive posts in almost any capacity, eg. Government work, the legal profession, or any business dealing with gold.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces suggests a quiet, retiring, easy-going, super-sensitive, poetic and mild emotional nature. You can be restless, easily depressed, changeable, irresolute and easily discouraged by obstacles and opposition. To some degree you lack a matter-of-fact, practical and common-sense approach to life - by temperament, you are more emotional than intellectual. Psychic ability is indicated and you may be drawn to subjects such as religion, mysticism and spiritual growth. Music, poetry and romantic literature will have a soothing and therapeutic effect upon your inner self. Easily hurt, you seek emotional security through periods of peace and seclusion.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo gives you an energetic mind with strong will-power, perseverance and sense of purpose. You have the ability to organise your thoughts and concentrate for long periods to obtain your objective. Your mental disposition is positive, kind, easy-going and cheerful, although on occasion you can be self-opinionated, stubborn, arrogant and overly-forceful. On the whole, your mental qualities are ideally suited to positions of authority and responsibility - you are well capable of directing, managing and controlling others.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo indicates a thoroughly outgoing, affectionate, constant, ardent, passionate and warm-hearted romantic nature - devoted and loyal in marriage. You tend to shower extravagant gifts on the object of your affections, often throwing lavish parties just to impress. When you do marry, it is for love, not social, practical or financial gain. Your infectious love of life and noble nature ensures socially popularity, although, at times, you can be rather theatrical in order to hog the spotlight. You usually choose a partner you can show-off with, and proudly display to friends and colleges.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini strengthens your mental nature. You assert yourself with spontaneity, resourcefulness and ingenuity - energy is channelled into intellectual pursuits requiring high intellect, mentally alertness, and aggressive debating skill. There is some tendency to restlessness and irritability - you react badly to criticism. You have a fun attitude to sex, preferring a lively experimental partner. Good lovemaking requires mental stimulation and variety.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini gives you the opportunity to study and intellectually comprehend subjects such as religion, law, philosophy and other higher educational subjects. This quality is necessary in order to expand your personality and life experience. Your wide range of mental interests will attract many friends who help to broaden your scope of knowledge, leading you into new and unusual subjects. Success is achieved by communicating such knowledge to others - writing, teaching and lecturing. A second string income may come though business interests related to publishing, travel, broadcasting and telecommunications.

Saturn in Pisces

In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with emotional understanding, compassion, humility and a sense of duty for those less fortunate. Life experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to these issues. You are likely to gain some form of profound spiritual understanding - but not before you have overcome deep irrational fears, negative emotional conditioning and a wayward imagination. Your work in the world may be towards the care or education of others - perhaps in social work, hospitals, universities, religion or the arts.

Uranus in Taurus

Those born in this generation have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind timely ideas for materially implementing the new directions that are being taken on the planet. They will receive insights about ways to structure the new directions, to establish innovative energies in a practical, essential way. Disruption occurs only through holding on to old value systems that are not in harmony with the new direction of society as a whole.

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Aquarius

Planets in Houses

Sun in 1st House

With the Sun's energy in the First House your personality drive will find expression mainly through personal issues related to self-image, physical appearance and personal interests. You are required to acquire knowledge of self in order to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose and destiny. Strong will-power and self-assurance add strength to your personality. Very brave, positive and competitive, you develop natural leadership qualities. Your enterprising nature, with a capability for seizing opportunities is another factor for success - obstacles are overcome by sheer physical courage. You are to become self-determined and self-sufficient, carving your own path in life. Your enthusiasm for life may manifest as robust health and vitality. There may be some tendency to pride and insolence at times.

Moon in 9th House

With the Moon in the Ninth House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through some form of emotional attachment to social, ethical or religious values. You have an inherent need to expand your life through travel, study, philosophy and the search for metaphysical truths. Practical knowledge is often obtained through dreams or meditation. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by spiritual or ethical values.

Mercury in 2nd House

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to financial, business and managerial affairs. You have an innate ability for making money by means of intellectual effort. In this respect you view education and learning only as means of increasing your earning potential. You are not inclined to involve yourself in anything that does not, at the end of the day, produce concrete practical results. Your mental qualities are ideally suited to business and commercial enterprise.

Venus in 2nd House

With Venus in the Second House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities is through a search for wealth, personal possessions and social status. Your romantic partner is likely to be wealthy, capable of supplying the material comforts that you desire. Possessions that give aesthetic pleasure and some material security are important to you. A talent for business is indicated, especially business related to music or the arts. With your monetary skill investing money will be both intriguing and enjoyable. If you have an artistic hobby then there is a good chance of making money from this area.

Mars in 11th House

With Mars in the Eleventh House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into friendships, social life and group activities. Friendship is of above-average importance, but this is a sphere of life where you will experience some rocky periods since the aggressive, argumentative side of Mars will tend to cause upsets between yourself and your friends. This will be especially so when others challenge your reasons or motives for certain actions. Leadership qualities are present and a strongly independent personality needs to be developed in order effectively to initiate social or group reform.

Jupiter in 12th House

With Jupiter in the Twelfth House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune coming through spiritual work, literature, art, poetry, religion or stage and screen work. Inspiration, support and guidance may come from an inner search for spiritual fulfilment - in the form of meditation, seclusion and introspective study. At some stage of life you may make a great personal sacrifice in order to fulfill your ideal of worthwhile service, perhaps through asylums, hospitals or public institutions. There is likely to be an interest in medicine, chemistry, healing and metaphysical or occult studies - you have a healthy respect for ancient wisdom and the more profound teachings.

Saturn in 9th House

A Ninth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to an interest in higher education, philosophy, science and religion. Much hard work, devotion and travel are required to attain diplomas or higher certificates of education necessary for personal attainment. Your profession is likely to be in law, publishing, teaching, higher education, travel, religion or some other profound area of endeavour. Metaphysics, psychic and occult subjects may be a feature. Early life may see mental conflict, religious bigotry and a difficulty in comprehending profound subjects. However, through diligent effort and achievement you may gain distinction and become a recognised authority within your chosen field of endeavour. There could be some danger associated with foreign travel. Relatives through marriage could also be troublesome in some way.

Uranus in 11th House

With an Eleventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an involvement in unusual and original social, political or cultural groups dedicated to social reform or revolution. Dynamic, stimulating friendships transform your ideas and ideals. Your friends may be regarded as peculiar, unusual or extraordinary in some way - geniuses, inventors, writers, New Age promoters, occultists, government executives, etc. There may be sudden and unexpected benefits from such friends enabling you to progress towards your personal hopes and wishes. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Neptune in 10th House

Neptune in the Tenth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through your chosen social position in the world. You possess a highly inspirational nature, capable of attaining honour or position through some unique achievement. Your professional life could be enclosed within a spiritual framework such as ministers, spiritual teachers and psychiatrists or within an institutional environment such as in hospitals, asylums or prisons. On occasion, you will tend to lose direction life and withdraw from work to seek seclusion and direction - possibly as prelude to a change of career.

Pluto in 7th House

With Pluto in the Seventh House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through marriage, close personal relationships or business partnerships. General well-being is dependant on intimate and fulfilling relationships. Success here depends on how responsible you are in your dealings with partners, psychological compatibility, co-operation and the ability to understanding the emotional needs of others. This is a good position for working with law and the legal system, and with the public, particularly indirectly as through the courts.

Houses in Signs

1st House in Cancer

Cancers tend to he emotionally volatile. They expend a great deal of energy through their feelings and are romantic and dramatic in their emotional expressions. Their emotions are supported by their will, however. They identify strongly with their families and familial concerns.

2nd House in Leo

These natives express power through financial matters, but they want their money to be used for their children, family, and home. They generally earn money by being placed in positions of authority.

3rd House in Leo

These natives express power through creative thinking and invest their ideas with great energy. Thus, they think in large and dramatic terms. Their mental ingenuity is often expressed in art. Their journeys are likely to have a pleasurable or creative purpose; they tend to travel to see those whom they love or with whom they are romantically involved.

4th House in Virgo

These natives prefer to and often do situate their professions and workshops in the home. They render service to their families and are fastidious and discerning in the home. Like the Moon, they move around constantly and, if possible, combine visits with financial gain.

5th House in Scorpio

The children of these natives are subjected to intense emotionality. Although they are very generous and provide the wherewithal for their children, their excessive concern may lead to domination if it is not controlled. They tend to be jealous of their loved ones. They are extremely sensual in their romantic lives. Actors with this sign in the 5th house express great emotional intensity on stage.

6th House in Sagittarius

Since the native is generous in helping others, his spiritual self is able to mature through service. However, these natives must be free to follow their own inspiration in work. They have a great belief in faith healing and the power of positive thinking. They will work hard and selflessly for others, believing that if they help one they help all.

