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Planets in Signs

Sun in Gemini

With a Gemini Sun, you have much ingenuity, versatility and general resourcefulness. This provides an ever-present power of invention which must find an outlet of some kind. Intellectual and clever, and with a keen interest in life and what goes on around you, you learn rapidly. An unconventional, or original quality in your personality may manifest itself on occasions; others may see you as a little eccentric, or even dual-natured. Constantly on the go, both mentally and physically, you tend to live on nervous energy of an alternating nature, thus changeable, unstable, restless and inconsistent at times, making concentration difficult. Stabilising and controlling these tendencies is your main task in personality development. Likely occupations are in accountancy, the teaching profession, literary, linguistic or secretarial work, or any interesting position which requires mental dexterity.

Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo adds a practical and analytical quality to your emotional nature - the intellect is enhanced by this placement giving good memory-retention and a fondness of learning. There is a strong need for personal and domestic cleanliness and neatness. Health and diet will also be important issues. There is a tendency to be overly-critical of self and other family members. Travel, music, poetry and painting will have a soothing and therapeutic effect upon your nature.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini gives the opportunity to use your mind to its fullest ability. You have good reasoning power and intense curiosity that combine to make learning easy and enjoyable. The mind is quick, versatile and full of ideas. There is a love of debate and a need to exchange views and opinions with others. This placement of Mercury usually signifies a broad rather than deep disposition of mind. Many subjects and interests are embraced, often at the same time, but few are studied to full understanding. Notwithstanding, this is a strong placing for Mercury and if mental power is directed to defined objectives then much success can be attained in any chosen direction.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer indicates a very sensitive, warm-hearted, protective, affectionate and deeply emotional romantic nature. For general well-being and emotional security you require a safe home and a loving family. In romance, your super-sensitive feelings are vulnerable to the least slight - you are very fragile in this area, thus easily hurt. Your lack of romantic self-confidence requires that your partner demonstrates constant affection and devotion. Your moodiness, sentimentality and tendency to sulk could present some problems, but on the whole, you are the ideal marriage partner in that you cherish your home and family, seeking a stable and affectionate domestic life.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini strengthens your mental nature. You assert yourself with spontaneity, resourcefulness and ingenuity - energy is channelled into intellectual pursuits requiring high intellect, mentally alertness, and aggressive debating skill. There is some tendency to restlessness and irritability - you react badly to criticism. You have a fun attitude to sex, preferring a lively experimental partner. Good lovemaking requires mental stimulation and variety.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo gives you the opportunity to develop a dignified, honest, self-confident, optimistic and generous nature, with strong leadership qualities. Honour, social status and prestige are likely - this is necessary experience to reinforce your ego, giving you the feeling of self-worth and social importance. These qualities and experiences are required for your social integration and personality expansion. Your duty is to inspire, invigorate and lead others. This could be in fields such as politics, religion, counselling, moral development, philosophy or higher education.

Saturn in Sagittarius

In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain understanding and expertise associated with intellectual matters, truth and knowledge - perhaps through philosophy, religion, law or other profound subject of higher education. You should structure your approach to life using sound moral precepts and constructive, honourable and just social values. Life experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the above issues. Through diligent effort and achievement you may gain distinction and become a recognised authority within your chosen field of endeavour.

Uranus in Aries

Those born in the generation having Uranus in Aries have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind a new direction for mankind. They will have individualistic ideas of how to pioneer new ways. Disruption occurs only when a path of leadership that is not in accord with the good of society as a whole is sought.

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Planets in Houses

Sun in 1st House

With the Sun's energy in the First House your personality drive will find expression mainly through personal issues related to self-image, physical appearance and personal interests. You are required to acquire knowledge of self in order to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose and destiny. Strong will-power and self-assurance add strength to your personality. Very brave, positive and competitive, you develop natural leadership qualities. Your enterprising nature, with a capability for seizing opportunities is another factor for success - obstacles are overcome by sheer physical courage. You are to become self-determined and self-sufficient, carving your own path in life. Your enthusiasm for life may manifest as robust health and vitality. There may be some tendency to pride and insolence at times.

Moon in 5th House

With the Moon in the Fifth House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through amusements, sport, recreations, love affairs, children and creative activities in the home. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by ego stimulation and your personal emotional identification with events. A feeling of well-being is often dependent on your current romantic attachment and the little daily pleasures that you consider important. Enjoying a flutter on the horses or stock market keeps life interesting, however, beware of impulsive gambling.

Mercury in 2nd House

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to financial, business and managerial affairs. You have an innate ability for making money by means of intellectual effort. In this respect you view education and learning only as means of increasing your earning potential. You are not inclined to involve yourself in anything that does not, at the end of the day, produce concrete practical results. Your mental qualities are ideally suited to business and commercial enterprise.

Venus in 3rd House

With Venus in the Third House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities are through an intellectual appreciation of art, cultural pursuits and literature - you are able to communicate scholarly appraisal of these subjects orally or in writing. Romantic contacts are usually from within the local environment close to home, although many romantic short trips are undertaken for pleasure. Good companionship is as equally important as romance and you prefer an intellectual, communicative, and witty partner. Once smitten, you are capable of sustained friendship and devotion.

Mars in 2nd House

With Mars in the Second House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into business enterprises or other financial dealings in an active search for personal wealth. Capital is acquired through careful investment, sheer hard work and clever financial dealing. Strong-willed, determined and resourceful you enjoy a challenge and thrive on opposition. You may become a financial genius, or a mere spendthrift.

Jupiter in 5th House

With Jupiter in the Fifth House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune coming through your own creative ability in art, education, sport and financial speculation. There is a possibility of a warm and generous love-life involving those of wealth or expansive temperament. You are likely to experience some success, happiness and gain through such love affairs, and the opposite sex generally. There is a love of pleasure in connection with places of amusement - theatres, social functions, schools, etc. This position of Jupiter promises gain through speculation, investment and financial enterprise. Education and teaching may be good fields of activity.

Saturn in 7th House

A Seventh House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to social relationships, partnerships and correct public dealings. Marriage is an important factor and it is likely that your partner is sincere, faithful and well-disposed, possibly older and more serious than yourself, not demonstrative or emotional, but stable in affections, possessing property or status. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of social awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in relationships. You must come to realise that co-operation, justice and mutual agreement are necessary for stable, enduring friendships and partnerships. Receptiveness, tact, reliability and good organising skills could bring wealth and social standing. Your profession could be in law, business organisation or management positions relating to contractual affairs.

Uranus in 12th House

With a Twelfth House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through secret study, romantic affairs or the practice of unusual subjects. Inner subconscious urges force you to attempt a kind of spiritual rebirth that brings you into contact with universal forces - through mysterious attractions, occult investigations, psychic and mystical experiences. Expect much change, sudden happenings and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Neptune in 11th House

Neptune in the Eleventh House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through friendships or group associations working for a humanitarian purpose. Friends may include idealists, mystics, psychics, poets, musicians and stage artists. You are likely to have strange experiences and gains through mediumistic or spiritual people. Conversely, on occasion, you may attract weird, seductive and unstable types of personalities that bring unsavoury and complicated problems into your life.

Pluto in 9th House

With Pluto in the Ninth House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through a driving need for recognition in some intellectual or religious field of higher learning. You are likely to be drawn to emotional and ancient religious sites, and undergo the ecstasy of religious inspiration, visions, or communion with other-worldly beings. Spiritual leadership qualities may be evident and travels abroad may feature strongly in your quest for profound knowledge.

Houses in Signs

1st House in Taurus

Taureans can express their potential for power through their financial dealings, and through structuring material and resources. They love the good things of life and create beauty in some form.

2nd House in Gemini

These natives make money from original ideas and practical thinking with respect to material resources. They are not confined to one financial outlet.

3rd House in Gemini

These natives like to be known for their originality and individuality. They are intelligent and versatile in expressing ideas and thrive on being considered so by others. They like to discuss their ideas with relatives and neighbors. They need, however, to focus and concentrate their thoughts in order to bring them to fruition.

4th House in Cancer

These natives gain deep emotional satisfaction from home life. They are dedicated to their families, which are the bases of their operations.

5th House in Leo

These natives are ardent in love. They identify strongly with their children and want to be proud of them. Their constant flow of creative energy is often expressed in art. They like to excel in sports and competitive games. They can be lucky in speculation, although as a rule they do not engage in it.

6th House in Virgo

Care and precision characterize the work of these natives, and in many respects it is of superior quality. Yet they often leave something unfinished because their perfectionist tendencies make it difficult for them to complete a task on time, or because their enthusiasm has waned.

