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Saturn Con Pluto
Sun Squ Uranus
Venus Sex Jupiter
Venus Squ Mars
Moon Tri Uranus
Mars Squ Neptune
Mercury Sex Mars
Jupiter Sex Neptune
Venus Con Neptune
Sun Con Mercury
Mercury Squ Uranus
Sun Con Saturn

Planets in Signs

Sun in Aquarius

With the Sun in Aquarius, you are even-tempered, artistic, sociable, peaceful in your general attitude to life, humanitarian, warm and loving. Outwardly you present a composed, confident and unruffled attitude in all circumstances. Yet, often beneath that calm exterior lurks a seething mass of worry, indecision and anxiety which on occasions leads to eccentric behaviour. An investigative nature gives you an interest in science, spiritual subjects, New Age thought or fringe subjects such as occultism. You are attracted by anything new, strange or innovative. Your home may be full of electrical gadgets and strange bric-a-brac. With a clear vision of what is best, you care little for the opinions of others. Freedom of self-expression, thought and action are your driving ambitions. Conventional ideas and traditional values are not for you - new, fresh, exciting horizons are what motivate your adventurous spirit. A desire to improve self or society makes you a natural rebel with the energy, initiative, and zeal to change the old order for the new. On the negative side you can, at times, be dreamy, impractical, sentimental and a worrier over trivial matters. Likely occupation are those which demand intricate detail of a scientific nature, professions involving the use of electricity, aviation and kindred professions, the television and radio industries, or any form of humanitarian work.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius gives an idealistic, cheerful and optimistic overtone to your emotional disposition - candid, honourable, kindly and good-natured. You can become restless and nervous on occasion, and on impulse can 'up sticks' and move home without warning - possibly to foreign shores. You may intuitively be drawn to such subjects as religion, mysticism or social science. You are, by temperament, a natural teacher or preacher and at times you can to very prophetic. Philosophy, music and reading will have a soothing and therapeutic effect upon your nature.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius gives an unemotional, impersonal, truth-loving, and humanitarian mind capable of transcending the mundane thought patterns of lesser mortals. This position of Mercury strengthens the intellect, gives a good memory and a strong comprehensive mind capable of much hard work. Intuitive insights and original reasoning ability produce the occasional touch of genius - you often comprehend issues that others find quite incomprehensible. Your mind is open to any new experiences; subjects such as metaphysics, occultism, astrology, technology and science will have intellectual appeal. You enjoy the mental stimulation of friendships and function best within a group environment.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces indicates a romantic, gentle, compassionate, sympathetic, sensitive and idealistic emotional nature. A born romantic, you will genuinely marry for love - not money or prestige. However, a strong partner is needed to give you emotional stability and security.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius indicates that you will assert yourself in a frank, spontaneous, optimistic, idealistic, lively, sociable, courteous, and versatile manner: as a crusading spirit, breadth of vision and strong religious or philosophical convictions are likely. Much of your energy will be channelled into furthering idealist causes, mental work, travel, adventurous projects, sport and other outdoor pursuits. There is some tendency to risk-taking and gambling. On occasion, you can be self-righteous, fanatical, quarrelsome and lack diplomacy - restlessness is another danger. Much of your sexual energy is dissipated in sports and intellectual activities, however, you do have your moments of high passion. Lovemaking is of a conventional and idealist nature.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn gives you the opportunity to develop a strong sense of duty, integrity, honesty, mature judgement, sound business ethics and a suitability for executive positions. There is an innate drive for dignity, importance, power and status. These qualities are necessary to enable you to expand your personality and life experience. Eventually, through hard work, determination and accomplishment you are likely to achieve a high position of commercial, industrial or political responsibility. The achievement of wealth is a high probability.

Saturn in Capricorn

In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with worldly power, status, achievement, practical accomplishment and the ability to deal effectively with authority. You should develop ambition, determination and a capacity for hard work in order to excel in business, politics or your chosen career. Your deep need for financial security and self-sufficiency will provide the necessary impetus for success.

Uranus in Taurus

Those born in this generation have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind timely ideas for materially implementing the new directions that are being taken on the planet. They will receive insights about ways to structure the new directions, to establish innovative energies in a practical, essential way. Disruption occurs only through holding on to old value systems that are not in harmony with the new direction of society as a whole.

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Planets in Houses

Sun in 4th House

With the Sun in the Fourth House your personality drive will find expression mainly in family, home, land and property concerns. Security is your main preoccupation, and this will be sought and fought for to ensure complete self-reliance. Thus your later life should be less difficult than the early years. There may be an inheritance of some kind through your parents. Inner experiences will also be important to you, because security and self-reliance require personality integration at the psychological level - a very difficult task and completed only after much blood, sweat and tears .

Moon in 3rd House

With the Moon in the Third House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through social intercourse, daily mental diversions and general conversation. Your speech and thought are heavily influenced by feelings and moods. At times others may view you as changeable, indecisive and a bit of a dreamer. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by environmental factors, especially social and domestic discussions. There is also a love of travelling and a desire for constant change.

Mercury in 4th House

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to your domestic and private life, and issues relating to home and family. Intellectual interests, further education and general studies are carried out within the home environment. It is probable that your work or career is also home based.

Venus in 5th House

With Venus in the Fifth House the areas of life where you are most likely to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities are through a genuine love of life, especially in romantic attachments, hobbies, personal pleasures and social interests. Your infectious love of life and noble nature ensures socially popularity, although, at times, you can be rather theatrical in order to hog the spotlight. You usually choose a partner you can show-off with, and proudly display to friends and colleges. Appreciation of the arts is indicated. There is some predisposition to gambling or other forms of financial speculation. Children will be a very important factor in your life.

Mars in 2nd House

With Mars in the Second House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into business enterprises or other financial dealings in an active search for personal wealth. Capital is acquired through careful investment, sheer hard work and clever financial dealing. Strong-willed, determined and resourceful you enjoy a challenge and thrive on opposition. You may become a financial genius, or a mere spendthrift.

Jupiter in 3rd House

With Jupiter in the Third House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune coming through your expansive, optimistic, philosophical, refined, cheerful, sympathetic and well-educated mind. Benefits may come to you through education, literature, publishing, travelling and brethren. Your wide range of mental interests will attract many friends who help to broaden your scope of knowledge, leading you into new and unusual subjects. Success is achieved by communicating such knowledge to others - writing, teaching and lecturing.

Saturn in 3rd House

A Third House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to an ability for mental discipline, concentration, mental control, orderly reasoning and logical thinking. Much hard work is required in communications, writing and obtaining relevant educational qualifications. A profession in teaching, administration, accounts, publishing or some kind of research is likely. There is a need to discipline the mind against needless worry, gloom, restlessness, anxiety and misgivings. With maturity a contemplative mind, responsible, thoughtful and capable of concentration on serious or profound subjects is developed. The technique of clear communication in speaking and writing is of paramount importance.

Uranus in 7th House

With a Seventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through marriage, business partnership or interpersonal relationships. You are sure to attract unusual and stimulating associates - possessing intuition, originality, creativity and potential genius. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Neptune in 5th House

Neptune in the Fifth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential manifests through intuitive creative self-expression, artistic talent, children or an association with one of the opposite sex. Strange, abnormal or peculiar events may be experienced in connection with your feelings, emotions, affections and sex matters. An idyllic, romantic love partner is much desired.