7th House in Capricorn

There is a tendency to he cautious and reserved in forming partnerships and to be shy in public relations. Since large crowds frighten them, these natives do not like to remain in a crowd for very long. They are cautious in marriage. They tend to marry late in life and often for status.

8th House in Aquarius

These natives are interested in the spiritual side of life. Many of them have ability as mediums. They are uniquely connected with the goods of the dead. When friends pass away, the loss stirs them deeply, more than they demonstrate outwardly.

9th House in Aquarius

There is a tendency to be progressive, unusual, and freethinking in matters of religion, philosophy, and higher education. These natives like to associate with people involved in these fields. They are curious about foreign cultures and seek out the unusual through travel and study. Since inspiration comes in sudden flashes, they go on long journeys suddenly, without much preparation.

10th House in Pisces

These natives tend to be 'other-worldly' and visionary, and not always practical with regard to work and public reputation. They are elusive and hard to pin down in professional matters. Peculiar conditions are sometimes associated with their jobs and reputations, and there is always an element of mystery in their professional activity.

11th House in Taurus

These natives have an attraction for artistic, stable, and wealthy people. This is one of the secrets of their own ability to amass wealth and financial resources. Very often they invoke the aid of their wealthy friends to finance their meticulously worked-out plans.

12th House in Gemini

Hidden support comes to these natives from their ability to keep their ideas secret. Thus, they provide their own impetus for growth; yet they have a self-destructive habit of discussing their emotional problems, verbalizing what should remain concealed.

Ephemeris (Yearly)