7th House in Scorpio

These people are attracted to power and status. They seek energetic partners, those who excel in creative expression and the power to accomplish. However, they must guard against jealousy, combativeness, and possessiveness with partners. Coinciding with the Scorpio need for regeneration where partners and the public are concerned is the need for spiritual detachment.

8th House in Sagittarius

There is much legal activity in regard to wills, insurance, and joint finances. These natives often profit through inheritance. Their partners usually are financially stable, and useful in assisting their progress toward the next 'green field'.

9th House in Sagittarius

These natives have strong, dedicated religious beliefs, which generally follow conventional patterns. There is a natural interest in philosophy and higher education. They are always longing for 'greener pastures' and have periodic fits of wanderlust.

10th House in Capricorn

These natives are ambitious and want to achieve professional prominence through competition. They do not always cultivate the patience needed to submit to those in the position to give them the promotions they desire.

11th House in Aquarius

These natives are capable of establishing many friendships and working wen in groups, especially with young people. However, their individualism sometimes prevents their having many friends. They are also erratic in their associations.

12th House in Pisces

These natives have an unconscious spiritual wisdom that is not apparent on the surface. They possess an intense empathy for humankind, yet at times they feel alone. Confusion on the unconscious level may sometimes be their undoing.

Ephemeris (Yearly)