Pluto in 3rd House

With Pluto in the Third House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through a deeply idealistic, inspired and penetrating mind capable of understanding the more esoteric principals of life - having insights on death and the meaning of life, and a desire to uncover the secrets of the universe. You may become instrumental in some phase of social reform through your ability to communicate, write or express artistically the profound social and political issues of the day. On the negative side there can be a tendency to morbid thoughts, dwelling on death, brooding, depression and a preoccupation with the more sinister and sordid side of life.

Houses in Signs

1st House in Libra

Libras project their individuality through cooperation with other people; their personalities must be focused on and mirrored in those with whom they cooperate. Their actions express beauty and grace, along with discipline, sternness, and a strong sense of justice. Their strongest virtue is their ability to see any matter from the viewpoint of the people with whom they are dealing. Libras do not like to be alone; they feel lost when they are forced to rely entirely on themselves.

2nd House in Scorpio

These people are resourceful and energetic in their means of making money. They have the ability to transform worthless materials into something of real value. They spend the money earned from their inventiveness and ingenuity at a rapid rate. Nevertheless, they are more concerned that their possessions have aesthetic than monetary value. Their partners often provide the money for elegant objects to satisfy their taste. However, they are ready to share these possessions with their partners, as well as their friends.

3rd House in Sagittarius

These natives are philosophic and visionary in the expression of their thoughts and ideas. They are concerned with religion and social values and esteem ideas in terms of their usefulness in the larger social order. They are generous toward brothers, sisters, and neighbors, even though they may be separated from them. Many times their short trips, whether mental or physical, take them to places they have not previously visited. They frequently receive messages from and communicate with people in faraway places.

4th House in Capricorn

Since they want everything in its proper place, these natives are great disciplinarians and household organizers. Yet nothing is ever systematized to their satisfaction. Much work and responsibility are concentrated in the home. Although their families tend to be conservative and austere, it is important to them that their homes be recognized as contributing to the life of the community.

5th House in Aquarius

These natives like exciting and singular loves. A great source of pleasure comes from the study of unique things, friends, and group activities. Their children are a peculiar mixture of originality and mental discipline, but their children's bodies are not always as strong as the will that is expressed through them. In art and the theater, structure is especially important to them, and they enjoy pieces that are both unusual and dramatic.

6th House in Pisces

In matters of work and service, circumstances require unselfish devotion from these natives. They are sympathetic to co-workers and employees. Sometimes, however, they assume more work than they can effectively handle, thereby creating confusion and problems. They may become hypochondriacs if they are looking for an escape from their professional responsibilities. Their health is contingent upon their emotional state of being.

7th House in Aries

These natives can he aggressive in order to gain the cooperation and attention of others. They also have the power to motivate other people into action without their being aware of it. Their partners must understand that if they want peace they must maintain a high activity level and work hard.

8th House in Taurus

These natives will cooperate to help their partners earn money, but their love of beauty makes them prone to spend it on adornment. They also have the power to generate wealth from sources that are unknown to others. These persons usually die tranquilly, and begin and end things peacefully in general.

9th House in Gemini

These natives demand that religion and philosophy be practical in application and logically comprehensible. Many of them like to write about and discuss these matters. There are numerous comings and goings in relation to religious activities.

10th House in Cancer

These people are acutely sensitive to their reputations and standing in the world. It is important to them to be considered responsible and respectable. In many ways there is a close tie between professional activity and the home life. They often have partners in their profession or business.

11th House in Leo

An external source of strength and security must he established. Therefore, these natives cultivate friendships with influential people of genius and creativity, since their own creative self-expression is often linked with these friends.

12th House in Virgo

These natives tend to bring about their own downfall by excessive worry and nagging about trivial points. Their hidden support, however, is their ability to devote meticulous attention to secondary details that others may well overlook. The substratum of their endeavors is well planned and organized.

Ephemeris (Yearly)