Mo/Dy/Yr Sun Moon Merc Venu Mars Jupi Satu Uran Nept Plut
1/1/24 10Cp32 11Vi50 22Sg12 3Sg12 27Sg40 5Ta35 3Pi17 19Ta22 25Pi05 29Cp22
1/2/24 11Cp33 23Vi38 22Sg11 4Sg25 28Sg25 5Ta35 3Pi22 19Ta21 25Pi05 29Cp24
1/3/24 12Cp34 5Li28 22Sg19 5Sg38 29Sg09 5Ta36 3Pi28 19Ta19 25Pi06 29Cp26
1/4/24 13Cp36 17Li25 22Sg35 6Sg52 29Sg54 5Ta36 3Pi33 19Ta18 25Pi07 29Cp28
1/5/24 14Cp37 29Li35 22Sg58 8Sg05 0Cp38 5Ta37 3Pi39 19Ta17 25Pi08 29Cp29
1/6/24 15Cp38 12Sc04 23Sg28 9Sg18 1Cp23 5Ta39 3Pi44 19Ta16 25Pi09 29Cp31
1/7/24 16Cp39 24Sc55 24Sg05 10Sg31 2Cp08 5Ta40 3Pi50 19Ta15 25Pi10 29Cp33
1/8/24 17Cp40 8Sg12 24Sg46 11Sg45 2Cp53 5Ta42 3Pi56 19Ta14 25Pi12 29Cp35
1/9/24 18Cp41 21Sg57 25Sg33 12Sg58 3Cp38 5Ta43 4Pi02 19Ta13 25Pi13 29Cp37
1/10/24 19Cp43 6Cp08 26Sg24 14Sg11 4Cp22 5Ta46 4Pi07 19Ta12 25Pi14 29Cp39
1/11/24 20Cp44 20Cp41 27Sg19 15Sg25 5Cp07 5Ta48 4Pi13 19Ta11 25Pi15 29Cp41
1/12/24 21Cp45 5Aq28 28Sg18 16Sg38 5Cp52 5Ta50 4Pi19 19Ta11 25Pi16 29Cp43
1/13/24 22Cp46 20Aq20 29Sg20 17Sg52 6Cp37 5Ta53 4Pi25 19Ta10 25Pi17 29Cp45
1/14/24 23Cp47 5Pi10 0Cp24 19Sg05 7Cp22 5Ta56 4Pi32 19Ta09 25Pi19 29Cp47
1/15/24 24Cp48 19Pi48 1Cp31 20Sg19 8Cp07 5Ta59 4Pi38 19Ta08 25Pi20 29Cp49
1/16/24 25Cp49 4Ar12 2Cp40 21Sg33 8Cp53 6Ta02 4Pi44 19Ta08 25Pi21 29Cp51
1/17/24 26Cp51 18Ar18 3Cp52 22Sg46 9Cp38 6Ta05 4Pi50 19Ta07 25Pi23 29Cp53
1/18/24 27Cp52 2Ta05 5Cp05 24Sg00 10Cp23 6Ta09 4Pi56 19Ta07 25Pi24 29Cp55
1/19/24 28Cp53 15Ta36 6Cp20 25Sg14 11Cp08 6Ta13 5Pi03 19Ta06 25Pi26 29Cp56
1/20/24 29Cp54 28Ta51 7Cp36 26Sg27 11Cp53 6Ta17 5Pi09 19Ta06 25Pi27 29Cp58
1/21/24 0Aq55 11Ge53 8Cp54 27Sg41 12Cp39 6Ta21 5Pi16 19Ta06 25Pi29 0Aq00
1/22/24 1Aq56 24Ge43 10Cp14 28Sg55 13Cp24 6Ta26 5Pi22 19Ta05 25Pi30 0Aq02
1/23/24 2Aq57 7Cn22 11Cp34 0Cp09 14Cp09 6Ta30 5Pi29 19Ta05 25Pi32 0Aq04
1/24/24 3Aq58 19Cn51 12Cp55 1Cp23 14Cp55 6Ta35 5Pi35 19Ta05 25Pi33 0Aq06
1/25/24 4Aq59 2Le10 14Cp18 2Cp37 15Cp40 6Ta40 5Pi42 19Ta05 25Pi35 0Aq08
1/26/24 6Aq00 14Le20 15Cp42 3Cp50 16Cp26 6Ta45 5Pi49 19Ta05 25Pi36 0Aq10
1/27/24 7Aq01 26Le21 17Cp06 5Cp04 17Cp11 6Ta50 5Pi55 19Ta05 25Pi38 0Aq12
1/28/24 8Aq02 8Vi15 18Cp32 6Cp18 17Cp57 6Ta56 6Pi02 19Ta05 25Pi40 0Aq14
1/29/24 9Aq03 20Vi04 19Cp58 7Cp32 18Cp43 7Ta01 6Pi09 19Ta05 25Pi41 0Aq16
1/30/24 10Aq04 1Li52 21Cp25 8Cp46 19Cp28 7Ta07 6Pi16 19Ta05 25Pi43 0Aq18
1/31/24 11Aq05 13Li41 22Cp53 10Cp00 20Cp14 7Ta13 6Pi22 19Ta05 25Pi45 0Aq20
2/1/24 12Aq06 25Li36 24Cp22 11Cp14 21Cp00 7Ta19 6Pi29 19Ta06 25Pi46 0Aq22
2/2/24 13Aq06 7Sc43 25Cp52 12Cp28 21Cp45 7Ta26 6Pi36 19Ta06 25Pi48 0Aq24
2/3/24 14Aq07 20Sc08 27Cp22 13Cp42 22Cp31 7Ta32 6Pi43 19Ta06 25Pi50 0Aq26
2/4/24 15Aq08 2Sg54 28Cp53 14Cp56 23Cp17 7Ta39 6Pi50 19Ta07 25Pi52 0Aq27
2/5/24 16Aq09 16Sg08 0Aq25 16Cp11 24Cp03 7Ta46 6Pi57 19Ta07 25Pi54 0Aq29
2/6/24 17Aq10 29Sg50 1Aq58 17Cp25 24Cp49 7Ta53 7Pi04 19Ta08 25Pi56 0Aq31
2/7/24 18Aq11 14Cp02 3Aq31 18Cp39 25Cp35 8Ta00 7Pi11 19Ta08 25Pi57 0Aq33
2/8/24 19Aq12 28Cp41 5Aq06 19Cp53 26Cp20 8Ta07 7Pi18 19Ta09 25Pi59 0Aq35
2/9/24 20Aq12 13Aq40 6Aq41 21Cp07 27Cp06 8Ta15 7Pi25 19Ta09 26Pi01 0Aq37
2/10/24 21Aq13 28Aq50 8Aq17 22Cp21 27Cp52 8Ta22 7Pi33 19Ta10 26Pi03 0Aq39
2/11/24 22Aq14 14Pi00 9Aq53 23Cp36 28Cp38 8Ta30 7Pi40 19Ta11 26Pi05 0Aq41
2/12/24 23Aq15 29Pi02 11Aq31 24Cp50 29Cp25 8Ta38 7Pi47 19Ta12 26Pi07 0Aq42
2/13/24 24Aq15 13Ar46 13Aq09 26Cp04 0Aq11 8Ta46 7Pi54 19Ta13 26Pi09 0Aq44
2/14/24 25Aq16 28Ar08 14Aq48 27Cp18 0Aq57 8Ta54 8Pi01 19Ta14 26Pi11 0Aq46
2/15/24 26Aq17 12Ta06 16Aq28 28Cp32 1Aq43 9Ta03 8Pi08 19Ta14 26Pi13 0Aq48
2/16/24 27Aq17 25Ta40 18Aq09 29Cp46 2Aq29 9Ta11 8Pi16 19Ta16 26Pi15 0Aq50
2/17/24 28Aq18 8Ge53 19Aq50 1Aq01 3Aq15 9Ta20 8Pi23 19Ta17 26Pi17 0Aq51
2/18/24 29Aq18 21Ge47 21Aq33 2Aq15 4Aq01 9Ta28 8Pi30 19Ta18 26Pi19 0Aq53
2/19/24 0Pi19 4Cn25 23Aq16 3Aq29 4Aq48 9Ta37 8Pi37 19Ta19 26Pi21 0Aq55
2/20/24 1Pi19 16Cn50 25Aq01 4Aq43 5Aq34 9Ta46 8Pi45 19Ta20 26Pi23 0Aq57
2/21/24 2Pi20 29Cn05 26Aq46 5Aq58 6Aq20 9Ta56 8Pi52 19Ta21 26Pi26 0Aq58
2/22/24 3Pi20 11Le11 28Aq32 7Aq12 7Aq06 10Ta05 8Pi59 19Ta23 26Pi28 1Aq00
2/23/24 4Pi21 23Le10 0Pi19 8Aq26 7Aq53 10Ta14 9Pi07 19Ta24 26Pi30 1Aq02
2/24/24 5Pi21 5Vi04 2Pi07 9Aq40 8Aq39 10Ta24 9Pi14 19Ta26 26Pi32 1Aq04
2/25/24 6Pi21 16Vi54 3Pi56 10Aq55 9Aq25 10Ta33 9Pi21 19Ta27 26Pi34 1Aq05
2/26/24 7Pi22 28Vi42 5Pi46 12Aq09 10Aq12 10Ta43 9Pi29 19Ta29 26Pi36 1Aq07
2/27/24 8Pi22 10Li31 7Pi37 13Aq23 10Aq58 10Ta53 9Pi36 19Ta30 26Pi38 1Aq08
2/28/24 9Pi22 22Li23 9Pi29 14Aq37 11Aq45 11Ta03 9Pi43 19Ta32 26Pi41 1Aq10
2/29/24 10Pi22 4Sc22 11Pi22 15Aq52 12Aq31 11Ta13 9Pi51 19Ta33 26Pi43 1Aq12
3/1/24 11Pi23 16Sc31 13Pi15 17Aq06 13Aq18 11Ta23 9Pi58 19Ta35 26Pi45 1Aq13
3/2/24 12Pi23 28Sc55 15Pi09 18Aq20 14Aq04 11Ta34 10Pi05 19Ta37 26Pi47 1Aq15