Mo/Dy/Yr Sun Moon Merc Venu Mars Jupi Satu Uran Nept Plut
1/1/15 10Cp42 26Ta51 24Cp24 27Cp18 21Aq25 21Le43 0Sg54 12Ar37 5Pi23 13Cp10
1/2/15 11Cp43 9Ge52 25Cp59 28Cp34 22Aq12 21Le38 1Sg00 12Ar37 5Pi25 13Cp12
1/3/15 12Cp45 22Ge43 27Cp33 29Cp49 22Aq59 21Le34 1Sg06 12Ar38 5Pi26 13Cp15
1/4/15 13Cp46 5Cn23 29Cp06 1Aq04 23Aq46 21Le29 1Sg12 12Ar38 5Pi28 13Cp17
1/5/15 14Cp47 17Cn52 0Aq39 2Aq19 24Aq33 21Le24 1Sg18 12Ar39 5Pi29 13Cp19
1/6/15 15Cp48 0Le10 2Aq10 3Aq34 25Aq20 21Le18 1Sg24 12Ar40 5Pi31 13Cp21
1/7/15 16Cp49 12Le17 3Aq40 4Aq49 26Aq07 21Le13 1Sg30 12Ar41 5Pi33 13Cp23
1/8/15 17Cp50 24Le16 5Aq08 6Aq04 26Aq54 21Le08 1Sg35 12Ar42 5Pi34 13Cp25
1/9/15 18Cp51 6Vi07 6Aq33 7Aq19 27Aq41 21Le02 1Sg41 12Ar43 5Pi36 13Cp27
1/10/15 19Cp53 17Vi55 7Aq56 8Aq35 28Aq28 20Le56 1Sg46 12Ar44 5Pi38 13Cp29
1/11/15 20Cp54 29Vi43 9Aq16 9Aq50 29Aq15 20Le50 1Sg52 12Ar45 5Pi39 13Cp31
1/12/15 21Cp55 11Li37 10Aq32 11Aq05 0Pi02 20Le44 1Sg57 12Ar46 5Pi41 13Cp33
1/13/15 22Cp56 23Li41 11Aq44 12Aq20 0Pi49 20Le38 2Sg03 12Ar47 5Pi43 13Cp35
1/14/15 23Cp57 6Sc02 12Aq51 13Aq35 1Pi35 20Le31 2Sg08 12Ar48 5Pi45 13Cp38
1/15/15 24Cp58 18Sc44 13Aq51 14Aq50 2Pi22 20Le25 2Sg13 12Ar49 5Pi47 13Cp40
1/16/15 25Cp59 1Sg52 14Aq45 16Aq05 3Pi09 20Le18 2Sg19 12Ar50 5Pi48 13Cp42
1/17/15 27Cp00 15Sg29 15Aq32 17Aq20 3Pi56 20Le11 2Sg24 12Ar52 5Pi50 13Cp44
1/18/15 28Cp02 29Sg35 16Aq10 18Aq35 4Pi43 20Le05 2Sg29 12Ar53 5Pi52 13Cp46
1/19/15 29Cp03 14Cp07 16Aq38 19Aq50 5Pi30 19Le58 2Sg34 12Ar55 5Pi54 13Cp48
1/20/15 0Aq04 28Cp59 16Aq57 21Aq04 6Pi17 19Le50 2Sg39 12Ar56 5Pi56 13Cp50
1/21/15 1Aq05 14Aq03 17Aq05 22Aq19 7Pi04 19Le43 2Sg43 12Ar58 5Pi58 13Cp52
1/22/15 2Aq06 29Aq07 17Aq01 23Aq34 7Pi51 19Le36 2Sg48 12Ar59 6Pi00 13Cp54
1/23/15 3Aq07 14Pi02 16Aq46 24Aq49 8Pi38 19Le29 2Sg53 13Ar01 6Pi02 13Cp56
1/24/15 4Aq08 28Pi42 16Aq19 26Aq04 9Pi25 19Le21 2Sg57 13Ar02 6Pi04 13Cp58
1/25/15 5Aq09 13Ar02 15Aq41 27Aq19 10Pi11 19Le14 3Sg02 13Ar04 6Pi06 14Cp00
1/26/15 6Aq10 27Ar00 14Aq53 28Aq34 10Pi58 19Le06 3Sg06 13Ar06 6Pi08 14Cp02
1/27/15 7Aq11 10Ta36 13Aq56 29Aq48 11Pi45 18Le59 3Sg11 13Ar08 6Pi10 14Cp04
1/28/15 8Aq12 23Ta53 12Aq51 1Pi03 12Pi32 18Le51 3Sg15 13Ar09 6Pi12 14Cp06
1/29/15 9Aq13 6Ge53 11Aq41 2Pi18 13Pi19 18Le43 3Sg19 13Ar11 6Pi14 14Cp08
1/30/15 10Aq14 19Ge39 10Aq27 3Pi32 14Pi05 18Le35 3Sg24 13Ar13 6Pi16 14Cp10
1/31/15 11Aq15 2Cn12 9Aq12 4Pi47 14Pi52 18Le27 3Sg28 13Ar15 6Pi18 14Cp12
2/1/15 12Aq16 14Cn35 7Aq58 6Pi02 15Pi39 18Le20 3Sg32 13Ar17 6Pi20 14Cp13
2/2/15 13Aq17 26Cn48 6Aq47 7Pi16 16Pi25 18Le12 3Sg35 13Ar19 6Pi22 14Cp15
2/3/15 14Aq17 8Le54 5Aq41 8Pi31 17Pi12 18Le04 3Sg39 13Ar21 6Pi25 14Cp17
2/4/15 15Aq18 20Le53 4Aq41 9Pi45 17Pi59 17Le56 3Sg43 13Ar24 6Pi27 14Cp19
2/5/15 16Aq19 2Vi46 3Aq47 11Pi00 18Pi45 17Le48 3Sg47 13Ar26 6Pi29 14Cp21
2/6/15 17Aq20 14Vi35 3Aq02 12Pi14 19Pi32 17Le40 3Sg50 13Ar28 6Pi31 14Cp23
2/7/15 18Aq21 26Vi23 2Aq25 13Pi29 20Pi18 17Le32 3Sg54 13Ar30 6Pi33 14Cp25
2/8/15 19Aq21 8Li12 1Aq56 14Pi43 21Pi05 17Le24 3Sg57 13Ar32 6Pi35 14Cp26
2/9/15 20Aq22 20Li06 1Aq35 15Pi57 21Pi51 17Le16 4Sg00 13Ar35 6Pi38 14Cp28
2/10/15 21Aq23 2Sc10 1Aq22 17Pi12 22Pi38 17Le08 4Sg04 13Ar37 6Pi40 14Cp30
2/11/15 22Aq24 14Sc28 1Aq18 18Pi26 23Pi24 17Le00 4Sg07 13Ar40 6Pi42 14Cp32
2/12/15 23Aq24 27Sc06 1Aq20 19Pi40 24Pi11 16Le52 4Sg10 13Ar42 6Pi44 14Cp33
2/13/15 24Aq25 10Sg08 1Aq30 20Pi54 24Pi57 16Le44 4Sg13 13Ar44 6Pi47 14Cp35
2/14/15 25Aq26 23Sg38 1Aq45 22Pi09 25Pi44 16Le36 4Sg15 13Ar47 6Pi49 14Cp37
2/15/15 26Aq26 7Cp37 2Aq07 23Pi23 26Pi30 16Le29 4Sg18 13Ar49 6Pi51 14Cp38
2/16/15 27Aq27 22Cp05 2Aq34 24Pi37 27Pi16 16Le21 4Sg21 13Ar52 6Pi53 14Cp40
2/17/15 28Aq28 6Aq57 3Aq07 25Pi51 28Pi02 16Le13 4Sg23 13Ar55 6Pi56 14Cp42
2/18/15 29Aq28 22Aq06 3Aq44 27Pi05 28Pi49 16Le06 4Sg26 13Ar57 6Pi58 14Cp43
2/19/15 0Pi29 7Pi22 4Aq25 28Pi19 29Pi35 15Le58 4Sg28 14Ar00 7Pi00 14Cp45
2/20/15 1Pi29 22Pi34 5Aq11 29Pi33 0Ar21 15Le51 4Sg31 14Ar03 7Pi02 14Cp46
2/21/15 2Pi30 7Ar33 6Aq00 0Ar47 1Ar07 15Le43 4Sg33 14Ar05 7Pi05 14Cp48
2/22/15 3Pi30 22Ar11 6Aq52 2Ar00 1Ar53 15Le36 4Sg35 14Ar08 7Pi07 14Cp50
2/23/15 4Pi31 6Ta24 7Aq48 3Ar14 2Ar39 15Le29 4Sg37 14Ar11 7Pi09 14Cp51
2/24/15 5Pi31 20Ta12 8Aq46 4Ar28 3Ar25 15Le22 4Sg39 14Ar14 7Pi11 14Cp53
2/25/15 6Pi31 3Ge34 9Aq47 5Ar42 4Ar11 15Le15 4Sg40 14Ar17 7Pi14 14Cp54
2/26/15 7Pi32 16Ge34 10Aq51 6Ar55 4Ar57 15Le08 4Sg42 14Ar20 7Pi16 14Cp55
2/27/15 8Pi32 29Ge14 11Aq57 8Ar09 5Ar43 15Le01 4Sg44 14Ar22 7Pi18 14Cp57
2/28/15 9Pi32 11Cn39 13Aq05 9Ar22 6Ar29 14Le54 4Sg45 14Ar25 7Pi21 14Cp58
3/1/15 10Pi32 23Cn52 14Aq15 10Ar36 7Ar15 14Le48 4Sg47 14Ar28 7Pi23 15Cp00
3/2/15 11Pi33 5Le55 15Aq28 11Ar49 8Ar01 14Le41 4Sg48 14Ar31 7Pi25 15Cp01