Mo/Dy/Yr Sun Moon Merc Venu Mars Jupi Satu Uran Nept Plut
1/1/20 11Cp14 0Ar25 6Cp16 15Aq53 29Sc11 6Cp56 21Cp32 2Ta41 16Pi17 22Cp25
1/2/20 12Cp15 12Ar18 7Cp51 17Aq06 29Sc52 7Cp10 21Cp39 2Ta40 16Pi18 22Cp27
1/3/20 13Cp16 24Ar16 9Cp27 18Aq19 0Sg32 7Cp24 21Cp46 2Ta40 16Pi19 22Cp29
1/4/20 14Cp17 6Ta24 11Cp02 19Aq33 1Sg12 7Cp38 21Cp53 2Ta39 16Pi20 22Cp31
1/5/20 15Cp18 18Ta46 12Cp39 20Aq46 1Sg53 7Cp52 22Cp00 2Ta39 16Pi22 22Cp33
1/6/20 16Cp19 1Ge26 14Cp15 21Aq59 2Sg33 8Cp05 22Cp07 2Ta39 16Pi23 22Cp35
1/7/20 17Cp21 14Ge26 15Cp52 23Aq13 3Sg14 8Cp19 22Cp14 2Ta39 16Pi24 22Cp37
1/8/20 18Cp22 27Ge49 17Cp29 24Aq26 3Sg54 8Cp33 22Cp21 2Ta39 16Pi26 22Cp39
1/9/20 19Cp23 11Cn33 19Cp07 25Aq39 4Sg35 8Cp47 22Cp28 2Ta39 16Pi27 22Cp41
1/10/20 20Cp24 25Cn36 20Cp45 26Aq52 5Sg15 9Cp00 22Cp35 2Ta38 16Pi29 22Cp43
1/11/20 21Cp25 9Le55 22Cp23 28Aq05 5Sg56 9Cp14 22Cp42 2Ta39 16Pi30 22Cp45
1/12/20 22Cp26 24Le24 24Cp02 29Aq18 6Sg36 9Cp28 22Cp50 2Ta39 16Pi32 22Cp47
1/13/20 23Cp27 8Vi57 25Cp42 0Pi31 7Sg17 9Cp41 22Cp57 2Ta39 16Pi33 22Cp49
1/14/20 24Cp28 23Vi28 27Cp22 1Pi43 7Sg58 9Cp55 23Cp04 2Ta39 16Pi35 22Cp51
1/15/20 25Cp30 7Li52 29Cp02 2Pi56 8Sg38 10Cp09 23Cp11 2Ta39 16Pi36 22Cp53
1/16/20 26Cp31 22Li06 0Aq43 4Pi09 9Sg19 10Cp22 23Cp18 2Ta39 16Pi38 22Cp55
1/17/20 27Cp32 6Sc07 2Aq24 5Pi21 10Sg00 10Cp36 23Cp25 2Ta40 16Pi40 22Cp57
1/18/20 28Cp33 19Sc54 4Aq06 6Pi34 10Sg40 10Cp49 23Cp32 2Ta40 16Pi41 22Cp59
1/19/20 29Cp34 3Sg28 5Aq48 7Pi46 11Sg21 11Cp03 23Cp39 2Ta41 16Pi43 23Cp01
1/20/20 0Aq35 16Sg48 7Aq31 8Pi59 12Sg02 11Cp16 23Cp46 2Ta41 16Pi45 23Cp03
1/21/20 1Aq36 29Sg55 9Aq14 10Pi11 12Sg43 11Cp30 23Cp53 2Ta42 16Pi46 23Cp05
1/22/20 2Aq37 12Cp50 10Aq57 11Pi23 13Sg23 11Cp43 24Cp01 2Ta42 16Pi48 23Cp07
1/23/20 3Aq38 25Cp33 12Aq40 12Pi35 14Sg04 11Cp57 24Cp08 2Ta43 16Pi50 23Cp09
1/24/20 4Aq39 8Aq04 14Aq24 13Pi47 14Sg45 12Cp10 24Cp15 2Ta44 16Pi52 23Cp11
1/25/20 5Aq40 20Aq25 16Aq07 14Pi59 15Sg26 12Cp23 24Cp22 2Ta44 16Pi53 23Cp13
1/26/20 6Aq41 2Pi35 17Aq50 16Pi11 16Sg07 12Cp37 24Cp29 2Ta45 16Pi55 23Cp15
1/27/20 7Aq42 14Pi37 19Aq33 17Pi23 16Sg48 12Cp50 24Cp36 2Ta46 16Pi57 23Cp17
1/28/20 8Aq43 26Pi33 21Aq16 18Pi35 17Sg29 13Cp03 24Cp43 2Ta47 16Pi59 23Cp19
1/29/20 9Aq44 8Ar24 22Aq58 19Pi46 18Sg10 13Cp16 24Cp50 2Ta48 17Pi01 23Cp21
1/30/20 10Aq45 20Ar16 24Aq39 20Pi58 18Sg51 13Cp29 24Cp57 2Ta49 17Pi03 23Cp23
1/31/20 11Aq46 2Ta11 26Aq19 22Pi09 19Sg31 13Cp42 25Cp04 2Ta50 17Pi05 23Cp25
2/1/20 12Aq47 14Ta16 27Aq57 23Pi20 20Sg12 13Cp55 25Cp10 2Ta51 17Pi07 23Cp27
2/2/20 13Aq48 26Ta33 29Aq33 24Pi31 20Sg53 14Cp08 25Cp17 2Ta52 17Pi09 23Cp29
2/3/20 14Aq49 9Ge09 1Pi07 25Pi42 21Sg34 14Cp21 25Cp24 2Ta54 17Pi11 23Cp31
2/4/20 15Aq50 22Ge08 2Pi37 26Pi53 22Sg15 14Cp34 25Cp31 2Ta55 17Pi13 23Cp32
2/5/20 16Aq51 5Cn32 4Pi04 28Pi04 22Sg57 14Cp47 25Cp38 2Ta56 17Pi15 23Cp34
2/6/20 17Aq51 19Cn23 5Pi27 29Pi15 23Sg38 15Cp00 25Cp45 2Ta58 17Pi17 23Cp36
2/7/20 18Aq52 3Le41 6Pi45 0Ar25 24Sg19 15Cp12 25Cp51 2Ta59 17Pi19 23Cp38
2/8/20 19Aq53 18Le20 7Pi58 1Ar36 25Sg00 15Cp25 25Cp58 3Ta00 17Pi21 23Cp40
2/9/20 20Aq54 3Vi15 9Pi04 2Ar46 25Sg41 15Cp37 26Cp05 3Ta02 17Pi23 23Cp42
2/10/20 21Aq54 18Vi17 10Pi03 3Ar56 26Sg22 15Cp50 26Cp11 3Ta03 17Pi25 23Cp44
2/11/20 22Aq55 3Li15 10Pi55 5Ar06 27Sg03 16Cp02 26Cp18 3Ta05 17Pi27 23Cp45
2/12/20 23Aq56 18Li03 11Pi38 6Ar16 27Sg44 16Cp15 26Cp25 3Ta07 17Pi29 23Cp47
2/13/20 24Aq56 2Sc32 12Pi11 7Ar26 28Sg26 16Cp27 26Cp31 3Ta08 17Pi31 23Cp49
2/14/20 25Aq57 16Sc40 12Pi35 8Ar35 29Sg07 16Cp39 26Cp38 3Ta10 17Pi33 23Cp51
2/15/20 26Aq58 0Sg25 12Pi49 9Ar45 29Sg48 16Cp52 26Cp44 3Ta12 17Pi35 23Cp53
2/16/20 27Aq58 13Sg49 12Pi53 10Ar54 0Cp29 17Cp04 26Cp51 3Ta14 17Pi38 23Cp54
2/17/20 28Aq59 26Sg54 12Pi46 12Ar03 1Cp11 17Cp16 26Cp57 3Ta16 17Pi40 23Cp56
2/18/20 29Aq59 9Cp43 12Pi29 13Ar12 1Cp52 17Cp28 27Cp03 3Ta18 17Pi42 23Cp58
2/19/20 1Pi00 22Cp18 12Pi02 14Ar21 2Cp33 17Cp40 27Cp10 3Ta20 17Pi44 23Cp59