3/3/24 13Pi23 11Sg38 17Pi04 19Aq34 14Aq51 11Ta44 10Pi13 19Ta39 26Pi49 1Aq16
3/4/24 14Pi23 24Sg45 19Pi00 20Aq49 15Aq37 11Ta55 10Pi20 19Ta40 26Pi52 1Aq18
3/5/24 15Pi23 8Cp18 20Pi56 22Aq03 16Aq24 12Ta05 10Pi27 19Ta42 26Pi54 1Aq19
3/6/24 16Pi23 22Cp20 22Pi52 23Aq17 17Aq10 12Ta16 10Pi35 19Ta44 26Pi56 1Aq21
3/7/24 17Pi23 6Aq50 24Pi49 24Aq32 17Aq57 12Ta27 10Pi42 19Ta46 26Pi58 1Aq22
3/8/24 18Pi23 21Aq42 26Pi45 25Aq46 18Aq43 12Ta38 10Pi49 19Ta48 27Pi01 1Aq24
3/9/24 19Pi23 6Pi50 28Pi42 27Aq00 19Aq30 12Ta49 10Pi56 19Ta50 27Pi03 1Aq25
3/10/24 20Pi23 22Pi06 0Ar37 28Aq14 20Aq16 13Ta00 11Pi04 19Ta52 27Pi05 1Aq27
3/11/24 21Pi23 7Ar17 2Ar32 29Aq29 21Aq03 13Ta12 11Pi11 19Ta55 27Pi07 1Aq28
3/12/24 22Pi23 22Ar16 4Ar25 0Pi43 21Aq50 13Ta23 11Pi18 19Ta57 27Pi10 1Aq29
3/13/24 23Pi23 6Ta54 6Ar17 1Pi57 22Aq36 13Ta34 11Pi25 19Ta59 27Pi12 1Aq31
3/14/24 24Pi23 21Ta07 8Ar07 3Pi11 23Aq23 13Ta46 11Pi33 20Ta01 27Pi14 1Aq32
3/15/24 25Pi23 4Ge53 9Ar54 4Pi26 24Aq10 13Ta58 11Pi40 20Ta04 27Pi17 1Aq33
3/16/24 26Pi23 18Ge13 11Ar39 5Pi40 24Aq56 14Ta09 11Pi47 20Ta06 27Pi19 1Aq35
3/17/24 27Pi22 1Cn10 13Ar20 6Pi54 25Aq43 14Ta21 11Pi54 20Ta08 27Pi21 1Aq36
3/18/24 28Pi22 13Cn46 14Ar57 8Pi08 26Aq30 14Ta33 12Pi01 20Ta11 27Pi23 1Aq37
3/19/24 29Pi22 26Cn06 16Ar30 9Pi23 27Aq16 14Ta45 12Pi09 20Ta13 27Pi26 1Aq38
3/20/24 0Ar21 8Le13 17Ar57 10Pi37 28Aq03 14Ta57 12Pi16 20Ta16 27Pi28 1Aq40
3/21/24 1Ar21 20Le11 19Ar20 11Pi51 28Aq50 15Ta09 12Pi23 20Ta18 27Pi30 1Aq41
3/22/24 2Ar20 2Vi03 20Ar37 13Pi05 29Aq36 15Ta21 12Pi30 20Ta21 27Pi32 1Aq42
3/23/24 3Ar20 13Vi52 21Ar48 14Pi20 0Pi23 15Ta34 12Pi37 20Ta23 27Pi35 1Aq43
3/24/24 4Ar19 25Vi41 22Ar52 15Pi34 1Pi10 15Ta46 12Pi44 20Ta26 27Pi37 1Aq44
3/25/24 5Ar19 7Li31 23Ar50 16Pi48 1Pi56 15Ta58 12Pi51 20Ta29 27Pi39 1Aq45
3/26/24 6Ar18 19Li25 24Ar41 18Pi02 2Pi43 16Ta11 12Pi58 20Ta31 27Pi42 1Aq46
3/27/24 7Ar18 1Sc25 25Ar24 19Pi16 3Pi30 16Ta23 13Pi05 20Ta34 27Pi44 1Aq47
3/28/24 8Ar17 13Sc33 26Ar01 20Pi30 4Pi16 16Ta36 13Pi12 20Ta37 27Pi46 1Aq48
3/29/24 9Ar16 25Sc51 26Ar30 21Pi45 5Pi03 16Ta49 13Pi18 20Ta40 27Pi48 1Aq49
3/30/24 10Ar15 8Sg23 26Ar51 22Pi59 5Pi50 17Ta01 13Pi25 20Ta42 27Pi51 1Aq50
3/31/24 11Ar15 21Sg10 27Ar05 24Pi13 6Pi37 17Ta14 13Pi32 20Ta45 27Pi53 1Aq51
4/1/24 12Ar14 4Cp17 27Ar12 25Pi27 7Pi23 17Ta27 13Pi39 20Ta48 27Pi55 1Aq52
4/2/24 13Ar13 17Cp45 27Ar11 26Pi41 8Pi10 17Ta40 13Pi46 20Ta51 27Pi57 1Aq53
4/3/24 14Ar12 1Aq36 27Ar04 27Pi56 8Pi57 17Ta53 13Pi52 20Ta54 27Pi59 1Aq54
4/4/24 15Ar11 15Aq49 26Ar50 29Pi10 9Pi43 18Ta06 13Pi59 20Ta57 28Pi02 1Aq54
4/5/24 16Ar11 0Pi24 26Ar30 0Ar24 10Pi30 18Ta19 14Pi05 21Ta00 28Pi04 1Aq55
4/6/24 17Ar10 15Pi15 26Ar04 1Ar38 11Pi17 18Ta32 14Pi12 21Ta03 28Pi06 1Aq56
4/7/24 18Ar09 0Ar17 25Ar33 2Ar52 12Pi03 18Ta45 14Pi19 21Ta06 28Pi08 1Aq57
4/8/24 19Ar08 15Ar20 24Ar58 4Ar06 12Pi50 18Ta59 14Pi25 21Ta09 28Pi10 1Aq57
4/9/24 20Ar07 0Ta17 24Ar19 5Ar20 13Pi37 19Ta12 14Pi32 21Ta12 28Pi12 1Aq58
4/10/24 21Ar06 15Ta00 23Ar37 6Ar34 14Pi23 19Ta25 14Pi38 21Ta15 28Pi15 1Aq59
4/11/24 22Ar04 29Ta21 22Ar53 7Ar49 15Pi10 19Ta39 14Pi44 21Ta18 28Pi17 1Aq59
4/12/24 23Ar03 13Ge16 22Ar08 9Ar03 15Pi57 19Ta52 14Pi51 21Ta21 28Pi19 2Aq00
4/13/24 24Ar02 26Ge45 21Ar22 10Ar17 16Pi43 20Ta06 14Pi57 21Ta25 28Pi21 2Aq00
4/14/24 25Ar01 9Cn49 20Ar38 11Ar31 17Pi30 20Ta19 15Pi03 21Ta28 28Pi23 2Aq01
4/15/24 26Ar00 22Cn29 19Ar54 12Ar45 18Pi16 20Ta33 15Pi09 21Ta31 28Pi25 2Aq01
4/16/24 26Ar58 4Le50 19Ar13 13Ar59 19Pi03 20Ta46 15Pi15 21Ta34 28Pi27 2Aq02
4/17/24 27Ar57 16Le56 18Ar35 15Ar13 19Pi49 21Ta00 15Pi21 21Ta37 28Pi29 2Aq02
4/18/24 28Ar56 28Le51 18Ar00 16Ar27 20Pi36 21Ta14 15Pi27 21Ta41 28Pi31 2Aq03
4/19/24 29Ar54 10Vi41 17Ar29 17Ar41 21Pi22 21Ta27 15Pi33 21Ta44 28Pi33 2Aq03
4/20/24 0Ta53 22Vi29 17Ar02 18Ar55 22Pi09 21Ta41 15Pi39 21Ta47 28Pi35 2Aq04
4/21/24 1Ta51 4Li18 16Ar39 20Ar09 22Pi55 21Ta55 15Pi45 21Ta51 28Pi37 2Aq04
4/22/24 2Ta50 16Li13 16Ar22 21Ar23 23Pi42 22Ta09 15Pi51 21Ta54 28Pi39 2Aq04
4/23/24 3Ta48 28Li15 16Ar09 22Ar37 24Pi28 22Ta22 15Pi57 21Ta57 28Pi41 2Aq05
4/24/24 4Ta47 10Sc26 16Ar01 23Ar51 25Pi14 22Ta36 16Pi02 22Ta01 28Pi43 2Aq05
4/25/24 5Ta45 22Sc49 15Ar58 25Ar05 26Pi01 22Ta50 16Pi08 22Ta04 28Pi45 2Aq05
4/26/24 6Ta44 5Sg24 16Ar01 26Ar19 26Pi47 23Ta04 16Pi13 22Ta07 28Pi47 2Aq05
4/27/24 7Ta42 18Sg12 16Ar08 27Ar33 27Pi34 23Ta18 16Pi19 22Ta11 28Pi49 2Aq05
4/28/24 8Ta40 1Cp13 16Ar20 28Ar47 28Pi20 23Ta32 16Pi24 22Ta14 28Pi51 2Aq05
4/29/24 9Ta39 14Cp30 16Ar37 0Ta01 29Pi06 23Ta46 16Pi30 22Ta18 28Pi53 2Aq06
4/30/24 10Ta37 28Cp01 16Ar58 1Ta15 29Pi52 24Ta00 16Pi35 22Ta21 28Pi54 2Aq06
5/1/24 11Ta35 11Aq49 17Ar23 2Ta28 0Ar39 24Ta14 16Pi40 22Ta24 28Pi56 2Aq06
5/2/24 12Ta33 25Aq51 17Ar53 3Ta42 1Ar25 24Ta28 16Pi46 22Ta28 28Pi58 2Aq06