3/3/15 12Pi33 17Le51 16Aq42 13Ar03 8Ar46 14Le35 4Sg49 14Ar34 7Pi27 15Cp02
3/4/15 13Pi33 29Le43 17Aq57 14Ar16 9Ar32 14Le29 4Sg50 14Ar37 7Pi30 15Cp04
3/5/15 14Pi33 11Vi32 19Aq15 15Ar29 10Ar18 14Le23 4Sg51 14Ar40 7Pi32 15Cp05
3/6/15 15Pi33 23Vi21 20Aq34 16Ar42 11Ar03 14Le17 4Sg52 14Ar44 7Pi34 15Cp06
3/7/15 16Pi33 5Li11 21Aq54 17Ar55 11Ar49 14Le11 4Sg53 14Ar47 7Pi36 15Cp07
3/8/15 17Pi33 17Li05 23Aq16 19Ar08 12Ar35 14Le05 4Sg53 14Ar50 7Pi39 15Cp08
3/9/15 18Pi33 29Li06 24Aq40 20Ar21 13Ar20 14Le00 4Sg54 14Ar53 7Pi41 15Cp10
3/10/15 19Pi33 11Sc16 26Aq05 21Ar34 14Ar06 13Le54 4Sg54 14Ar56 7Pi43 15Cp11
3/11/15 20Pi33 23Sc38 27Aq31 22Ar47 14Ar51 13Le49 4Sg55 14Ar59 7Pi45 15Cp12
3/12/15 21Pi33 6Sg18 28Aq59 24Ar00 15Ar36 13Le44 4Sg55 15Ar02 7Pi48 15Cp13
3/13/15 22Pi33 19Sg17 0Pi27 25Ar13 16Ar22 13Le39 4Sg55 15Ar06 7Pi50 15Cp14
3/14/15 23Pi33 2Cp39 1Pi58 26Ar25 17Ar07 13Le35 4Sg55 15Ar09 7Pi52 15Cp15
3/15/15 24Pi33 16Cp27 3Pi29 27Ar38 17Ar52 13Le30 4Sg55 15Ar12 7Pi54 15Cp16
3/16/15 25Pi32 0Aq41 5Pi02 28Ar50 18Ar37 13Le26 4Sg55 15Ar15 7Pi57 15Cp17
3/17/15 26Pi32 15Aq19 6Pi36 0Ta03 19Ar23 13Le21 4Sg55 15Ar19 7Pi59 15Cp18
3/18/15 27Pi32 0Pi15 8Pi11 1Ta15 20Ar08 13Le17 4Sg55 15Ar22 8Pi01 15Cp19
3/19/15 28Pi32 15Pi24 9Pi47 2Ta28 20Ar53 13Le13 4Sg54 15Ar25 8Pi03 15Cp20
3/20/15 29Pi31 0Ar34 11Pi25 3Ta40 21Ar38 13Le10 4Sg54 15Ar29 8Pi05 15Cp21
3/21/15 0Ar31 15Ar38 13Pi04 4Ta52 22Ar23 13Le06 4Sg53 15Ar32 8Pi07 15Cp21
3/22/15 1Ar30 0Ta26 14Pi44 6Ta04 23Ar08 13Le03 4Sg52 15Ar35 8Pi10 15Cp22
3/23/15 2Ar30 14Ta51 16Pi26 7Ta16 23Ar53 13Le00 4Sg51 15Ar39 8Pi12 15Cp23
3/24/15 3Ar30 28Ta51 18Pi09 8Ta28 24Ar38 12Le57 4Sg50 15Ar42 8Pi14 15Cp24
3/25/15 4Ar29 12Ge24 19Pi53 9Ta40 25Ar22 12Le54 4Sg49 15Ar45 8Pi16 15Cp24
3/26/15 5Ar29 25Ge31 21Pi38 10Ta52 26Ar07 12Le51 4Sg48 15Ar49 8Pi18 15Cp25
3/27/15 6Ar28 8Cn15 23Pi25 12Ta04 26Ar52 12Le49 4Sg47 15Ar52 8Pi20 15Cp26
3/28/15 7Ar27 20Cn39 25Pi13 13Ta15 27Ar36 12Le47 4Sg46 15Ar56 8Pi22 15Cp26
3/29/15 8Ar27 2Le48 27Pi02 14Ta27 28Ar21 12Le45 4Sg44 15Ar59 8Pi24 15Cp27
3/30/15 9Ar26 14Le47 28Pi53 15Ta38 29Ar06 12Le43 4Sg43 16Ar02 8Pi26 15Cp27
3/31/15 10Ar25 26Le38 0Ar45 16Ta49 29Ar50 12Le41 4Sg41 16Ar06 8Pi28 15Cp28
4/1/15 11Ar24 8Vi27 2Ar38 18Ta01 0Ta35 12Le40 4Sg39 16Ar09 8Pi30 15Cp28
4/2/15 12Ar24 20Vi15 4Ar33 19Ta12 1Ta19 12Le39 4Sg38 16Ar13 8Pi32 15Cp29
4/3/15 13Ar23 2Li06 6Ar29 20Ta23 2Ta03 12Le38 4Sg36 16Ar16 8Pi34 15Cp29
4/4/15 14Ar22 14Li03 8Ar26 21Ta34 2Ta48 12Le37 4Sg34 16Ar20 8Pi36 15Cp30
4/5/15 15Ar21 26Li06 10Ar25 22Ta45 3Ta32 12Le36 4Sg32 16Ar23 8Pi38 15Cp30
4/6/15 16Ar20 8Sc19 12Ar25 23Ta55 4Ta16 12Le35 4Sg29 16Ar26 8Pi40 15Cp30
4/7/15 17Ar19 20Sc42 14Ar26 25Ta06 5Ta00 12Le35 4Sg27 16Ar30 8Pi42 15Cp31
4/8/15 18Ar18 3Sg18 16Ar29 26Ta17 5Ta44 12Le35 4Sg25 16Ar33 8Pi44 15Cp31
4/9/15 19Ar17 16Sg08 18Ar32 27Ta27 6Ta28 12Le35 4Sg22 16Ar37 8Pi45 15Cp31
4/10/15 20Ar16 29Sg13 20Ar36 28Ta37 7Ta12 12Le35 4Sg20 16Ar40 8Pi47 15Cp32
4/11/15 21Ar15 12Cp37 22Ar41 29Ta48 7Ta56 12Le36 4Sg17 16Ar44 8Pi49 15Cp32
4/12/15 22Ar14 26Cp19 24Ar47 0Ge58 8Ta40 12Le36 4Sg15 16Ar47 8Pi51 15Cp32
4/13/15 23Ar13 10Aq20 26Ar53 2Ge08 9Ta24 12Le37 4Sg12 16Ar50 8Pi53 15Cp32
4/14/15 24Ar11 24Aq40 28Ar59 3Ge18 10Ta08 12Le38 4Sg09 16Ar54 8Pi54 15Cp32
4/15/15 25Ar10 9Pi15 1Ta05 4Ge27 10Ta52 12Le39 4Sg06 16Ar57 8Pi56 15Cp32
4/16/15 26Ar09 24Pi02 3Ta11 5Ge37 11Ta36 12Le41 4Sg03 17Ar01 8Pi58 15Cp32
4/17/15 27Ar08 8Ar55 5Ta16 6Ge47 12Ta19 12Le42 4Sg00 17Ar04 8Pi59 15Cp32
4/18/15 28Ar06 23Ar46 7Ta21 7Ge56 13Ta03 12Le44 3Sg57 17Ar07 9Pi01 15Cp32
4/19/15 29Ar05 8Ta27 9Ta24 9Ge05 13Ta46 12Le46 3Sg54 17Ar11 9Pi03 15Cp32
4/20/15 0Ta04 22Ta52 11Ta25 10Ge14 14Ta30 12Le48 3Sg51 17Ar14 9Pi04 15Cp32
4/21/15 1Ta02 6Ge56 13Ta25 11Ge24 15Ta13 12Le50 3Sg47 17Ar17 9Pi06 15Cp32
4/22/15 2Ta01 20Ge34 15Ta22 12Ge32 15Ta57 12Le53 3Sg44 17Ar21 9Pi08 15Cp32
4/23/15 2Ta59 3Cn47 17Ta17 13Ge41 16Ta40 12Le55 3Sg40 17Ar24 9Pi09 15Cp32
4/24/15 3Ta58 16Cn36 19Ta08 14Ge50 17Ta24 12Le58 3Sg37 17Ar28 9Pi11 15Cp31
4/25/15 4Ta56 29Cn03 20Ta57 15Ge58 18Ta07 13Le01 3Sg33 17Ar31 9Pi12 15Cp31
4/26/15 5Ta55 11Le14 22Ta42 17Ge07 18Ta50 13Le04 3Sg30 17Ar34 9Pi13 15Cp31
4/27/15 6Ta53 23Le12 24Ta24 18Ge15 19Ta33 13Le08 3Sg26 17Ar37 9Pi15 15Cp31
4/28/15 7Ta51 5Vi03 26Ta02 19Ge23 20Ta16 13Le11 3Sg22 17Ar41 9Pi16 15Cp30
4/29/15 8Ta50 16Vi51 27Ta36 20Ge31 21Ta00 13Le15 3Sg18 17Ar44 9Pi18 15Cp30
4/30/15 9Ta48 28Vi41 29Ta07 21Ge39 21Ta43 13Le19 3Sg14 17Ar47 9Pi19 15Cp30
5/1/15 10Ta46 10Li36 0Ge33 22Ge46 22Ta25 13Le23 3Sg11 17Ar50 9Pi20 15Cp29
5/2/15 11Ta44 22Li40 1Ge54 23Ge54 23Ta08 13Le27 3Sg07 17Ar54 9Pi22 15Cp29
5/3/15 12Ta43 4Sc55 3Ge12 25Ge01 23Ta51 13Le31 3Sg03 17Ar57 9Pi23 15Cp28