2/20/20 2Pi00 4Aq43 11Pi25 15Ar30 3Cp14 17Cp52 27Cp16 3Ta22 17Pi46 24Cp01
2/21/20 3Pi01 16Aq59 10Pi41 16Ar38 3Cp56 18Cp03 27Cp22 3Ta24 17Pi49 24Cp03
2/22/20 4Pi01 29Aq07 9Pi49 17Ar47 4Cp37 18Cp15 27Cp29 3Ta26 17Pi51 24Cp04
2/23/20 5Pi02 11Pi09 8Pi52 18Ar55 5Cp19 18Cp27 27Cp35 3Ta28 17Pi53 24Cp06
2/24/20 6Pi02 23Pi06 7Pi50 20Ar03 6Cp00 18Cp38 27Cp41 3Ta30 17Pi55 24Cp08
2/25/20 7Pi02 4Ar59 6Pi46 21Ar10 6Cp41 18Cp50 27Cp47 3Ta32 17Pi58 24Cp09
2/26/20 8Pi03 16Ar50 5Pi41 22Ar18 7Cp23 19Cp01 27Cp53 3Ta34 18Pi00 24Cp11
2/27/20 9Pi03 28Ar42 4Pi37 23Ar25 8Cp04 19Cp12 27Cp59 3Ta37 18Pi02 24Cp12
2/28/20 10Pi03 10Ta37 3Pi35 24Ar32 8Cp46 19Cp23 28Cp05 3Ta39 18Pi04 24Cp14
2/29/20 11Pi04 22Ta39 2Pi36 25Ar39 9Cp27 19Cp34 28Cp11 3Ta41 18Pi07 24Cp15
3/1/20 12Pi04 4Ge52 1Pi42 26Ar46 10Cp08 19Cp45 28Cp16 3Ta44 18Pi09 24Cp17
3/2/20 13Pi04 17Ge23 0Pi53 27Ar52 10Cp50 19Cp56 28Cp22 3Ta46 18Pi11 24Cp18
3/3/20 14Pi04 0Cn14 0Pi10 28Ar58 11Cp31 20Cp07 28Cp28 3Ta49 18Pi13 24Cp20
3/4/20 15Pi04 13Cn32 29Aq33 0Ta04 12Cp13 20Cp18 28Cp33 3Ta51 18Pi16 24Cp21
3/5/20 16Pi04 27Cn18 29Aq03 1Ta10 12Cp54 20Cp28 28Cp39 3Ta54 18Pi18 24Cp23
3/6/20 17Pi04 11Le34 28Aq41 2Ta15 13Cp36 20Cp39 28Cp45 3Ta56 18Pi20 24Cp24
3/7/20 18Pi04 26Le18 28Aq24 3Ta21 14Cp17 20Cp49 28Cp50 3Ta59 18Pi22 24Cp25
3/8/20 19Pi04 11Vi23 28Aq15 4Ta25 14Cp59 21Cp00 28Cp55 4Ta02 18Pi25 24Cp27
3/9/20 20Pi04 26Vi41 28Aq12 5Ta30 15Cp41 21Cp10 29Cp01 4Ta04 18Pi27 24Cp28
3/10/20 21Pi04 12Li00 28Aq16 6Ta34 16Cp22 21Cp20 29Cp06 4Ta07 18Pi29 24Cp29
3/11/20 22Pi04 27Li08 28Aq25 7Ta38 17Cp04 21Cp30 29Cp11 4Ta10 18Pi32 24Cp30
3/12/20 23Pi04 11Sc56 28Aq40 8Ta42 17Cp45 21Cp40 29Cp16 4Ta12 18Pi34 24Cp32
3/13/20 24Pi04 26Sc18 29Aq00 9Ta45 18Cp27 21Cp50 29Cp21 4Ta15 18Pi36 24Cp33
3/14/20 25Pi04 10Sg13 29Aq26 10Ta49 19Cp08 21Cp59 29Cp26 4Ta18 18Pi38 24Cp34
3/15/20 26Pi03 23Sg40 29Aq56 11Ta51 19Cp50 22Cp09 29Cp31 4Ta21 18Pi41 24Cp35
3/16/20 27Pi03 6Cp43 0Pi30 12Ta54 20Cp32 22Cp18 29Cp36 4Ta24 18Pi43 24Cp36
3/17/20 28Pi03 19Cp25 1Pi09 13Ta56 21Cp13 22Cp28 29Cp41 4Ta27 18Pi45 24Cp37
3/18/20 29Pi02 1Aq51 1Pi51 14Ta58 21Cp55 22Cp37 29Cp46 4Ta30 18Pi47 24Cp39
3/19/20 0Ar02 14Aq04 2Pi38 15Ta59 22Cp37 22Cp46 29Cp51 4Ta33 18Pi50 24Cp40
3/20/20 1Ar02 26Aq09 3Pi27 17Ta00 23Cp18 22Cp55 29Cp55 4Ta36 18Pi52 24Cp41
3/21/20 2Ar01 8Pi08 4Pi20 18Ta00 24Cp00 23Cp04 0Aq00 4Ta39 18Pi54 24Cp42
3/22/20 3Ar01 20Pi03 5Pi16 19Ta01 24Cp42 23Cp12 0Aq04 4Ta42 18Pi56 24Cp43
3/23/20 4Ar00 1Ar55 6Pi15 20Ta00 25Cp24 23Cp21 0Aq08 4Ta45 18Pi59 24Cp44
3/24/20 5Ar00 13Ar47 7Pi17 21Ta00 26Cp05 23Cp29 0Aq13 4Ta48 19Pi01 24Cp44
3/25/20 5Ar59 25Ar40 8Pi21 21Ta59 26Cp47 23Cp38 0Aq17 4Ta51 19Pi03 24Cp45
3/26/20 6Ar59 7Ta34 9Pi27 22Ta57 27Cp29 23Cp46 0Aq21 4Ta54 19Pi05 24Cp46
3/27/20 7Ar58 19Ta33 10Pi36 23Ta55 28Cp10 23Cp54 0Aq25 4Ta57 19Pi07 24Cp47
3/28/20 8Ar57 1Ge38 11Pi47 24Ta52 28Cp52 24Cp02 0Aq29 5Ta00 19Pi10 24Cp48
3/29/20 9Ar57 13Ge53 13Pi00 25Ta49 29Cp34 24Cp10 0Aq33 5Ta04 19Pi12 24Cp49
3/30/20 10Ar56 26Ge22 14Pi15 26Ta46 0Aq15 24Cp17 0Aq37 5Ta07 19Pi14 24Cp49
3/31/20 11Ar55 9Cn10 15Pi32 27Ta42 0Aq57 24Cp25 0Aq41 5Ta10 19Pi16 24Cp50
4/1/20 12Ar54 22Cn21 16Pi51 28Ta37 1Aq39 24Cp32 0Aq44 5Ta13 19Pi18 24Cp51
4/2/20 13Ar54 5Le58 18Pi12 29Ta32 2Aq21 24Cp39 0Aq48 5Ta16 19Pi20 24Cp52
4/3/20 14Ar53 20Le04 19Pi35 0Ge26 3Aq02 24Cp46 0Aq51 5Ta20 19Pi22 24Cp52
4/4/20 15Ar52 4Vi38 20Pi59 1Ge19 3Aq44 24Cp53 0Aq55 5Ta23 19Pi25 24Cp53
4/5/20 16Ar51 19Vi36 22Pi25 2Ge12 4Aq26 25Cp00 0Aq58 5Ta26 19Pi27 24Cp53
4/6/20 17Ar50 4Li50 23Pi53 3Ge04 5Aq07 25Cp07 1Aq01 5Ta30 19Pi29 24Cp54
4/7/20 18Ar49 20Li11 25Pi22 3Ge56 5Aq49 25Cp13 1Aq05 5Ta33 19Pi31 24Cp54
4/8/20 19Ar48 5Sc26 26Pi53 4Ge46 6Aq31 25Cp20 1Aq08 5Ta36 19Pi33 24Cp55
4/9/20 20Ar47 20Sc24 28Pi26 5Ge36 7Aq12 25Cp26 1Aq11 5Ta40 19Pi35 24Cp55
4/10/20 21Ar45 4Sg58 0Ar00 6Ge25 7Aq54 25Cp32 1Aq14 5Ta43 19Pi37 24Cp56