5/3/24 13Ta32 10Pi09 18Ar27 4Ta56 2Ar11 24Ta42 16Pi51 22Ta31 29Pi00 2Aq06
5/4/24 14Ta30 24Pi38 19Ar05 6Ta10 2Ar57 24Ta56 16Pi56 22Ta35 29Pi01 2Aq06
5/5/24 15Ta28 9Ar16 19Ar47 7Ta24 3Ar43 25Ta10 17Pi01 22Ta38 29Pi03 2Aq06
5/6/24 16Ta26 23Ar59 20Ar32 8Ta38 4Ar29 25Ta24 17Pi06 22Ta42 29Pi05 2Aq06
5/7/24 17Ta24 8Ta38 21Ar21 9Ta52 5Ar16 25Ta38 17Pi10 22Ta45 29Pi06 2Aq05
5/8/24 18Ta22 23Ta09 22Ar14 11Ta06 6Ar02 25Ta52 17Pi15 22Ta49 29Pi08 2Aq05
5/9/24 19Ta20 7Ge24 23Ar09 12Ta20 6Ar48 26Ta06 17Pi20 22Ta52 29Pi10 2Aq05
5/10/24 20Ta18 21Ge18 24Ar07 13Ta33 7Ar34 26Ta21 17Pi24 22Ta56 29Pi11 2Aq05
5/11/24 21Ta16 4Cn49 25Ar09 14Ta47 8Ar19 26Ta35 17Pi29 22Ta59 29Pi13 2Aq05
5/12/24 22Ta14 17Cn56 26Ar13 16Ta01 9Ar05 26Ta49 17Pi33 23Ta03 29Pi14 2Aq04
5/13/24 23Ta12 0Le39 27Ar21 17Ta15 9Ar51 27Ta03 17Pi38 23Ta06 29Pi16 2Aq04
5/14/24 24Ta10 13Le03 28Ar31 18Ta29 10Ar37 27Ta17 17Pi42 23Ta10 29Pi18 2Aq04
5/15/24 25Ta08 25Le10 29Ar43 19Ta43 11Ar23 27Ta31 17Pi46 23Ta13 29Pi19 2Aq03
5/16/24 26Ta06 7Vi06 0Ta59 20Ta56 12Ar09 27Ta46 17Pi51 23Ta17 29Pi20 2Aq03
5/17/24 27Ta04 18Vi55 2Ta16 22Ta10 12Ar54 28Ta00 17Pi55 23Ta20 29Pi22 2Aq03
5/18/24 28Ta01 0Li44 3Ta37 23Ta24 13Ar40 28Ta14 17Pi59 23Ta24 29Pi23 2Aq02
5/19/24 28Ta59 12Li36 4Ta59 24Ta38 14Ar26 28Ta28 18Pi03 23Ta27 29Pi25 2Aq02
5/20/24 29Ta57 24Li35 6Ta24 25Ta52 15Ar11 28Ta42 18Pi06 23Ta30 29Pi26 2Aq01
5/21/24 0Ge55 6Sc46 7Ta52 27Ta05 15Ar57 28Ta56 18Pi10 23Ta34 29Pi27 2Aq01
5/22/24 1Ge52 19Sc11 9Ta22 28Ta19 16Ar42 29Ta10 18Pi14 23Ta37 29Pi29 2Aq00
5/23/24 2Ge50 1Sg50 10Ta54 29Ta33 17Ar28 29Ta25 18Pi17 23Ta41 29Pi30 2Aq00
5/24/24 3Ge48 14Sg45 12Ta29 0Ge47 18Ar13 29Ta39 18Pi21 23Ta44 29Pi31 1Aq59
5/25/24 4Ge45 27Sg56 14Ta05 2Ge00 18Ar58 29Ta53 18Pi24 23Ta48 29Pi32 1Aq59
5/26/24 5Ge43 11Cp19 15Ta45 3Ge14 19Ar44 0Ge07 18Pi28 23Ta51 29Pi33 1Aq58
5/27/24 6Ge40 24Cp55 17Ta26 4Ge28 20Ar29 0Ge21 18Pi31 23Ta55 29Pi35 1Aq57
5/28/24 7Ge38 8Aq41 19Ta10 5Ge42 21Ar14 0Ge35 18Pi34 23Ta58 29Pi36 1Aq57
5/29/24 8Ge35 22Aq36 20Ta56 6Ge56 21Ar59 0Ge49 18Pi37 24Ta01 29Pi37 1Aq56
5/30/24 9Ge33 6Pi38 22Ta44 8Ge09 22Ar44 1Ge03 18Pi40 24Ta05 29Pi38 1Aq55
5/31/24 10Ge31 20Pi46 24Ta35 9Ge23 23Ar30 1Ge17 18Pi43 24Ta08 29Pi39 1Aq55
6/1/24 11Ge28 4Ar59 26Ta28 10Ge37 24Ar15 1Ge31 18Pi46 24Ta12 29Pi40 1Aq54
6/2/24 12Ge26 19Ar15 28Ta23 11Ge50 25Ar00 1Ge45 18Pi48 24Ta15 29Pi41 1Aq53
6/3/24 13Ge23 3Ta32 0Ge20 13Ge04 25Ar45 1Ge59 18Pi51 24Ta18 29Pi42 1Aq52
6/4/24 14Ge20 17Ta47 2Ge20 14Ge18 26Ar29 2Ge13 18Pi54 24Ta22 29Pi43 1Aq51
6/5/24 15Ge18 1Ge55 4Ge21 15Ge32 27Ar14 2Ge27 18Pi56 24Ta25 29Pi44 1Aq50
6/6/24 16Ge15 15Ge51 6Ge25 16Ge45 27Ar59 2Ge41 18Pi58 24Ta28 29Pi45 1Aq50
6/7/24 17Ge13 29Ge32 8Ge30 17Ge59 28Ar44 2Ge55 19Pi01 24Ta32 29Pi45 1Aq49
6/8/24 18Ge10 12Cn54 10Ge37 19Ge13 29Ar28 3Ge09 19Pi03 24Ta35 29Pi46 1Aq48
6/9/24 19Ge08 25Cn56 12Ge45 20Ge27 0Ta13 3Ge23 19Pi05 24Ta38 29Pi47 1Aq47
6/10/24 20Ge05 8Le37 14Ge54 21Ge40 0Ta58 3Ge37 19Pi07 24Ta41 29Pi48 1Aq46
6/11/24 21Ge02 21Le00 17Ge05 22Ge54 1Ta42 3Ge51 19Pi09 24Ta44 29Pi48 1Aq45
6/12/24 22Ge00 3Vi07 19Ge16 24Ge08 2Ta27 4Ge04 19Pi10 24Ta48 29Pi49 1Aq44
6/13/24 22Ge57 15Vi03 21Ge28 25Ge22 3Ta11 4Ge18 19Pi12 24Ta51 29Pi50 1Aq43
6/14/24 23Ge54 26Vi53 23Ge40 26Ge35 3Ta55 4Ge32 19Pi14 24Ta54 29Pi50 1Aq42
6/15/24 24Ge52 8Li42 25Ge52 27Ge49 4Ta39 4Ge45 19Pi15 24Ta57 29Pi51 1Aq41
6/16/24 25Ge49 20Li35 28Ge03 29Ge03 5Ta24 4Ge59 19Pi16 25Ta00 29Pi51 1Aq40
6/17/24 26Ge46 2Sc39 0Cn15 0Cn17 6Ta08 5Ge13 19Pi18 25Ta03 29Pi52 1Aq39
6/18/24 27Ge44 14Sc56 2Cn25 1Cn30 6Ta52 5Ge26 19Pi19 25Ta06 29Pi52 1Aq37
6/19/24 28Ge41 27Sc31 4Cn34 2Cn44 7Ta36 5Ge40 19Pi20 25Ta09 29Pi53 1Aq36
6/20/24 29Ge38 10Sg25 6Cn42 3Cn58 8Ta20 5Ge53 19Pi21 25Ta13 29Pi53 1Aq35
6/21/24 0Cn35 23Sg40 8Cn48 5Cn11 9Ta04 6Ge07 19Pi22 25Ta16 29Pi53 1Aq34
6/22/24 1Cn33 7Cp13 10Cn53 6Cn25 9Ta47 6Ge20 19Pi23 25Ta18 29Pi54 1Aq33
6/23/24 2Cn30 21Cp02 12Cn56 7Cn39 10Ta31 6Ge34 19Pi23 25Ta21 29Pi54 1Aq32
6/24/24 3Cn27 5Aq03 14Cn57 8Cn52 11Ta15 6Ge47 19Pi24 25Ta24 29Pi54 1Aq31
6/25/24 4Cn24 19Aq12 16Cn57 10Cn06 11Ta58 7Ge00 19Pi24 25Ta27 29Pi55 1Aq29
6/26/24 5Cn21 3Pi24 18Cn54 11Cn20 12Ta42 7Ge13 19Pi25 25Ta30 29Pi55 1Aq28
6/27/24 6Cn19 17Pi36 20Cn50 12Cn34 13Ta25 7Ge27 19Pi25 25Ta33 29Pi55 1Aq27
6/28/24 7Cn16 1Ar46 22Cn43 13Cn47 14Ta09 7Ge40 19Pi25 25Ta36 29Pi55 1Aq26
6/29/24 8Cn13 15Ar53 24Cn34 15Cn01 14Ta52 7Ge53 19Pi25 25Ta39 29Pi55 1Aq24
6/30/24 9Cn10 29Ar55 26Cn23 16Cn15 15Ta35 8Ge06 19Pi25 25Ta41 29Pi55 1Aq23
7/1/24 10Cn07 13Ta52 28Cn10 17Cn28 16Ta19 8Ge19 19Pi25 25Ta44 29Pi55 1Aq22
7/2/24 11Cn05 27Ta43 29Cn55 18Cn42 17Ta02 8Ge32 19Pi25 25Ta47 29Pi55 1Aq20
7/3/24 12Cn02 11Ge26 1Le38 19Cn56 17Ta45 8Ge45 19Pi25 25Ta49 29Pi55 1Aq19