5/4/15 13Ta41 17Sc23 4Ge25 26Ge08 24Ta34 13Le36 2Sg58 18Ar00 9Pi24 15Cp28
5/5/15 14Ta39 0Sg05 5Ge33 27Ge15 25Ta17 13Le40 2Sg54 18Ar03 9Pi25 15Cp27
5/6/15 15Ta37 13Sg01 6Ge37 28Ge21 26Ta00 13Le45 2Sg50 18Ar06 9Pi27 15Cp27
5/7/15 16Ta35 26Sg11 7Ge36 29Ge28 26Ta42 13Le50 2Sg46 18Ar09 9Pi28 15Cp26
5/8/15 17Ta33 9Cp33 8Ge31 0Cn34 27Ta25 13Le55 2Sg42 18Ar13 9Pi29 15Cp26
5/9/15 18Ta31 23Cp08 9Ge21 1Cn40 28Ta07 14Le00 2Sg38 18Ar16 9Pi30 15Cp25
5/10/15 19Ta29 6Aq55 10Ge06 2Cn46 28Ta50 14Le06 2Sg33 18Ar19 9Pi31 15Cp24
5/11/15 20Ta27 20Aq53 10Ge46 3Cn52 29Ta32 14Le11 2Sg29 18Ar22 9Pi32 15Cp24
5/12/15 21Ta25 5Pi01 11Ge21 4Cn57 0Ge15 14Le17 2Sg25 18Ar25 9Pi33 15Cp23
5/13/15 22Ta23 19Pi18 11Ge51 6Cn03 0Ge57 14Le23 2Sg20 18Ar28 9Pi34 15Cp22
5/14/15 23Ta21 3Ar42 12Ge17 7Cn08 1Ge40 14Le29 2Sg16 18Ar31 9Pi35 15Cp21
5/15/15 24Ta19 18Ar09 12Ge37 8Cn12 2Ge22 14Le35 2Sg12 18Ar34 9Pi36 15Cp21
5/16/15 25Ta17 2Ta36 12Ge52 9Cn17 3Ge04 14Le42 2Sg07 18Ar37 9Pi37 15Cp20
5/17/15 26Ta15 16Ta58 13Ge02 10Cn21 3Ge46 14Le48 2Sg03 18Ar39 9Pi38 15Cp19
5/18/15 27Ta12 1Ge08 13Ge08 11Cn26 4Ge29 14Le55 1Sg58 18Ar42 9Pi38 15Cp18
5/19/15 28Ta10 15Ge01 13Ge08 12Cn30 5Ge11 15Le01 1Sg54 18Ar45 9Pi39 15Cp17
5/20/15 29Ta08 28Ge35 13Ge04 13Cn33 5Ge53 15Le08 1Sg49 18Ar48 9Pi40 15Cp16
5/21/15 0Ge06 11Cn46 12Ge55 14Cn37 6Ge35 15Le15 1Sg45 18Ar51 9Pi41 15Cp15
5/22/15 1Ge04 24Cn35 12Ge42 15Cn40 7Ge17 15Le23 1Sg40 18Ar54 9Pi41 15Cp14
5/23/15 2Ge01 7Le04 12Ge25 16Cn43 7Ge59 15Le30 1Sg36 18Ar56 9Pi42 15Cp14
5/24/15 2Ge59 19Le16 12Ge04 17Cn45 8Ge40 15Le37 1Sg31 18Ar59 9Pi43 15Cp13
5/25/15 3Ge57 1Vi15 11Ge40 18Cn47 9Ge22 15Le45 1Sg27 19Ar02 9Pi43 15Cp12
5/26/15 4Ge54 13Vi06 11Ge13 19Cn49 10Ge04 15Le52 1Sg22 19Ar04 9Pi44 15Cp10
5/27/15 5Ge52 24Vi54 10Ge43 20Cn51 10Ge46 16Le00 1Sg18 19Ar07 9Pi44 15Cp09
5/28/15 6Ge49 6Li46 10Ge12 21Cn52 11Ge27 16Le08 1Sg14 19Ar09 9Pi45 15Cp08
5/29/15 7Ge47 18Li45 9Ge39 22Cn53 12Ge09 16Le16 1Sg09 19Ar12 9Pi45 15Cp07
5/30/15 8Ge45 0Sc56 9Ge06 23Cn54 12Ge51 16Le24 1Sg05 19Ar14 9Pi46 15Cp06
5/31/15 9Ge42 13Sc22 8Ge32 24Cn54 13Ge32 16Le33 1Sg00 19Ar17 9Pi46 15Cp05
6/1/15 10Ge40 26Sc05 7Ge58 25Cn54 14Ge14 16Le41 0Sg56 19Ar19 9Pi47 15Cp04
6/2/15 11Ge37 9Sg06 7Ge26 26Cn53 14Ge55 16Le49 0Sg52 19Ar22 9Pi47 15Cp03
6/3/15 12Ge35 22Sg25 6Ge55 27Cn52 15Ge36 16Le58 0Sg47 19Ar24 9Pi47 15Cp01
6/4/15 13Ge32 5Cp59 6Ge26 28Cn51 16Ge18 17Le07 0Sg43 19Ar26 9Pi48 15Cp00
6/5/15 14Ge29 19Cp46 6Ge00 29Cn49 16Ge59 17Le16 0Sg39 19Ar29 9Pi48 14Cp59
6/6/15 15Ge27 3Aq42 5Ge36 0Le47 17Ge40 17Le25 0Sg34 19Ar31 9Pi48 14Cp58
6/7/15 16Ge24 17Aq44 5Ge16 1Le45 18Ge22 17Le34 0Sg30 19Ar33 9Pi48 14Cp57
6/8/15 17Ge22 1Pi50 4Ge59 2Le42 19Ge03 17Le43 0Sg26 19Ar35 9Pi48 14Cp55
6/9/15 18Ge19 15Pi57 4Ge47 3Le38 19Ge44 17Le52 0Sg22 19Ar38 9Pi48 14Cp54
6/10/15 19Ge16 0Ar05 4Ge38 4Le34 20Ge25 18Le01 0Sg18 19Ar40 9Pi48 14Cp53
6/11/15 20Ge14 14Ar13 4Ge34 5Le30 21Ge06 18Le11 0Sg14 19Ar42 9Pi49 14Cp51
6/12/15 21Ge11 28Ar18 4Ge34 6Le25 21Ge47 18Le20 0Sg10 19Ar44 9Pi49 14Cp50
6/13/15 22Ge08 12Ta20 4Ge39 7Le19 22Ge28 18Le30 0Sg06 19Ar46 9Pi49 14Cp49
6/14/15 23Ge06 26Ta16 4Ge48 8Le13 23Ge09 18Le40 0Sg02 19Ar48 9Pi48 14Cp47
6/15/15 24Ge03 10Ge02 5Ge02 9Le07 23Ge50 18Le50 29Sc58 19Ar50 9Pi48 14Cp46
6/16/15 25Ge00 23Ge36 5Ge20 9Le59 24Ge31 19Le00 29Sc54 19Ar52 9Pi48 14Cp45
6/17/15 25Ge58 6Cn54 5Ge43 10Le52 25Ge11 19Le10 29Sc50 19Ar53 9Pi48 14Cp43
6/18/15 26Ge55 19Cn55 6Ge10 11Le43 25Ge52 19Le20 29Sc46 19Ar55 9Pi48 14Cp42
6/19/15 27Ge52 2Le37 6Ge42 12Le34 26Ge33 19Le30 29Sc43 19Ar57 9Pi48 14Cp40
6/20/15 28Ge50 15Le02 7Ge18 13Le24 27Ge14 19Le40 29Sc39 19Ar59 9Pi47 14Cp39
6/21/15 29Ge47 27Le11 7Ge58 14Le14 27Ge54 19Le51 29Sc36 20Ar00 9Pi47 14Cp38
6/22/15 0Cn44 9Vi09 8Ge43 15Le02 28Ge35 20Le01 29Sc32 20Ar02 9Pi47 14Cp36
6/23/15 1Cn42 21Vi00 9Ge32 15Le50 29Ge15 20Le12 29Sc29 20Ar04 9Pi47 14Cp35
6/24/15 2Cn39 2Li48 10Ge25 16Le38 29Ge56 20Le22 29Sc25 20Ar05 9Pi46 14Cp33
6/25/15 3Cn36 14Li40 11Ge22 17Le24 0Cn36 20Le33 29Sc22 20Ar07 9Pi46 14Cp32
6/26/15 4Cn33 26Li40 12Ge23 18Le09 1Cn17 20Le44 29Sc19 20Ar08 9Pi45 14Cp30
6/27/15 5Cn30 8Sc55 13Ge28 18Le54 1Cn57 20Le55 29Sc15 20Ar09 9Pi45 14Cp29
6/28/15 6Cn28 21Sc27 14Ge37 19Le38 2Cn37 21Le05 29Sc12 20Ar11 9Pi44 14Cp27
6/29/15 7Cn25 4Sg21 15Ge49 20Le21 3Cn18 21Le16 29Sc09 20Ar12 9Pi44 14Cp26
6/30/15 8Cn22 17Sg37 17Ge05 21Le02 3Cn58 21Le28 29Sc06 20Ar13 9Pi43 14Cp24
7/1/15 9Cn19 1Cp15 18Ge26 21Le43 4Cn38 21Le39 29Sc03 20Ar15 9Pi43 14Cp23
7/2/15 10Cn16 15Cp13 19Ge49 22Le23 5Cn18 21Le50 29Sc01 20Ar16 9Pi42 14Cp21
7/3/15 11Cn14 29Cp25 21Ge17 23Le01 5Cn58 22Le01 28Sc58 20Ar17 9Pi41 14Cp20