4/11/20 22Ar44 19Sg04 1Ar36 7Ge14 8Aq36 25Cp38 1Aq16 5Ta46 19Pi39 24Cp56
4/12/20 23Ar43 2Cp40 3Ar13 8Ge01 9Aq18 25Cp43 1Aq19 5Ta50 19Pi41 24Cp57
4/13/20 24Ar42 15Cp49 4Ar52 8Ge48 9Aq59 25Cp49 1Aq22 5Ta53 19Pi43 24Cp57
4/14/20 25Ar41 28Cp33 6Ar32 9Ge34 10Aq41 25Cp54 1Aq24 5Ta57 19Pi45 24Cp57
4/15/20 26Ar39 10Aq59 8Ar14 10Ge19 11Aq23 25Cp59 1Aq27 6Ta00 19Pi47 24Cp58
4/16/20 27Ar38 23Aq10 9Ar58 11Ge02 12Aq04 26Cp05 1Aq29 6Ta03 19Pi48 24Cp58
4/17/20 28Ar37 5Pi10 11Ar43 11Ge45 12Aq46 26Cp09 1Aq31 6Ta07 19Pi50 24Cp58
4/18/20 29Ar35 17Pi05 13Ar30 12Ge27 13Aq28 26Cp14 1Aq34 6Ta10 19Pi52 24Cp58
4/19/20 0Ta34 28Pi56 15Ar19 13Ge08 14Aq09 26Cp19 1Aq36 6Ta14 19Pi54 24Cp59
4/20/20 1Ta33 10Ar48 17Ar09 13Ge48 14Aq51 26Cp23 1Aq38 6Ta17 19Pi56 24Cp59
4/21/20 2Ta31 22Ar40 19Ar01 14Ge26 15Aq32 26Cp27 1Aq39 6Ta21 19Pi58 24Cp59
4/22/20 3Ta30 4Ta37 20Ar54 15Ge03 16Aq14 26Cp31 1Aq41 6Ta24 19Pi59 24Cp59
4/23/20 4Ta28 16Ta38 22Ar49 15Ge39 16Aq56 26Cp35 1Aq43 6Ta28 20Pi01 24Cp59
4/24/20 5Ta27 28Ta45 24Ar46 16Ge14 17Aq37 26Cp39 1Aq45 6Ta31 20Pi03 24Cp59
4/25/20 6Ta25 10Ge59 26Ar44 16Ge47 18Aq19 26Cp42 1Aq46 6Ta34 20Pi05 24Cp59
4/26/20 7Ta23 23Ge24 28Ar44 17Ge19 19Aq00 26Cp46 1Aq47 6Ta38 20Pi06 24Cp59
4/27/20 8Ta22 6Cn01 0Ta45 17Ge50 19Aq42 26Cp49 1Aq49 6Ta41 20Pi08 24Cp59
4/28/20 9Ta20 18Cn54 2Ta48 18Ge19 20Aq23 26Cp52 1Aq50 6Ta45 20Pi10 24Cp59
4/29/20 10Ta18 2Le05 4Ta52 18Ge46 21Aq05 26Cp54 1Aq51 6Ta48 20Pi11 24Cp59
4/30/20 11Ta17 15Le38 6Ta58 19Ge12 21Aq46 26Cp57 1Aq52 6Ta52 20Pi13 24Cp59
5/1/20 12Ta15 29Le34 9Ta05 19Ge36 22Aq27 26Cp59 1Aq53 6Ta55 20Pi15 24Cp58
5/2/20 13Ta13 13Vi54 11Ta12 19Ge58 23Aq09 27Cp02 1Aq54 6Ta59 20Pi16 24Cp58
5/3/20 14Ta11 28Vi35 13Ta21 20Ge18 23Aq50 27Cp04 1Aq55 7Ta02 20Pi18 24Cp58
5/4/20 15Ta09 13Li31 15Ta31 20Ge37 24Aq31 27Cp06 1Aq55 7Ta05 20Pi19 24Cp58
5/5/20 16Ta07 28Li36 17Ta41 20Ge53 25Aq13 27Cp07 1Aq56 7Ta09 20Pi21 24Cp57
5/6/20 17Ta05 13Sc40 19Ta51 21Ge08 25Aq54 27Cp09 1Aq56 7Ta12 20Pi22 24Cp57
5/7/20 18Ta03 28Sc32 22Ta01 21Ge20 26Aq35 27Cp10 1Aq56 7Ta16 20Pi23 24Cp57
5/8/20 19Ta01 13Sg05 24Ta11 21Ge31 27Aq16 27Cp11 1Aq57 7Ta19 20Pi25 24Cp56
5/9/20 19Ta59 27Sg14 26Ta20 21Ge39 27Aq57 27Cp12 1Aq57 7Ta22 20Pi26 24Cp56
5/10/20 20Ta57 10Cp56 28Ta29 21Ge45 28Aq38 27Cp13 1Aq57 7Ta26 20Pi28 24Cp56
5/11/20 21Ta55 24Cp11 0Ge36 21Ge49 29Aq19 27Cp13 1Aq57 7Ta29 20Pi29 24Cp55
5/12/20 22Ta53 7Aq01 2Ge42 21Ge50 0Pi01 27Cp14 1Aq57 7Ta33 20Pi30 24Cp55
5/13/20 23Ta51 19Aq31 4Ge46 21Ge49 0Pi41 27Cp14 1Aq56 7Ta36 20Pi31 24Cp54
5/14/20 24Ta49 1Pi45 6Ge48 21Ge46 1Pi22 27Cp14 1Aq56 7Ta39 20Pi33 24Cp54
5/15/20 25Ta47 13Pi46 8Ge49 21Ge40 2Pi03 27Cp14 1Aq56 7Ta43 20Pi34 24Cp53
5/16/20 26Ta45 25Pi41 10Ge46 21Ge32 2Pi44 27Cp13 1Aq55 7Ta46 20Pi35 24Cp53
5/17/20 27Ta42 7Ar32 12Ge42 21Ge21 3Pi25 27Cp13 1Aq54 7Ta49 20Pi36 24Cp52
5/18/20 28Ta40 19Ar24 14Ge34 21Ge08 4Pi06 27Cp12 1Aq54 7Ta53 20Pi37 24Cp51
5/19/20 29Ta38 1Ta20 16Ge24 20Ge53 4Pi46 27Cp11 1Aq53 7Ta56 20Pi38 24Cp51
5/20/20 0Ge36 13Ta22 18Ge11 20Ge35 5Pi27 27Cp10 1Aq52 7Ta59 20Pi40 24Cp50
5/21/20 1Ge33 25Ta32 19Ge55 20Ge15 6Pi08 27Cp08 1Aq51 8Ta02 20Pi41 24Cp49
5/22/20 2Ge31 7Ge51 21Ge36 19Ge52 6Pi48 27Cp07 1Aq50 8Ta06 20Pi42 24Cp48
5/23/20 3Ge29 20Ge21 23Ge14 19Ge28 7Pi29 27Cp05 1Aq49 8Ta09 20Pi43 24Cp48
5/24/20 4Ge26 3Cn02 24Ge49 19Ge01 8Pi09 27Cp03 1Aq47 8Ta12 20Pi44 24Cp47
5/25/20 5Ge24 15Cn56 26Ge20 18Ge33 8Pi49 27Cp01 1Aq46 8Ta15 20Pi44 24Cp46
5/26/20 6Ge22 29Cn04 27Ge49 18Ge03 9Pi29 26Cp59 1Aq44 8Ta18 20Pi45 24Cp45
5/27/20 7Ge19 12Le26 29Ge14 17Ge31 10Pi10 26Cp56 1Aq43 8Ta21 20Pi46 24Cp44
5/28/20 8Ge17 26Le05 0Cn36 16Ge57 10Pi50 26Cp54 1Aq41 8Ta25 20Pi47 24Cp44
5/29/20 9Ge14 9Vi59 1Cn54 16Ge23 11Pi30 26Cp51 1Aq39 8Ta28 20Pi48 24Cp43
5/30/20 10Ge12 24Vi10 3Cn09 15Ge47 12Pi10 26Cp48 1Aq38 8Ta31 20Pi49 24Cp42