7/4/24 12Cn59 24Ge59 3Le19 21Cn10 18Ta28 8Ge58 19Pi24 25Ta52 29Pi55 1Aq18
7/5/24 13Cn56 8Cn18 4Le57 22Cn23 19Ta11 9Ge10 19Pi24 25Ta55 29Pi55 1Aq16
7/6/24 14Cn54 21Cn23 6Le34 23Cn37 19Ta53 9Ge23 19Pi23 25Ta57 29Pi55 1Aq15
7/7/24 15Cn51 4Le12 8Le08 24Cn51 20Ta36 9Ge36 19Pi22 26Ta00 29Pi55 1Aq14
7/8/24 16Cn48 16Le44 9Le40 26Cn05 21Ta19 9Ge48 19Pi21 26Ta02 29Pi55 1Aq12
7/9/24 17Cn45 29Le01 11Le10 27Cn18 22Ta01 10Ge01 19Pi21 26Ta05 29Pi55 1Aq11
7/10/24 18Cn43 11Vi05 12Le38 28Cn32 22Ta44 10Ge13 19Pi19 26Ta07 29Pi54 1Aq10
7/11/24 19Cn40 22Vi59 14Le03 29Cn46 23Ta26 10Ge26 19Pi18 26Ta10 29Pi54 1Aq08
7/12/24 20Cn37 4Li48 15Le26 1Le00 24Ta09 10Ge38 19Pi17 26Ta12 29Pi54 1Aq07
7/13/24 21Cn34 16Li36 16Le47 2Le13 24Ta51 10Ge50 19Pi16 26Ta14 29Pi53 1Aq05
7/14/24 22Cn31 28Li30 18Le06 3Le27 25Ta33 11Ge03 19Pi14 26Ta17 29Pi53 1Aq04
7/15/24 23Cn29 10Sc34 19Le22 4Le41 26Ta15 11Ge15 19Pi13 26Ta19 29Pi53 1Aq03
7/16/24 24Cn26 22Sc54 20Le36 5Le55 26Ta57 11Ge27 19Pi11 26Ta21 29Pi52 1Aq01
7/17/24 25Cn23 5Sg33 21Le48 7Le08 27Ta39 11Ge39 19Pi10 26Ta23 29Pi52 1Aq00
7/18/24 26Cn20 18Sg36 22Le56 8Le22 28Ta21 11Ge51 19Pi08 26Ta25 29Pi51 0Aq58
7/19/24 27Cn18 2Cp04 24Le03 9Le36 29Ta03 12Ge03 19Pi06 26Ta27 29Pi51 0Aq57
7/20/24 28Cn15 15Cp54 25Le06 10Le49 29Ta44 12Ge14 19Pi04 26Ta29 29Pi50 0Aq56
7/21/24 29Cn12 0Aq05 26Le07 12Le03 0Ge26 12Ge26 19Pi02 26Ta31 29Pi50 0Aq54
7/22/24 0Le09 14Aq31 27Le04 13Le17 1Ge07 12Ge38 19Pi00 26Ta33 29Pi49 0Aq53
7/23/24 1Le07 29Aq04 27Le59 14Le31 1Ge49 12Ge49 18Pi58 26Ta35 29Pi48 0Aq51
7/24/24 2Le04 13Pi40 28Le51 15Le44 2Ge30 13Ge01 18Pi55 26Ta37 29Pi48 0Aq50
7/25/24 3Le01 28Pi11 29Le39 16Le58 3Ge11 13Ge12 18Pi53 26Ta39 29Pi47 0Aq49
7/26/24 3Le59 12Ar34 0Vi24 18Le12 3Ge52 13Ge23 18Pi51 26Ta41 29Pi46 0Aq47
7/27/24 4Le56 26Ar46 1Vi05 19Le25 4Ge33 13Ge34 18Pi48 26Ta43 29Pi45 0Aq46
7/28/24 5Le53 10Ta46 1Vi42 20Le39 5Ge14 13Ge45 18Pi45 26Ta44 29Pi45 0Aq44
7/29/24 6Le51 24Ta33 2Vi16 21Le53 5Ge55 13Ge56 18Pi43 26Ta46 29Pi44 0Aq43
7/30/24 7Le48 8Ge07 2Vi45 23Le06 6Ge36 14Ge07 18Pi40 26Ta48 29Pi43 0Aq41
7/31/24 8Le45 21Ge30 3Vi10 24Le20 7Ge16 14Ge18 18Pi37 26Ta49 29Pi42 0Aq40
8/1/24 9Le43 4Cn40 3Vi31 25Le34 7Ge57 14Ge29 18Pi34 26Ta51 29Pi41 0Aq39
8/2/24 10Le40 17Cn37 3Vi47 26Le48 8Ge37 14Ge39 18Pi31 26Ta52 29Pi40 0Aq37
8/3/24 11Le38 0Le22 3Vi58 28Le01 9Ge18 14Ge50 18Pi28 26Ta54 29Pi39 0Aq36
8/4/24 12Le35 12Le54 4Vi04 29Le15 9Ge58 15Ge00 18Pi25 26Ta55 29Pi38 0Aq34
8/5/24 13Le33 25Le13 4Vi06 0Vi29 10Ge38 15Ge11 18Pi21 26Ta56 29Pi37 0Aq33
8/6/24 14Le30 7Vi21 4Vi01 1Vi42 11Ge18 15Ge21 18Pi18 26Ta58 29Pi36 0Aq32
8/7/24 15Le28 19Vi18 3Vi52 2Vi56 11Ge58 15Ge31 18Pi14 26Ta59 29Pi35 0Aq30
8/8/24 16Le25 1Li09 3Vi37 4Vi10 12Ge38 15Ge41 18Pi11 27Ta00 29Pi34 0Aq29
8/9/24 17Le23 12Li56 3Vi17 5Vi23 13Ge18 15Ge51 18Pi07 27Ta01 29Pi33 0Aq28
8/10/24 18Le20 24Li43 2Vi52 6Vi37 13Ge57 16Ge01 18Pi04 27Ta03 29Pi32 0Aq26
8/11/24 19Le18 6Sc36 2Vi21 7Vi51 14Ge37 16Ge10 18Pi00 27Ta04 29Pi31 0Aq25
8/12/24 20Le15 18Sc39 1Vi46 9Vi04 15Ge16 16Ge20 17Pi56 27Ta05 29Pi30 0Aq24
8/13/24 21Le13 0Sg58 1Vi07 10Vi18 15Ge55 16Ge29 17Pi53 27Ta06 29Pi28 0Aq22
8/14/24 22Le11 13Sg37 0Vi23 11Vi32 16Ge34 16Ge39 17Pi49 27Ta07 29Pi27 0Aq21
8/15/24 23Le08 26Sg40 29Le37 12Vi45 17Ge13 16Ge48 17Pi45 27Ta07 29Pi26 0Aq20
8/16/24 24Le06 10Cp10 28Le48 13Vi59 17Ge52 16Ge57 17Pi41 27Ta08 29Pi25 0Aq18
8/17/24 25Le04 24Cp08 27Le57 15Vi12 18Ge31 17Ge06 17Pi37 27Ta09 29Pi23 0Aq17
8/18/24 26Le01 8Aq30 27Le05 16Vi26 19Ge10 17Ge15 17Pi33 27Ta10 29Pi22 0Aq16
8/19/24 26Le59 23Aq11 26Le14 17Vi40 19Ge48 17Ge23 17Pi29 27Ta11 29Pi21 0Aq15
8/20/24 27Le57 8Pi05 25Le24 18Vi53 20Ge27 17Ge32 17Pi25 27Ta11 29Pi19 0Aq13
8/21/24 28Le54 23Pi03 24Le36 20Vi07 21Ge05 17Ge40 17Pi20 27Ta12 29Pi18 0Aq12
8/22/24 29Le52 7Ar57 23Le52 21Vi20 21Ge43 17Ge49 17Pi16 27Ta12 29Pi17 0Aq11
8/23/24 0Vi50 22Ar39 23Le12 22Vi34 22Ge21 17Ge57 17Pi12 27Ta13 29Pi15 0Aq10
8/24/24 1Vi48 7Ta06 22Le37 23Vi47 22Ge59 18Ge05 17Pi07 27Ta13 29Pi14 0Aq09
8/25/24 2Vi46 21Ta13 22Le09 25Vi01 23Ge37 18Ge13 17Pi03 27Ta14 29Pi12 0Aq08
8/26/24 3Vi44 5Ge01 21Le47 26Vi14 24Ge15 18Ge21 16Pi59 27Ta14 29Pi11 0Aq06
8/27/24 4Vi41 18Ge30 21Le32 27Vi28 24Ge52 18Ge28 16Pi54 27Ta14 29Pi10 0Aq05
8/28/24 5Vi39 1Cn40 21Le25 28Vi41 25Ge30 18Ge36 16Pi50 27Ta14 29Pi08 0Aq04
8/29/24 6Vi37 14Cn34 21Le26 29Vi55 26Ge07 18Ge43 16Pi45 27Ta15 29Pi07 0Aq03
8/30/24 7Vi35 27Cn14 21Le35 1Li08 26Ge44 18Ge50 16Pi41 27Ta15 29Pi05 0Aq02
8/31/24 8Vi33 9Le41 21Le52 2Li22 27Ge21 18Ge57 16Pi36 27Ta15 29Pi04 0Aq01
9/1/24 9Vi32 21Le57 22Le18 3Li35 27Ge58 19Ge04 16Pi32 27Ta15 29Pi02 0Aq00
9/2/24 10Vi30 4Vi02 22Le52 4Li49 28Ge35 19Ge11 16Pi27 27Ta15 29Pi00 29Cp59
9/3/24 11Vi28 16Vi00 23Le34 6Li02 29Ge11 19Ge18 16Pi23 27Ta15 28Pi59 29Cp58