7/4/15 12Cn11 13Aq47 22Ge48 23Le38 6Cn39 22Le12 28Sc55 20Ar18 9Pi41 14Cp19
7/5/15 13Cn08 28Aq12 24Ge22 24Le15 7Cn19 22Le24 28Sc53 20Ar19 9Pi40 14Cp17
7/6/15 14Cn05 12Pi35 26Ge00 24Le49 7Cn59 22Le35 28Sc50 20Ar20 9Pi39 14Cp16
7/7/15 15Cn02 26Pi53 27Ge42 25Le23 8Cn39 22Le47 28Sc48 20Ar21 9Pi39 14Cp14
7/8/15 16Cn00 11Ar04 29Ge26 25Le55 9Cn19 22Le58 28Sc45 20Ar22 9Pi38 14Cp13
7/9/15 16Cn57 25Ar06 1Cn14 26Le26 9Cn59 23Le10 28Sc43 20Ar23 9Pi37 14Cp11
7/10/15 17Cn54 8Ta58 3Cn05 26Le56 10Cn38 23Le22 28Sc41 20Ar23 9Pi36 14Cp10
7/11/15 18Cn51 22Ta42 4Cn59 27Le24 11Cn18 23Le34 28Sc39 20Ar24 9Pi35 14Cp08
7/12/15 19Cn48 6Ge15 6Cn55 27Le50 11Cn58 23Le45 28Sc37 20Ar25 9Pi34 14Cp07
7/13/15 20Cn46 19Ge38 8Cn54 28Le15 12Cn38 23Le57 28Sc35 20Ar26 9Pi33 14Cp05
7/14/15 21Cn43 2Cn48 10Cn55 28Le38 13Cn18 24Le09 28Sc33 20Ar26 9Pi33 14Cp04
7/15/15 22Cn40 15Cn46 12Cn58 28Le59 13Cn57 24Le21 28Sc32 20Ar27 9Pi32 14Cp02
7/16/15 23Cn37 28Cn29 15Cn02 29Le19 14Cn37 24Le33 28Sc30 20Ar27 9Pi31 14Cp01
7/17/15 24Cn35 10Le59 17Cn08 29Le37 15Cn17 24Le45 28Sc28 20Ar28 9Pi30 13Cp59
7/18/15 25Cn32 23Le14 19Cn15 29Le53 15Cn56 24Le57 28Sc27 20Ar28 9Pi28 13Cp58
7/19/15 26Cn29 5Vi18 21Cn23 0Vi07 16Cn36 25Le10 28Sc26 20Ar28 9Pi27 13Cp56
7/20/15 27Cn26 17Vi12 23Cn31 0Vi19 17Cn15 25Le22 28Sc24 20Ar29 9Pi26 13Cp55
7/21/15 28Cn24 29Vi01 25Cn39 0Vi28 17Cn55 25Le34 28Sc23 20Ar29 9Pi25 13Cp53
7/22/15 29Cn21 10Li48 27Cn47 0Vi36 18Cn34 25Le46 28Sc22 20Ar29 9Pi24 13Cp52
7/23/15 0Le18 22Li39 29Cn55 0Vi42 19Cn14 25Le59 28Sc21 20Ar29 9Pi23 13Cp51
7/24/15 1Le16 4Sc39 2Le02 0Vi45 19Cn53 26Le11 28Sc20 20Ar30 9Pi22 13Cp49
7/25/15 2Le13 16Sc53 4Le08 0Vi46 20Cn32 26Le24 28Sc19 20Ar30 9Pi20 13Cp48
7/26/15 3Le10 29Sc27 6Le13 0Vi45 21Cn12 26Le36 28Sc19 20Ar30 9Pi19 13Cp46
7/27/15 4Le08 12Sg24 8Le17 0Vi41 21Cn51 26Le49 28Sc18 20Ar30 9Pi18 13Cp45
7/28/15 5Le05 25Sg47 10Le20 0Vi35 22Cn30 27Le01 28Sc18 20Ar30 9Pi17 13Cp44
7/29/15 6Le02 9Cp35 12Le21 0Vi26 23Cn09 27Le14 28Sc17 20Ar29 9Pi15 13Cp42
7/30/15 7Le00 23Cp48 14Le21 0Vi15 23Cn49 27Le26 28Sc17 20Ar29 9Pi14 13Cp41
7/31/15 7Le57 8Aq20 16Le20 0Vi02 24Cn28 27Le39 28Sc17 20Ar29 9Pi13 13Cp40
8/1/15 8Le54 23Aq04 18Le17 29Le46 25Cn07 27Le52 28Sc16 20Ar29 9Pi11 13Cp38
8/2/15 9Le52 7Pi53 20Le12 29Le28 25Cn46 28Le04 28Sc16 20Ar28 9Pi10 13Cp37
8/3/15 10Le49 22Pi39 22Le06 29Le08 26Cn25 28Le17 28Sc17 20Ar28 9Pi09 13Cp36
8/4/15 11Le46 7Ar16 23Le58 28Le46 27Cn04 28Le30 28Sc17 20Ar28 9Pi07 13Cp34
8/5/15 12Le44 21Ar40 25Le48 28Le21 27Cn43 28Le42 28Sc17 20Ar27 9Pi06 13Cp33
8/6/15 13Le41 5Ta47 27Le37 27Le54 28Cn22 28Le55 28Sc17 20Ar27 9Pi04 13Cp32
8/7/15 14Le39 19Ta38 29Le25 27Le26 29Cn01 29Le08 28Sc18 20Ar26 9Pi03 13Cp31
8/8/15 15Le36 3Ge12 1Vi10 26Le56 29Cn40 29Le21 28Sc18 20Ar26 9Pi01 13Cp29
8/9/15 16Le34 16Ge31 2Vi55 26Le24 0Le19 29Le34 28Sc19 20Ar25 9Pi00 13Cp28
8/10/15 17Le31 29Ge35 4Vi37 25Le51 0Le58 29Le47 28Sc20 20Ar24 8Pi58 13Cp27
8/11/15 18Le29 12Cn26 6Vi18 25Le17 1Le36 0Vi00 28Sc21 20Ar23 8Pi57 13Cp26
8/12/15 19Le27 25Cn03 7Vi58 24Le41 2Le15 0Vi13 28Sc22 20Ar23 8Pi55 13Cp25
8/13/15 20Le24 7Le29 9Vi36 24Le05 2Le54 0Vi25 28Sc23 20Ar22 8Pi54 13Cp24
8/14/15 21Le22 19Le44 11Vi13 23Le28 3Le33 0Vi38 28Sc24 20Ar21 8Pi52 13Cp22
8/15/15 22Le19 1Vi48 12Vi48 22Le51 4Le11 0Vi51 28Sc25 20Ar20 8Pi51 13Cp21
8/16/15 23Le17 13Vi45 14Vi21 22Le14 4Le50 1Vi04 28Sc26 20Ar19 8Pi49 13Cp20
8/17/15 24Le15 25Vi35 15Vi53 21Le37 5Le29 1Vi17 28Sc28 20Ar18 8Pi48 13Cp19
8/18/15 25Le13 7Li21 17Vi23 21Le00 6Le07 1Vi30 28Sc29 20Ar17 8Pi46 13Cp18
8/19/15 26Le10 19Li08 18Vi52 20Le24 6Le46 1Vi43 28Sc31 20Ar16 8Pi44 13Cp17
8/20/15 27Le08 0Sc59 20Vi20 19Le48 7Le24 1Vi56 28Sc33 20Ar15 8Pi43 13Cp16
8/21/15 28Le06 12Sc58 21Vi46 19Le14 8Le03 2Vi10 28Sc34 20Ar14 8Pi41 13Cp15
8/22/15 29Le04 25Sc11 23Vi10 18Le41 8Le41 2Vi23 28Sc36 20Ar12 8Pi40 13Cp14
8/23/15 0Vi01 7Sg42 24Vi32 18Le09 9Le20 2Vi36 28Sc38 20Ar11 8Pi38 13Cp13
8/24/15 0Vi59 20Sg36 25Vi53 17Le39 9Le58 2Vi49 28Sc40 20Ar10 8Pi36 13Cp13
8/25/15 1Vi57 3Cp57 27Vi13 17Le11 10Le37 3Vi02 28Sc43 20Ar08 8Pi35 13Cp12
8/26/15 2Vi55 17Cp45 28Vi30 16Le44 11Le15 3Vi15 28Sc45 20Ar07 8Pi33 13Cp11
8/27/15 3Vi53 2Aq00 29Vi46 16Le20 11Le53 3Vi28 28Sc47 20Ar06 8Pi32 13Cp10
8/28/15 4Vi51 16Aq38 1Li00 15Le58 12Le32 3Vi41 28Sc50 20Ar04 8Pi30 13Cp09
8/29/15 5Vi49 1Pi35 2Li12 15Le37 13Le10 3Vi54 28Sc52 20Ar03 8Pi28 13Cp08
8/30/15 6Vi47 16Pi41 3Li22 15Le20 13Le48 4Vi07 28Sc55 20Ar01 8Pi27 13Cp08
8/31/15 7Vi45 1Ar46 4Li30 15Le04 14Le26 4Vi20 28Sc58 19Ar59 8Pi25 13Cp07
9/1/15 8Vi43 16Ar44 5Li36 14Le51 15Le05 4Vi33 29Sc00 19Ar58 8Pi23 13Cp06
9/2/15 9Vi41 1Ta25 6Li39 14Le41 15Le43 4Vi46 29Sc03 19Ar56 8Pi22 13Cp06