5/31/20 11Ge09 8Li34 4Cn21 15Ge10 12Pi49 26Cp45 1Aq36 8Ta34 20Pi49 24Cp41
6/1/20 12Ge07 23Li08 5Cn29 14Ge33 13Pi29 26Cp41 1Aq34 8Ta37 20Pi50 24Cp40
6/2/20 13Ge04 7Sc48 6Cn34 13Ge55 14Pi09 26Cp38 1Aq32 8Ta40 20Pi51 24Cp39
6/3/20 14Ge02 22Sc27 7Cn35 13Ge18 14Pi48 26Cp34 1Aq29 8Ta43 20Pi51 24Cp38
6/4/20 14Ge59 6Sg59 8Cn32 12Ge40 15Pi28 26Cp30 1Aq27 8Ta46 20Pi52 24Cp37
6/5/20 15Ge57 21Sg17 9Cn26 12Ge03 16Pi07 26Cp26 1Aq25 8Ta49 20Pi52 24Cp36
6/6/20 16Ge54 5Cp17 10Cn16 11Ge26 16Pi47 26Cp22 1Aq22 8Ta51 20Pi53 24Cp35
6/7/20 17Ge51 18Cp54 11Cn01 10Ge50 17Pi26 26Cp18 1Aq20 8Ta54 20Pi53 24Cp34
6/8/20 18Ge49 2Aq09 11Cn43 10Ge15 18Pi05 26Cp13 1Aq17 8Ta57 20Pi54 24Cp33
6/9/20 19Ge46 15Aq02 12Cn21 9Ge42 18Pi44 26Cp08 1Aq15 9Ta00 20Pi54 24Cp32
6/10/20 20Ge43 27Aq36 12Cn54 9Ge10 19Pi23 26Cp04 1Aq12 9Ta03 20Pi55 24Cp30
6/11/20 21Ge41 9Pi52 13Cn24 8Ge39 20Pi02 25Cp59 1Aq09 9Ta06 20Pi55 24Cp29
6/12/20 22Ge38 21Pi56 13Cn48 8Ge11 20Pi41 25Cp53 1Aq06 9Ta08 20Pi55 24Cp28
6/13/20 23Ge35 3Ar52 14Cn09 7Ge44 21Pi19 25Cp48 1Aq03 9Ta11 20Pi56 24Cp27
6/14/20 24Ge33 15Ar45 14Cn25 7Ge19 21Pi58 25Cp43 1Aq00 9Ta14 20Pi56 24Cp26
6/15/20 25Ge30 27Ar39 14Cn36 6Ge57 22Pi36 25Cp37 0Aq57 9Ta16 20Pi56 24Cp24
6/16/20 26Ge27 9Ta37 14Cn43 6Ge37 23Pi14 25Cp31 0Aq54 9Ta19 20Pi57 24Cp23
6/17/20 27Ge25 21Ta45 14Cn45 6Ge19 23Pi52 25Cp26 0Aq50 9Ta21 20Pi57 24Cp22
6/18/20 28Ge22 4Ge03 14Cn43 6Ge03 24Pi30 25Cp20 0Aq47 9Ta24 20Pi57 24Cp21
6/19/20 29Ge19 16Ge35 14Cn36 5Ge50 25Pi08 25Cp13 0Aq44 9Ta26 20Pi57 24Cp19
6/20/20 0Cn17 29Ge22 14Cn25 5Ge39 25Pi45 25Cp07 0Aq40 9Ta29 20Pi57 24Cp18
6/21/20 1Cn14 12Cn24 14Cn10 5Ge31 26Pi23 25Cp01 0Aq37 9Ta31 20Pi57 24Cp17
6/22/20 2Cn11 25Cn41 13Cn51 5Ge25 27Pi00 24Cp54 0Aq33 9Ta34 20Pi57 24Cp16
6/23/20 3Cn08 9Le12 13Cn28 5Ge21 27Pi37 24Cp48 0Aq30 9Ta36 20Pi57 24Cp14
6/24/20 4Cn06 22Le56 13Cn02 5Ge20 28Pi14 24Cp41 0Aq26 9Ta39 20Pi57 24Cp13
6/25/20 5Cn03 6Vi51 12Cn33 5Ge21 28Pi51 24Cp34 0Aq22 9Ta41 20Pi57 24Cp12
6/26/20 6Cn00 20Vi54 12Cn02 5Ge24 29Pi28 24Cp27 0Aq18 9Ta43 20Pi57 24Cp10
6/27/20 6Cn57 5Li05 11Cn28 5Ge29 0Ar04 24Cp21 0Aq14 9Ta45 20Pi57 24Cp09
6/28/20 7Cn54 19Li20 10Cn53 5Ge37 0Ar40 24Cp13 0Aq11 9Ta47 20Pi57 24Cp07
6/29/20 8Cn52 3Sc37 10Cn17 5Ge47 1Ar17 24Cp06 0Aq07 9Ta50 20Pi56 24Cp06
6/30/20 9Cn49 17Sc52 9Cn41 5Ge59 1Ar52 23Cp59 0Aq03 9Ta52 20Pi56 24Cp05
7/1/20 10Cn46 2Sg04 9Cn05 6Ge12 2Ar28 23Cp52 29Cp59 9Ta54 20Pi56 24Cp03
7/2/20 11Cn43 16Sg08 8Cn30 6Ge28 3Ar04 23Cp44 29Cp55 9Ta56 20Pi55 24Cp02
7/3/20 12Cn40 0Cp02 7Cn57 6Ge46 3Ar39 23Cp37 29Cp50 9Ta58 20Pi55 24Cp01
7/4/20 13Cn38 13Cp42 7Cn26 7Ge05 4Ar14 23Cp30 29Cp46 10Ta00 20Pi55 23Cp59
7/5/20 14Cn35 27Cp05 6Cn58 7Ge27 4Ar49 23Cp22 29Cp42 10Ta02 20Pi54 23Cp58
7/6/20 15Cn32 10Aq12 6Cn33 7Ge50 5Ar24 23Cp15 29Cp38 10Ta04 20Pi54 23Cp56
7/7/20 16Cn29 23Aq00 6Cn11 8Ge15 5Ar58 23Cp07 29Cp34 10Ta05 20Pi53 23Cp55
7/8/20 17Cn26 5Pi31 5Cn54 8Ge41 6Ar32 22Cp59 29Cp29 10Ta07 20Pi53 23Cp53
7/9/20 18Cn24 17Pi48 5Cn41 9Ge09 7Ar06 22Cp52 29Cp25 10Ta09 20Pi52 23Cp52
7/10/20 19Cn21 29Pi53 5Cn32 9Ge38 7Ar40 22Cp44 29Cp21 10Ta11 20Pi52 23Cp50
7/11/20 20Cn18 11Ar49 5Cn29 10Ge09 8Ar14 22Cp36 29Cp16 10Ta12 20Pi51 23Cp49
7/12/20 21Cn15 23Ar42 5Cn31 10Ge42 8Ar47 22Cp29 29Cp12 10Ta14 20Pi51 23Cp48
7/13/20 22Cn12 5Ta36 5Cn38 11Ge15 9Ar20 22Cp21 29Cp08 10Ta15 20Pi50 23Cp46
7/14/20 23Cn10 17Ta36 5Cn51 11Ge50 9Ar52 22Cp13 29Cp03 10Ta17 20Pi49 23Cp45
7/15/20 24Cn07 29Ta46 6Cn09 12Ge26 10Ar25 22Cp05 28Cp59 10Ta18 20Pi49 23Cp43
7/16/20 25Cn04 12Ge10 6Cn32 13Ge04 10Ar57 21Cp58 28Cp55 10Ta20 20Pi48 23Cp42
7/17/20 26Cn01 24Ge52 7Cn01 13Ge42 11Ar29 21Cp50 28Cp50 10Ta21 20Pi47 23Cp40
7/18/20 26Cn59 7Cn53 7Cn35 14Ge22 12Ar00 21Cp42 28Cp46 10Ta23 20Pi46 23Cp39
7/19/20 27Cn56 21Cn15 8Cn15 15Ge02 12Ar31 21Cp35 28Cp41 10Ta24 20Pi46 23Cp37
7/20/20 28Cn53 4Le56 9Cn01 15Ge44 13Ar02 21Cp27 28Cp37 10Ta25 20Pi45 23Cp36