9/4/24 12Vi26 27Vi52 24Le24 7Li16 29Ge48 19Ge24 16Pi18 27Ta15 28Pi57 29Cp57
9/5/24 13Vi24 9Li39 25Le21 8Li29 0Cn24 19Ge30 16Pi14 27Ta15 28Pi56 29Cp56
9/6/24 14Vi22 21Li26 26Le26 9Li42 1Cn00 19Ge37 16Pi09 27Ta14 28Pi54 29Cp55
9/7/24 15Vi21 3Sc14 27Le37 10Li56 1Cn36 19Ge43 16Pi04 27Ta14 28Pi53 29Cp54
9/8/24 16Vi19 15Sc07 28Le54 12Li09 2Cn12 19Ge48 16Pi00 27Ta14 28Pi51 29Cp53
9/9/24 17Vi17 27Sc10 0Vi17 13Li23 2Cn47 19Ge54 15Pi55 27Ta13 28Pi49 29Cp52
9/10/24 18Vi15 9Sg28 1Vi45 14Li36 3Cn23 19Ge59 15Pi51 27Ta13 28Pi48 29Cp52
9/11/24 19Vi14 22Sg04 3Vi18 15Li49 3Cn58 20Ge05 15Pi46 27Ta12 28Pi46 29Cp51
9/12/24 20Vi12 5Cp02 4Vi55 17Li03 4Cn33 20Ge10 15Pi41 27Ta12 28Pi44 29Cp50
9/13/24 21Vi11 18Cp27 6Vi35 18Li16 5Cn08 20Ge15 15Pi37 27Ta11 28Pi43 29Cp49
9/14/24 22Vi09 2Aq20 8Vi17 19Li29 5Cn43 20Ge20 15Pi32 27Ta11 28Pi41 29Cp49
9/15/24 23Vi07 16Aq39 10Vi03 20Li42 6Cn18 20Ge24 15Pi28 27Ta10 28Pi40 29Cp48
9/16/24 24Vi06 1Pi22 11Vi50 21Li56 6Cn52 20Ge29 15Pi23 27Ta09 28Pi38 29Cp47
9/17/24 25Vi04 16Pi23 13Vi39 23Li09 7Cn26 20Ge33 15Pi19 27Ta09 28Pi36 29Cp46
9/18/24 26Vi03 1Ar34 15Vi29 24Li22 8Cn00 20Ge37 15Pi14 27Ta08 28Pi35 29Cp46
9/19/24 27Vi02 16Ar44 17Vi19 25Li35 8Cn34 20Ge41 15Pi10 27Ta07 28Pi33 29Cp45
9/20/24 28Vi00 1Ta45 19Vi11 26Li48 9Cn08 20Ge45 15Pi05 27Ta06 28Pi31 29Cp45
9/21/24 28Vi59 16Ta29 21Vi02 28Li02 9Cn42 20Ge48 15Pi01 27Ta05 28Pi30 29Cp44
9/22/24 29Vi57 0Ge52 22Vi54 29Li15 10Cn15 20Ge52 14Pi57 27Ta04 28Pi28 29Cp43
9/23/24 0Li56 14Ge49 24Vi45 0Sc28 10Cn48 20Ge55 14Pi52 27Ta03 28Pi26 29Cp43
9/24/24 1Li55 28Ge21 26Vi36 1Sc41 11Cn21 20Ge58 14Pi48 27Ta02 28Pi25 29Cp42
9/25/24 2Li54 11Cn29 28Vi27 2Sc54 11Cn54 21Ge01 14Pi44 27Ta01 28Pi23 29Cp42
9/26/24 3Li52 24Cn17 0Li17 4Sc07 12Cn26 21Ge03 14Pi39 27Ta00 28Pi21 29Cp41
9/27/24 4Li51 6Le46 2Li06 5Sc20 12Cn59 21Ge06 14Pi35 26Ta58 28Pi20 29Cp41
9/28/24 5Li50 19Le01 3Li55 6Sc33 13Cn31 21Ge08 14Pi31 26Ta57 28Pi18 29Cp41
9/29/24 6Li49 1Vi05 5Li43 7Sc46 14Cn03 21Ge10 14Pi27 26Ta56 28Pi16 29Cp40
9/30/24 7Li48 13Vi01 7Li30 8Sc59 14Cn35 21Ge12 14Pi23 26Ta54 28Pi15 29Cp40
10/1/24 8Li47 24Vi51 9Li16 10Sc12 15Cn06 21Ge14 14Pi19 26Ta53 28Pi13 29Cp40
10/2/24 9Li46 6Li39 11Li02 11Sc25 15Cn37 21Ge15 14Pi15 26Ta52 28Pi11 29Cp39
10/3/24 10Li45 18Li26 12Li46 12Sc38 16Cn08 21Ge16 14Pi11 26Ta50 28Pi10 29Cp39
10/4/24 11Li44 0Sc14 14Li30 13Sc51 16Cn39 21Ge17 14Pi07 26Ta49 28Pi08 29Cp39
10/5/24 12Li44 12Sc07 16Li13 15Sc04 17Cn10 21Ge18 14Pi04 26Ta47 28Pi07 29Cp39
10/6/24 13Li43 24Sc06 17Li56 16Sc17 17Cn40 21Ge19 14Pi00 26Ta45 28Pi05 29Cp38
10/7/24 14Li42 6Sg14 19Li37 17Sc29 18Cn10 21Ge19 13Pi56 26Ta44 28Pi03 29Cp38
10/8/24 15Li41 18Sg35 21Li18 18Sc42 18Cn40 21Ge20 13Pi53 26Ta42 28Pi02 29Cp38
10/9/24 16Li40 1Cp11 22Li57 19Sc55 19Cn09 21Ge20 13Pi49 26Ta40 28Pi00 29Cp38
10/10/24 17Li40 14Cp06 24Li37 21Sc08 19Cn38 21Ge20 13Pi46 26Ta39 27Pi59 29Cp38
10/11/24 18Li39 27Cp23 26Li15 22Sc21 20Cn07 21Ge19 13Pi43 26Ta37 27Pi57 29Cp38
10/12/24 19Li38 11Aq04 27Li52 23Sc33 20Cn36 21Ge19 13Pi39 26Ta35 27Pi56 29Cp38
10/13/24 20Li38 25Aq10 29Li29 24Sc46 21Cn04 21Ge18 13Pi36 26Ta33 27Pi54 29Cp38
10/14/24 21Li37 9Pi41 1Sc05 25Sc59 21Cn32 21Ge17 13Pi33 26Ta31 27Pi53 29Cp38
10/15/24 22Li37 24Pi32 2Sc41 27Sc11 22Cn00 21Ge16 13Pi30 26Ta29 27Pi51 29Cp38
10/16/24 23Li36 9Ar39 4Sc16 28Sc24 22Cn28 21Ge15 13Pi27 26Ta27 27Pi50 29Cp38
10/17/24 24Li36 24Ar51 5Sc50 29Sc37 22Cn55 21Ge13 13Pi24 26Ta25 27Pi48 29Cp38
10/18/24 25Li35 10Ta00 7Sc23 0Sg49 23Cn22 21Ge11 13Pi21 26Ta23 27Pi47 29Cp39
10/19/24 26Li35 24Ta56 8Sc56 2Sg02 23Cn49 21Ge09 13Pi19 26Ta21 27Pi46 29Cp39
10/20/24 27Li34 9Ge32 10Sc29 3Sg14 24Cn15 21Ge07 13Pi16 26Ta19 27Pi44 29Cp39
10/21/24 28Li34 23Ge41 12Sc00 4Sg27 24Cn41 21Ge05 13Pi13 26Ta17 27Pi43 29Cp39
10/22/24 29Li34 7Cn22 13Sc32 5Sg39 25Cn07 21Ge02 13Pi11 26Ta15 27Pi41 29Cp40
10/23/24 0Sc33 20Cn36 15Sc02 6Sg51 25Cn32 21Ge00 13Pi09 26Ta13 27Pi40 29Cp40
10/24/24 1Sc33 3Le24 16Sc32 8Sg04 25Cn57 20Ge57 13Pi06 26Ta11 27Pi39 29Cp40
10/25/24 2Sc33 15Le51 18Sc01 9Sg16 26Cn21 20Ge54 13Pi04 26Ta08 27Pi37 29Cp41
10/26/24 3Sc33 28Le02 19Sc30 10Sg28 26Cn46 20Ge50 13Pi02 26Ta06 27Pi36 29Cp41
10/27/24 4Sc33 10Vi00 20Sc58 11Sg41 27Cn10 20Ge47 13Pi00 26Ta04 27Pi35 29Cp41
10/28/24 5Sc33 21Vi50 22Sc26 12Sg53 27Cn33 20Ge43 12Pi58 26Ta02 27Pi34 29Cp42
10/29/24 6Sc33 3Li37 23Sc53 14Sg05 27Cn56 20Ge39 12Pi56 25Ta59 27Pi33 29Cp42
10/30/24 7Sc33 15Li23 25Sc19 15Sg17 28Cn19 20Ge35 12Pi55 25Ta57 27Pi31 29Cp43
10/31/24 8Sc33 27Li13 26Sc45 16Sg29 28Cn41 20Ge31 12Pi53 25Ta55 27Pi30 29Cp43
11/1/24 9Sc33 9Sc08 28Sc09 17Sg41 29Cn03 20Ge26 12Pi51 25Ta52 27Pi29 29Cp44
11/2/24 10Sc33 21Sc09 29Sc34 18Sg53 29Cn24 20Ge22 12Pi50 25Ta50 27Pi28 29Cp45