9/3/15 10Vi39 15Ta47 7Li40 14Le33 16Le21 4Vi59 29Sc06 19Ar54 8Pi20 13Cp05
9/4/15 11Vi37 29Ta45 8Li39 14Le27 16Le59 5Vi12 29Sc09 19Ar53 8Pi18 13Cp04
9/5/15 12Vi35 13Ge21 9Li35 14Le24 17Le37 5Vi25 29Sc12 19Ar51 8Pi17 13Cp04
9/6/15 13Vi33 26Ge35 10Li28 14Le23 18Le15 5Vi38 29Sc16 19Ar49 8Pi15 13Cp03
9/7/15 14Vi31 9Cn30 11Li18 14Le24 18Le53 5Vi51 29Sc19 19Ar47 8Pi13 13Cp03
9/8/15 15Vi30 22Cn07 12Li05 14Le28 19Le31 6Vi04 29Sc22 19Ar46 8Pi12 13Cp02
9/9/15 16Vi28 4Le30 12Li48 14Le34 20Le09 6Vi17 29Sc26 19Ar44 8Pi10 13Cp02
9/10/15 17Vi26 16Le42 13Li27 14Le42 20Le47 6Vi30 29Sc29 19Ar42 8Pi09 13Cp01
9/11/15 18Vi25 28Le44 14Li03 14Le53 21Le25 6Vi43 29Sc33 19Ar40 8Pi07 13Cp01
9/12/15 19Vi23 10Vi39 14Li34 15Le05 22Le03 6Vi56 29Sc37 19Ar38 8Pi05 13Cp00
9/13/15 20Vi21 22Vi29 15Li01 15Le20 22Le41 7Vi09 29Sc41 19Ar36 8Pi04 13Cp00
9/14/15 21Vi20 4Li16 15Li22 15Le36 23Le19 7Vi22 29Sc45 19Ar34 8Pi02 13Cp00
9/15/15 22Vi18 16Li03 15Li39 15Le55 23Le57 7Vi34 29Sc49 19Ar32 8Pi00 12Cp59
9/16/15 23Vi17 27Li51 15Li50 16Le15 24Le35 7Vi47 29Sc53 19Ar30 7Pi59 12Cp59
9/17/15 24Vi15 9Sc45 15Li55 16Le37 25Le12 8Vi00 29Sc57 19Ar27 7Pi57 12Cp59
9/18/15 25Vi14 21Sc47 15Li53 17Le01 25Le50 8Vi13 0Sg01 19Ar25 7Pi56 12Cp59
9/19/15 26Vi12 4Sg02 15Li45 17Le27 26Le28 8Vi26 0Sg05 19Ar23 7Pi54 12Cp58
9/20/15 27Vi11 16Sg32 15Li30 17Le54 27Le06 8Vi38 0Sg10 19Ar21 7Pi53 12Cp58
9/21/15 28Vi10 29Sg22 15Li08 18Le23 27Le43 8Vi51 0Sg14 19Ar19 7Pi51 12Cp58
9/22/15 29Vi08 12Cp35 14Li39 18Le53 28Le21 9Vi04 0Sg19 19Ar16 7Pi50 12Cp58
9/23/15 0Li07 26Cp14 14Li03 19Le25 28Le59 9Vi16 0Sg23 19Ar14 7Pi48 12Cp58
9/24/15 1Li06 10Aq20 13Li20 19Le58 29Le36 9Vi29 0Sg28 19Ar12 7Pi47 12Cp58
9/25/15 2Li04 24Aq51 12Li30 20Le33 0Vi14 9Vi41 0Sg33 19Ar10 7Pi45 12Cp58
9/26/15 3Li03 9Pi44 11Li35 21Le08 0Vi51 9Vi54 0Sg37 19Ar07 7Pi44 12Cp58
9/27/15 4Li02 24Pi52 10Li35 21Le46 1Vi29 10Vi06 0Sg42 19Ar05 7Pi42 12Cp58
9/28/15 5Li01 10Ar05 9Li30 22Le24 2Vi06 10Vi19 0Sg47 19Ar03 7Pi41 12Cp58
9/29/15 6Li00 25Ar15 8Li23 23Le04 2Vi44 10Vi31 0Sg52 19Ar00 7Pi39 12Cp58
9/30/15 6Li59 10Ta12 7Li16 23Le44 3Vi21 10Vi43 0Sg57 18Ar58 7Pi38 12Cp58
10/1/15 7Li58 24Ta49 6Li09 24Le26 3Vi59 10Vi56 1Sg02 18Ar56 7Pi37 12Cp59
10/2/15 8Li57 9Ge00 5Li04 25Le09 4Vi36 11Vi08 1Sg08 18Ar53 7Pi35 12Cp59
10/3/15 9Li56 22Ge45 4Li04 25Le53 5Vi13 11Vi20 1Sg13 18Ar51 7Pi34 12Cp59
10/4/15 10Li55 6Cn03 3Li11 26Le38 5Vi51 11Vi32 1Sg18 18Ar48 7Pi33 12Cp59
10/5/15 11Li54 18Cn56 2Li24 27Le24 6Vi28 11Vi45 1Sg23 18Ar46 7Pi31 13Cp00
10/6/15 12Li53 1Le29 1Li46 28Le11 7Vi05 11Vi57 1Sg29 18Ar44 7Pi30 13Cp00
10/7/15 13Li52 13Le44 1Li18 28Le58 7Vi43 12Vi09 1Sg34 18Ar41 7Pi29 13Cp00
10/8/15 14Li51 25Le47 1Li01 29Le47 8Vi20 12Vi21 1Sg40 18Ar39 7Pi28 13Cp01
10/9/15 15Li51 7Vi41 0Li54 0Vi36 8Vi57 12Vi32 1Sg46 18Ar36 7Pi26 13Cp01
10/10/15 16Li50 19Vi30 0Li57 1Vi27 9Vi34 12Vi44 1Sg51 18Ar34 7Pi25 13Cp01
10/11/15 17Li49 1Li17 1Li12 2Vi17 10Vi11 12Vi56 1Sg57 18Ar31 7Pi24 13Cp02
10/12/15 18Li49 13Li04 1Li36 3Vi09 10Vi48 13Vi08 2Sg03 18Ar29 7Pi23 13Cp02
10/13/15 19Li48 24Li55 2Li11 4Vi01 11Vi26 13Vi20 2Sg09 18Ar27 7Pi22 13Cp03
10/14/15 20Li47 6Sc50 2Li54 4Vi54 12Vi03 13Vi31 2Sg14 18Ar24 7Pi21 13Cp04
10/15/15 21Li47 18Sc52 3Li45 5Vi48 12Vi40 13Vi43 2Sg20 18Ar22 7Pi20 13Cp04
10/16/15 22Li46 1Sg03 4Li44 6Vi43 13Vi17 13Vi54 2Sg26 18Ar19 7Pi19 13Cp05
10/17/15 23Li46 13Sg26 5Li50 7Vi37 13Vi54 14Vi06 2Sg32 18Ar17 7Pi18 13Cp05
10/18/15 24Li45 26Sg01 7Li01 8Vi33 14Vi31 14Vi17 2Sg38 18Ar14 7Pi17 13Cp06
10/19/15 25Li45 8Cp52 8Li18 9Vi29 15Vi07 14Vi28 2Sg45 18Ar12 7Pi16 13Cp07
10/20/15 26Li45 22Cp02 9Li39 10Vi26 15Vi44 14Vi39 2Sg51 18Ar10 7Pi15 13Cp08
10/21/15 27Li44 5Aq32 11Li04 11Vi23 16Vi21 14Vi51 2Sg57 18Ar07 7Pi14 13Cp08
10/22/15 28Li44 19Aq24 12Li32 12Vi21 16Vi58 15Vi02 3Sg03 18Ar05 7Pi13 13Cp09
10/23/15 29Li44 3Pi39 14Li03 13Vi19 17Vi35 15Vi13 3Sg09 18Ar02 7Pi12 13Cp10
10/24/15 0Sc43 18Pi15 15Li36 14Vi18 18Vi12 15Vi24 3Sg16 18Ar00 7Pi11 13Cp11
10/25/15 1Sc43 3Ar08 17Li10 15Vi17 18Vi48 15Vi34 3Sg22 17Ar58 7Pi10 13Cp12
10/26/15 2Sc43 18Ar12 18Li46 16Vi16 19Vi25 15Vi45 3Sg29 17Ar55 7Pi10 13Cp13
10/27/15 3Sc43 3Ta18 20Li24 17Vi16 20Vi02 15Vi56 3Sg35 17Ar53 7Pi09 13Cp14
10/28/15 4Sc43 18Ta18 22Li02 18Vi17 20Vi38 16Vi06 3Sg42 17Ar51 7Pi08 13Cp15
10/29/15 5Sc42 3Ge01 23Li40 19Vi18 21Vi15 16Vi17 3Sg48 17Ar48 7Pi07 13Cp16
10/30/15 6Sc42 17Ge22 25Li19 20Vi19 21Vi51 16Vi27 3Sg55 17Ar46 7Pi07 13Cp17
10/31/15 7Sc42 1Cn16 26Li58 21Vi21 22Vi28 16Vi38 4Sg01 17Ar44 7Pi06 13Cp18
11/1/15 8Sc42 14Cn41 28Li38 22Vi23 23Vi05 16Vi48 4Sg08 17Ar42 7Pi06 13Cp19
11/2/15 9Sc42 27Cn39 0Sc17 23Vi26 23Vi41 16Vi58 4Sg15 17Ar40 7Pi05 13Cp20
11/3/15 10Sc42 10Le14 1Sc57 24Vi29 24Vi17 17Vi08 4Sg21 17Ar37 7Pi05 13Cp21