7/21/20 29Cn51 18Le54 9Cn51 16Ge27 13Ar33 21Cp19 28Cp32 10Ta26 20Pi44 23Cp35
7/22/20 0Le48 3Vi05 10Cn48 17Ge10 14Ar03 21Cp12 28Cp28 10Ta28 20Pi43 23Cp33
7/23/20 1Le45 17Vi24 11Cn49 17Ge55 14Ar33 21Cp04 28Cp23 10Ta29 20Pi42 23Cp32
7/24/20 2Le43 1Li47 12Cn55 18Ge40 15Ar02 20Cp57 28Cp19 10Ta30 20Pi41 23Cp30
7/25/20 3Le40 16Li07 14Cn07 19Ge26 15Ar31 20Cp49 28Cp15 10Ta31 20Pi40 23Cp29
7/26/20 4Le37 0Sc23 15Cn23 20Ge13 16Ar00 20Cp42 28Cp10 10Ta32 20Pi39 23Cp27
7/27/20 5Le35 14Sc32 16Cn45 21Ge01 16Ar28 20Cp35 28Cp06 10Ta33 20Pi38 23Cp26
7/28/20 6Le32 28Sc31 18Cn11 21Ge49 16Ar56 20Cp28 28Cp01 10Ta34 20Pi37 23Cp25
7/29/20 7Le29 12Sg21 19Cn41 22Ge38 17Ar24 20Cp21 27Cp57 10Ta34 20Pi36 23Cp23
7/30/20 8Le27 25Sg59 21Cn16 23Ge28 17Ar51 20Cp13 27Cp53 10Ta35 20Pi35 23Cp22
7/31/20 9Le24 9Cp27 22Cn55 24Ge19 18Ar18 20Cp07 27Cp48 10Ta36 20Pi34 23Cp20
8/1/20 10Le21 22Cp43 24Cn37 25Ge10 18Ar44 20Cp00 27Cp44 10Ta37 20Pi33 23Cp19
8/2/20 11Le19 5Aq47 26Cn24 26Ge02 19Ar10 19Cp53 27Cp40 10Ta37 20Pi31 23Cp18
8/3/20 12Le16 18Aq38 28Cn13 26Ge55 19Ar35 19Cp46 27Cp36 10Ta38 20Pi30 23Cp16
8/4/20 13Le14 1Pi15 0Le06 27Ge48 20Ar00 19Cp40 27Cp32 10Ta38 20Pi29 23Cp15
8/5/20 14Le11 13Pi39 2Le01 28Ge41 20Ar25 19Cp33 27Cp27 10Ta39 20Pi28 23Cp14
8/6/20 15Le09 25Pi52 3Le58 29Ge36 20Ar49 19Cp27 27Cp23 10Ta39 20Pi27 23Cp12
8/7/20 16Le06 7Ar54 5Le57 0Cn30 21Ar13 19Cp21 27Cp19 10Ta40 20Pi25 23Cp11
8/8/20 17Le04 19Ar49 7Le58 1Cn26 21Ar36 19Cp15 27Cp15 10Ta40 20Pi24 23Cp10
8/9/20 18Le01 1Ta40 10Le00 2Cn22 21Ar58 19Cp09 27Cp11 10Ta40 20Pi23 23Cp08
8/10/20 18Le59 13Ta33 12Le02 3Cn18 22Ar20 19Cp03 27Cp07 10Ta41 20Pi21 23Cp07
8/11/20 19Le56 25Ta31 14Le05 4Cn15 22Ar42 18Cp57 27Cp03 10Ta41 20Pi20 23Cp06
8/12/20 20Le54 7Ge40 16Le08 5Cn12 23Ar02 18Cp52 26Cp59 10Ta41 20Pi19 23Cp05
8/13/20 21Le51 20Ge05 18Le11 6Cn10 23Ar23 18Cp47 26Cp56 10Ta41 20Pi17 23Cp03
8/14/20 22Le49 2Cn50 20Le14 7Cn08 23Ar43 18Cp41 26Cp52 10Ta41 20Pi16 23Cp02
8/15/20 23Le47 15Cn59 22Le16 8Cn06 24Ar02 18Cp36 26Cp48 10Ta41 20Pi14 23Cp01
8/16/20 24Le44 29Cn33 24Le18 9Cn05 24Ar20 18Cp31 26Cp44 10Ta41 20Pi13 23Cp00
8/17/20 25Le42 13Le32 26Le18 10Cn05 24Ar38 18Cp26 26Cp41 10Ta41 20Pi11 22Cp59
8/18/20 26Le40 27Le54 28Le18 11Cn04 24Ar55 18Cp22 26Cp37 10Ta41 20Pi10 22Cp57
8/19/20 27Le38 12Vi31 0Vi16 12Cn04 25Ar12 18Cp17 26Cp34 10Ta40 20Pi08 22Cp56
8/20/20 28Le35 27Vi17 2Vi13 13Cn05 25Ar28 18Cp13 26Cp30 10Ta40 20Pi07 22Cp55
8/21/20 29Le33 12Li04 4Vi10 14Cn05 25Ar43 18Cp09 26Cp27 10Ta40 20Pi05 22Cp54
8/22/20 0Vi31 26Li43 6Vi04 15Cn07 25Ar57 18Cp05 26Cp24 10Ta40 20Pi04 22Cp53
8/23/20 1Vi29 11Sc10 7Vi58 16Cn08 26Ar11 18Cp01 26Cp20 10Ta39 20Pi02 22Cp52
8/24/20 2Vi27 25Sc22 9Vi50 17Cn10 26Ar24 17Cp58 26Cp17 10Ta39 20Pi01 22Cp51
8/25/20 3Vi25 9Sg15 11Vi41 18Cn12 26Ar37 17Cp54 26Cp14 10Ta38 19Pi59 22Cp50
8/26/20 4Vi23 22Sg52 13Vi31 19Cn14 26Ar48 17Cp51 26Cp11 10Ta38 19Pi58 22Cp49
8/27/20 5Vi21 6Cp14 15Vi19 20Cn17 26Ar59 17Cp48 26Cp08 10Ta37 19Pi56 22Cp48
8/28/20 6Vi19 19Cp21 17Vi06 21Cn20 27Ar09 17Cp45 26Cp05 10Ta36 19Pi55 22Cp47
8/29/20 7Vi17 2Aq16 18Vi52 22Cn23 27Ar19 17Cp42 26Cp03 10Ta36 19Pi53 22Cp46
8/30/20 8Vi15 15Aq00 20Vi36 23Cn26 27Ar27 17Cp40 26Cp00 10Ta35 19Pi51 22Cp45
8/31/20 9Vi13 27Aq33 22Vi19 24Cn30 27Ar35 17Cp37 25Cp57 10Ta34 19Pi50 22Cp44
9/1/20 10Vi11 9Pi57 24Vi01 25Cn34 27Ar42 17Cp35 25Cp55 10Ta33 19Pi48 22Cp43
9/2/20 11Vi09 22Pi10 25Vi42 26Cn38 27Ar48 17Cp33 25Cp52 10Ta33 19Pi47 22Cp42
9/3/20 12Vi07 4Ar16 27Vi21 27Cn43 27Ar54 17Cp31 25Cp50 10Ta32 19Pi45 22Cp42
9/4/20 13Vi05 16Ar13 28Vi59 28Cn48 27Ar58 17Cp30 25Cp48 10Ta31 19Pi43 22Cp41
9/5/20 14Vi03 28Ar06 0Li36 29Cn53 28Ar02 17Cp28 25Cp45 10Ta30 19Pi42 22Cp40
9/6/20 15Vi01 9Ta55 2Li12 0Le58 28Ar05 17Cp27 25Cp43 10Ta29 19Pi40 22Cp39
9/7/20 16Vi00 21Ta46 3Li47 2Le04 28Ar07 17Cp26 25Cp41 10Ta27 19Pi38 22Cp39
9/8/20 16Vi58 3Ge41 5Li20 3Le09 28Ar08 17Cp25 25Cp39 10Ta26 19Pi37 22Cp38