11/3/24 11Sc33 3Sg20 0Sg57 20Sg06 29Cn45 20Ge17 12Pi49 25Ta48 27Pi27 29Cp45
11/4/24 12Sc33 15Sg40 2Sg19 21Sg17 0Le06 20Ge12 12Pi48 25Ta45 27Pi26 29Cp46
11/5/24 13Sc33 28Sg12 3Sg41 22Sg29 0Le26 20Ge07 12Pi46 25Ta43 27Pi25 29Cp47
11/6/24 14Sc33 10Cp56 5Sg02 23Sg41 0Le46 20Ge01 12Pi45 25Ta40 27Pi24 29Cp47
11/7/24 15Sc33 23Cp54 6Sg21 24Sg53 1Le05 19Ge56 12Pi45 25Ta38 27Pi23 29Cp48
11/8/24 16Sc34 7Aq09 7Sg39 26Sg05 1Le24 19Ge50 12Pi44 25Ta35 27Pi22 29Cp49
11/9/24 17Sc34 20Aq42 8Sg56 27Sg17 1Le42 19Ge45 12Pi43 25Ta33 27Pi21 29Cp50
11/10/24 18Sc34 4Pi35 10Sg12 28Sg28 2Le00 19Ge39 12Pi42 25Ta30 27Pi20 29Cp50
11/11/24 19Sc35 18Pi47 11Sg25 29Sg40 2Le17 19Ge33 12Pi42 25Ta28 27Pi19 29Cp51
11/12/24 20Sc35 3Ar19 12Sg37 0Cp52 2Le34 19Ge26 12Pi42 25Ta26 27Pi18 29Cp52
11/13/24 21Sc35 18Ar06 13Sg47 2Cp03 2Le50 19Ge20 12Pi41 25Ta23 27Pi17 29Cp53
11/14/24 22Sc36 3Ta03 14Sg54 3Cp14 3Le05 19Ge13 12Pi41 25Ta21 27Pi17 29Cp54
11/15/24 23Sc36 18Ta02 15Sg59 4Cp26 3Le21 19Ge07 12Pi41 25Ta18 27Pi16 29Cp55
11/16/24 24Sc37 2Ge54 17Sg01 5Cp37 3Le35 19Ge00 12Pi41 25Ta16 27Pi15 29Cp56
11/17/24 25Sc37 17Ge32 17Sg59 6Cp48 3Le49 18Ge53 12Pi41 25Ta13 27Pi14 29Cp57
11/18/24 26Sc37 1Cn46 18Sg54 7Cp59 4Le03 18Ge46 12Pi42 25Ta11 27Pi14 29Cp58
11/19/24 27Sc38 15Cn35 19Sg44 9Cp11 4Le15 18Ge39 12Pi42 25Ta08 27Pi13 29Cp59
11/20/24 28Sc39 28Cn55 20Sg29 10Cp22 4Le28 18Ge32 12Pi42 25Ta06 27Pi13 0Aq00
11/21/24 29Sc39 11Le48 21Sg09 11Cp33 4Le39 18Ge25 12Pi43 25Ta03 27Pi12 0Aq01
11/22/24 0Sg40 24Le18 21Sg42 12Cp43 4Le50 18Ge17 12Pi44 25Ta01 27Pi11 0Aq02
11/23/24 1Sg40 6Vi29 22Sg09 13Cp54 5Le00 18Ge10 12Pi44 24Ta58 27Pi11 0Aq04
11/24/24 2Sg41 18Vi26 22Sg28 15Cp05 5Le10 18Ge02 12Pi45 24Ta56 27Pi10 0Aq05
11/25/24 3Sg42 0Li16 22Sg38 16Cp16 5Le19 17Ge54 12Pi46 24Ta53 27Pi10 0Aq06
11/26/24 4Sg42 12Li02 22Sg39 17Cp26 5Le27 17Ge47 12Pi47 24Ta51 27Pi10 0Aq07
11/27/24 5Sg43 23Li50 22Sg30 18Cp37 5Le35 17Ge39 12Pi49 24Ta48 27Pi09 0Aq08
11/28/24 6Sg44 5Sc43 22Sg11 19Cp47 5Le42 17Ge31 12Pi50 24Ta46 27Pi09 0Aq10
11/29/24 7Sg45 17Sc46 21Sg40 20Cp57 5Le48 17Ge23 12Pi51 24Ta43 27Pi09 0Aq11
11/30/24 8Sg46 29Sc59 20Sg59 22Cp07 5Le53 17Ge15 12Pi53 24Ta41 27Pi08 0Aq12
12/1/24 9Sg46 12Sg25 20Sg07 23Cp18 5Le58 17Ge07 12Pi54 24Ta39 27Pi08 0Aq14
12/2/24 10Sg47 25Sg03 19Sg05 24Cp28 6Le02 16Ge59 12Pi56 24Ta36 27Pi08 0Aq15
12/3/24 11Sg48 7Cp54 17Sg55 25Cp37 6Le05 16Ge51 12Pi58 24Ta34 27Pi08 0Aq16
12/4/24 12Sg49 20Cp56 16Sg38 26Cp47 6Le07 16Ge42 13Pi00 24Ta31 27Pi08 0Aq18
12/5/24 13Sg50 4Aq09 15Sg16 27Cp57 6Le09 16Ge34 13Pi02 24Ta29 27Pi07 0Aq19
12/6/24 14Sg51 17Aq34 13Sg53 29Cp06 6Le10 16Ge26 13Pi04 24Ta27 27Pi07 0Aq21
12/7/24 15Sg52 1Pi10 12Sg32 0Aq16 6Le10 16Ge18 13Pi06 24Ta25 27Pi07 0Aq22
12/8/24 16Sg53 14Pi58 11Sg14 1Aq25 6Le09 16Ge10 13Pi09 24Ta22 27Pi07 0Aq24
12/9/24 17Sg54 28Pi58 10Sg03 2Aq34 6Le07 16Ge02 13Pi11 24Ta20 27Pi07 0Aq25
12/10/24 18Sg55 13Ar10 9Sg00 3Aq43 6Le05 15Ge53 13Pi14 24Ta18 27Pi07 0Aq27
12/11/24 19Sg56 27Ar33 8Sg06 4Aq52 6Le01 15Ge45 13Pi16 24Ta16 27Pi08 0Aq28
12/12/24 20Sg57 12Ta05 7Sg24 6Aq01 5Le57 15Ge37 13Pi19 24Ta13 27Pi08 0Aq30
12/13/24 21Sg58 26Ta40 6Sg53 7Aq09 5Le52 15Ge29 13Pi22 24Ta11 27Pi08 0Aq31
12/14/24 22Sg59 11Ge12 6Sg33 8Aq18 5Le47 15Ge21 13Pi25 24Ta09 27Pi08 0Aq33
12/15/24 24Sg00 25Ge34 6Sg24 9Aq26 5Le40 15Ge13 13Pi28 24Ta07 27Pi08 0Aq35
12/16/24 25Sg01 9Cn40 6Sg25 10Aq34 5Le33 15Ge05 13Pi31 24Ta05 27Pi09 0Aq36
12/17/24 26Sg02 23Cn24 6Sg36 11Aq42 5Le24 14Ge57 13Pi34 24Ta03 27Pi09 0Aq38
12/18/24 27Sg03 6Le44 6Sg55 12Aq49 5Le15 14Ge49 13Pi37 24Ta01 27Pi09 0Aq40
12/19/24 28Sg04 19Le39 7Sg23 13Aq57 5Le05 14Ge42 13Pi41 23Ta59 27Pi10 0Aq41
12/20/24 29Sg05 2Vi12 7Sg58 15Aq04 4Le55 14Ge34 13Pi44 23Ta57 27Pi10 0Aq43
12/21/24 0Cp06 14Vi25 8Sg39 16Aq11 4Le43 14Ge26 13Pi48 23Ta55 27Pi11 0Aq45
12/22/24 1Cp07 26Vi24 9Sg25 17Aq18 4Le31 14Ge19 13Pi52 23Ta53 27Pi11 0Aq46
12/23/24 2Cp08 8Li15 10Sg17 18Aq25 4Le17 14Ge11 13Pi55 23Ta52 27Pi12 0Aq48
12/24/24 3Cp09 20Li02 11Sg13 19Aq31 4Le03 14Ge04 13Pi59 23Ta50 27Pi12 0Aq50
12/25/24 4Cp10 1Sc51 12Sg13 20Aq37 3Le49 13Ge57 14Pi03 23Ta48 27Pi13 0Aq52
12/26/24 5Cp12 13Sc48 13Sg16 21Aq43 3Le33 13Ge50 14Pi07 23Ta46 27Pi13 0Aq53
12/27/24 6Cp13 25Sc57 14Sg23 22Aq49 3Le17 13Ge43 14Pi11 23Ta45 27Pi14 0Aq55
12/28/24 7Cp14 8Sg20 15Sg32 23Aq55 3Le00 13Ge36 14Pi16 23Ta43 27Pi15 0Aq57
12/29/24 8Cp15 20Sg59 16Sg44 25Aq00 2Le42 13Ge29 14Pi20 23Ta41 27Pi15 0Aq59
12/30/24 9Cp16 3Cp56 17Sg57 26Aq05 2Le24 13Ge22 14Pi24 23Ta40 27Pi16 1Aq01
12/31/24 10Cp17 17Cp08 19Sg13 27Aq10 2Le04 13Ge16 14Pi29 23Ta38 27Pi17 1Aq02

Chart Entry

Chart Data
Restrictions Sun
East Point
House System Placidus
Equal (MC)
Zodiac Type Krishnamurti

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