11/4/15 11Sc42 22Le28 3Sc36 25Vi32 24Vi54 17Vi18 4Sg28 17Ar35 7Pi04 13Cp22
11/5/15 12Sc43 4Vi29 5Sc15 26Vi36 25Vi30 17Vi28 4Sg35 17Ar33 7Pi04 13Cp23
11/6/15 13Sc43 16Vi20 6Sc54 27Vi40 26Vi07 17Vi37 4Sg42 17Ar31 7Pi03 13Cp25
11/7/15 14Sc43 28Vi06 8Sc32 28Vi44 26Vi43 17Vi47 4Sg48 17Ar29 7Pi03 13Cp26
11/8/15 15Sc43 9Li53 10Sc11 29Vi48 27Vi19 17Vi57 4Sg55 17Ar27 7Pi02 13Cp27
11/9/15 16Sc43 21Li43 11Sc49 0Li53 27Vi55 18Vi06 5Sg02 17Ar25 7Pi02 13Cp28
11/10/15 17Sc44 3Sc40 13Sc26 1Li58 28Vi32 18Vi15 5Sg09 17Ar23 7Pi02 13Cp30
11/11/15 18Sc44 15Sc45 15Sc04 3Li04 29Vi08 18Vi25 5Sg16 17Ar21 7Pi02 13Cp31
11/12/15 19Sc44 28Sc01 16Sc41 4Li09 29Vi44 18Vi34 5Sg23 17Ar19 7Pi01 13Cp32
11/13/15 20Sc45 10Sg27 18Sc18 5Li15 0Li20 18Vi43 5Sg30 17Ar17 7Pi01 13Cp34
11/14/15 21Sc45 23Sg05 19Sc54 6Li22 0Li56 18Vi52 5Sg37 17Ar15 7Pi01 13Cp35
11/15/15 22Sc46 5Cp55 21Sc30 7Li28 1Li32 19Vi00 5Sg44 17Ar13 7Pi01 13Cp37
11/16/15 23Sc46 18Cp57 23Sc06 8Li35 2Li08 19Vi09 5Sg51 17Ar11 7Pi01 13Cp38
11/17/15 24Sc47 2Aq12 24Sc42 9Li42 2Li44 19Vi18 5Sg58 17Ar09 7Pi01 13Cp40
11/18/15 25Sc47 15Aq42 26Sc17 10Li49 3Li20 19Vi26 6Sg05 17Ar08 7Pi01 13Cp41
11/19/15 26Sc48 29Aq26 27Sc52 11Li56 3Li56 19Vi34 6Sg12 17Ar06 7Pi01 13Cp43
11/20/15 27Sc48 13Pi26 29Sc27 13Li04 4Li32 19Vi42 6Sg19 17Ar04 7Pi01 13Cp44
11/21/15 28Sc49 27Pi42 1Sg01 14Li12 5Li07 19Vi51 6Sg26 17Ar03 7Pi01 13Cp46
11/22/15 29Sc49 12Ar12 2Sg36 15Li20 5Li43 19Vi58 6Sg33 17Ar01 7Pi01 13Cp47
11/23/15 0Sg50 26Ar53 4Sg10 16Li28 6Li19 20Vi06 6Sg40 16Ar59 7Pi01 13Cp49
11/24/15 1Sg51 11Ta40 5Sg44 17Li36 6Li54 20Vi14 6Sg47 16Ar58 7Pi01 13Cp51
11/25/15 2Sg51 26Ta25 7Sg18 18Li45 7Li30 20Vi21 6Sg54 16Ar56 7Pi01 13Cp52
11/26/15 3Sg52 10Ge59 8Sg51 19Li54 8Li06 20Vi29 7Sg01 16Ar55 7Pi02 13Cp54
11/27/15 4Sg53 25Ge17 10Sg25 21Li03 8Li41 20Vi36 7Sg09 16Ar54 7Pi02 13Cp56
11/28/15 5Sg53 9Cn11 11Sg58 22Li12 9Li17 20Vi43 7Sg16 16Ar52 7Pi02 13Cp57
11/29/15 6Sg54 22Cn40 13Sg32 23Li21 9Li52 20Vi50 7Sg23 16Ar51 7Pi03 13Cp59
11/30/15 7Sg55 5Le42 15Sg05 24Li31 10Li27 20Vi57 7Sg30 16Ar50 7Pi03 14Cp01
12/1/15 8Sg56 18Le20 16Sg38 25Li40 11Li03 21Vi04 7Sg37 16Ar48 7Pi03 14Cp03
12/2/15 9Sg56 0Vi37 18Sg11 26Li50 11Li38 21Vi10 7Sg44 16Ar47 7Pi04 14Cp04
12/3/15 10Sg57 12Vi39 19Sg44 28Li00 12Li13 21Vi16 7Sg51 16Ar46 7Pi04 14Cp06
12/4/15 11Sg58 24Vi30 21Sg17 29Li10 12Li48 21Vi23 7Sg58 16Ar45 7Pi05 14Cp08
12/5/15 12Sg59 6Li17 22Sg50 0Sc20 13Li24 21Vi29 8Sg05 16Ar44 7Pi05 14Cp10
12/6/15 14Sg00 18Li05 24Sg23 1Sc31 13Li59 21Vi35 8Sg13 16Ar43 7Pi06 14Cp12
12/7/15 15Sg01 29Li58 25Sg56 2Sc41 14Li34 21Vi40 8Sg20 16Ar42 7Pi07 14Cp14
12/8/15 16Sg02 12Sc01 27Sg28 3Sc52 15Li09 21Vi46 8Sg27 16Ar41 7Pi07 14Cp15
12/9/15 17Sg03 24Sc17 29Sg01 5Sc03 15Li44 21Vi52 8Sg34 16Ar40 7Pi08 14Cp17
12/10/15 18Sg04 6Sg47 0Cp33 6Sc14 16Li18 21Vi57 8Sg41 16Ar39 7Pi09 14Cp19
12/11/15 19Sg05 19Sg31 2Cp06 7Sc25 16Li53 22Vi02 8Sg48 16Ar39 7Pi10 14Cp21
12/12/15 20Sg06 2Cp30 3Cp38 8Sc36 17Li28 22Vi07 8Sg55 16Ar38 7Pi10 14Cp23
12/13/15 21Sg07 15Cp42 5Cp09 9Sc47 18Li03 22Vi12 9Sg02 16Ar37 7Pi11 14Cp25
12/14/15 22Sg08 29Cp06 6Cp41 10Sc58 18Li37 22Vi16 9Sg09 16Ar37 7Pi12 14Cp27
12/15/15 23Sg09 12Aq39 8Cp12 12Sc10 19Li12 22Vi21 9Sg16 16Ar36 7Pi13 14Cp29
12/16/15 24Sg10 26Aq21 9Cp42 13Sc21 19Li46 22Vi25 9Sg23 16Ar35 7Pi14 14Cp31
12/17/15 25Sg11 10Pi10 11Cp12 14Sc33 20Li21 22Vi29 9Sg30 16Ar35 7Pi15 14Cp33
12/18/15 26Sg12 24Pi07 12Cp42 15Sc45 20Li55 22Vi33 9Sg37 16Ar35 7Pi16 14Cp35
12/19/15 27Sg13 8Ar11 14Cp10 16Sc57 21Li29 22Vi37 9Sg44 16Ar34 7Pi17 14Cp37
12/20/15 28Sg14 22Ar22 15Cp37 18Sc08 22Li04 22Vi40 9Sg51 16Ar34 7Pi18 14Cp39
12/21/15 29Sg15 6Ta39 17Cp03 19Sc20 22Li38 22Vi44 9Sg58 16Ar34 7Pi19 14Cp41
12/22/15 0Cp16 20Ta58 18Cp28 20Sc33 23Li12 22Vi47 10Sg04 16Ar33 7Pi20 14Cp43
12/23/15 1Cp17 5Ge16 19Cp50 21Sc45 23Li46 22Vi50 10Sg11 16Ar33 7Pi21 14Cp45
12/24/15 2Cp18 19Ge27 21Cp11 22Sc57 24Li20 22Vi53 10Sg18 16Ar33 7Pi22 14Cp47
12/25/15 3Cp20 3Cn26 22Cp28 24Sc09 24Li54 22Vi56 10Sg25 16Ar33 7Pi24 14Cp49
12/26/15 4Cp21 17Cn07 23Cp43 25Sc22 25Li27 22Vi58 10Sg31 16Ar33 7Pi25 14Cp51
12/27/15 5Cp22 0Le28 24Cp55 26Sc34 26Li01 23Vi01 10Sg38 16Ar33 7Pi26 14Cp53
12/28/15 6Cp23 13Le27 26Cp02 27Sc47 26Li35 23Vi03 10Sg45 16Ar33 7Pi27 14Cp55
12/29/15 7Cp24 26Le04 27Cp05 28Sc59 27Li08 23Vi05 10Sg51 16Ar33 7Pi29 14Cp57
12/30/15 8Cp25 8Vi23 28Cp02 0Sg12 27Li42 23Vi06 10Sg58 16Ar33 7Pi30 14Cp59
12/31/15 9Cp26 20Vi26 28Cp53 1Sg25 28Li15 23Vi08 11Sg05 16Ar34 7Pi32 15Cp01

Chart Entry

Chart Data
Restrictions Sun
East Point
House System Placidus
Equal (MC)
Zodiac Type Krishnamurti

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