9/9/20 17Vi56 15Ge48 6Li52 4Le15 28Ar08 17Cp25 25Cp37 10Ta25 19Pi35 22Cp37
9/10/20 18Vi54 28Ge10 8Li24 5Le21 28Ar07 17Cp24 25Cp36 10Ta24 19Pi33 22Cp36
9/11/20 19Vi53 10Cn52 9Li54 6Le28 28Ar06 17Cp24 25Cp34 10Ta23 19Pi32 22Cp36
9/12/20 20Vi51 24Cn00 11Li22 7Le34 28Ar03 17Cp24 25Cp32 10Ta21 19Pi30 22Cp35
9/13/20 21Vi50 7Le37 12Li50 8Le41 28Ar00 17Cp24 25Cp31 10Ta20 19Pi28 22Cp35
9/14/20 22Vi48 21Le43 14Li17 9Le48 27Ar56 17Cp24 25Cp29 10Ta18 19Pi27 22Cp34
9/15/20 23Vi47 6Vi15 15Li42 10Le55 27Ar51 17Cp25 25Cp28 10Ta17 19Pi25 22Cp34
9/16/20 24Vi45 21Vi09 17Li06 12Le03 27Ar45 17Cp26 25Cp27 10Ta16 19Pi23 22Cp33
9/17/20 25Vi44 6Li16 18Li29 13Le10 27Ar38 17Cp26 25Cp26 10Ta14 19Pi22 22Cp33
9/18/20 26Vi42 21Li25 19Li50 14Le18 27Ar30 17Cp28 25Cp25 10Ta12 19Pi20 22Cp32
9/19/20 27Vi41 6Sc25 21Li11 15Le26 27Ar21 17Cp29 25Cp24 10Ta11 19Pi19 22Cp32
9/20/20 28Vi40 21Sc10 22Li30 16Le34 27Ar12 17Cp30 25Cp23 10Ta09 19Pi17 22Cp31
9/21/20 29Vi38 5Sg33 23Li47 17Le42 27Ar02 17Cp32 25Cp22 10Ta08 19Pi15 22Cp31
9/22/20 0Li37 19Sg32 25Li03 18Le51 26Ar51 17Cp34 25Cp22 10Ta06 19Pi14 22Cp31
9/23/20 1Li36 3Cp08 26Li18 19Le59 26Ar39 17Cp36 25Cp21 10Ta04 19Pi12 22Cp30
9/24/20 2Li35 16Cp23 27Li31 21Le08 26Ar27 17Cp38 25Cp21 10Ta02 19Pi10 22Cp30
9/25/20 3Li33 29Cp19 28Li42 22Le17 26Ar14 17Cp41 25Cp20 10Ta00 19Pi09 22Cp30
9/26/20 4Li32 12Aq00 29Li52 23Le26 26Ar00 17Cp43 25Cp20 9Ta59 19Pi07 22Cp29
9/27/20 5Li31 24Aq29 0Sc59 24Le35 25Ar46 17Cp46 25Cp20 9Ta57 19Pi06 22Cp29
9/28/20 6Li30 6Pi48 2Sc04 25Le44 25Ar31 17Cp49 25Cp20 9Ta55 19Pi04 22Cp29
9/29/20 7Li29 18Pi59 3Sc08 26Le54 25Ar15 17Cp52 25Cp20 9Ta53 19Pi03 22Cp29
9/30/20 8Li28 1Ar02 4Sc09 28Le03 24Ar59 17Cp56 25Cp20 9Ta51 19Pi01 22Cp29
10/1/20 9Li27 13Ar00 5Sc07 29Le13 24Ar42 17Cp59 25Cp20 9Ta49 18Pi59 22Cp29
10/2/20 10Li26 24Ar53 6Sc02 0Vi23 24Ar25 18Cp03 25Cp21 9Ta47 18Pi58 22Cp29
10/3/20 11Li25 6Ta44 6Sc55 1Vi33 24Ar08 18Cp07 25Cp21 9Ta45 18Pi56 22Cp29
10/4/20 12Li24 18Ta33 7Sc44 2Vi43 23Ar50 18Cp11 25Cp22 9Ta43 18Pi55 22Cp29
10/5/20 13Li23 0Ge24 8Sc30 3Vi54 23Ar32 18Cp15 25Cp22 9Ta41 18Pi53 22Cp29
10/6/20 14Li22 12Ge20 9Sc11 5Vi04 23Ar13 18Cp20 25Cp23 9Ta38 18Pi52 22Cp29
10/7/20 15Li22 24Ge26 9Sc49 6Vi15 22Ar55 18Cp24 25Cp24 9Ta36 18Pi51 22Cp29
10/8/20 16Li21 6Cn46 10Sc22 7Vi25 22Ar36 18Cp29 25Cp25 9Ta34 18Pi49 22Cp29
10/9/20 17Li20 19Cn25 10Sc49 8Vi36 22Ar17 18Cp34 25Cp26 9Ta32 18Pi48 22Cp29
10/10/20 18Li19 2Le27 11Sc11 9Vi47 21Ar57 18Cp39 25Cp27 9Ta30 18Pi46 22Cp29
10/11/20 19Li19 15Le57 11Sc28 10Vi58 21Ar38 18Cp44 25Cp28 9Ta27 18Pi45 22Cp30
10/12/20 20Li18 29Le57 11Sc37 12Vi09 21Ar19 18Cp50 25Cp29 9Ta25 18Pi44 22Cp30
10/13/20 21Li18 14Vi27 11Sc40 13Vi21 21Ar00 18Cp55 25Cp31 9Ta23 18Pi42 22Cp30
10/14/20 22Li17 29Vi21 11Sc35 14Vi32 20Ar41 19Cp01 25Cp32 9Ta20 18Pi41 22Cp30
10/15/20 23Li17 14Li32 11Sc22 15Vi44 20Ar22 19Cp07 25Cp34 9Ta18 18Pi40 22Cp31
10/16/20 24Li16 29Li51 11Sc00 16Vi55 20Ar03 19Cp13 25Cp36 9Ta16 18Pi38 22Cp31
10/17/20 25Li16 15Sc06 10Sc30 18Vi07 19Ar45 19Cp20 25Cp38 9Ta13 18Pi37 22Cp31
10/18/20 26Li15 0Sg05 9Sc52 19Vi19 19Ar27 19Cp26 25Cp40 9Ta11 18Pi36 22Cp32
10/19/20 27Li15 14Sg43 9Sc05 20Vi31 19Ar09 19Cp33 25Cp42 9Ta09 18Pi35 22Cp32
10/20/20 28Li15 28Sg55 8Sc09 21Vi43 18Ar52 19Cp39 25Cp44 9Ta06 18Pi34 22Cp33
10/21/20 29Li14 12Cp39 7Sc07 22Vi55 18Ar35 19Cp46 25Cp46 9Ta04 18Pi32 22Cp33
10/22/20 0Sc14 25Cp58 5Sc59 24Vi07 18Ar19 19Cp53 25Cp48 9Ta01 18Pi31 22Cp34
10/23/20 1Sc14 8Aq54 4Sc46 25Vi19 18Ar03 20Cp01 25Cp51 8Ta59 18Pi30 22Cp34
10/24/20 2Sc14 21Aq30 3Sc30 26Vi32 17Ar48 20Cp08 25Cp53 8Ta56 18Pi29 22Cp35
10/25/20 3Sc13 3Pi52 2Sc14 27Vi44 17Ar33 20Cp16 25Cp56 8Ta54 18Pi28 22Cp36
10/26/20 4Sc13 16Pi02 1Sc00 28Vi57 17Ar19 20Cp23 25Cp58 8Ta52 18Pi27 22Cp36
10/27/20 5Sc13 28Pi04 29Li50 0Li09 17Ar06 20Cp31 26Cp01 8Ta49 18Pi26 22Cp37
10/28/20 6Sc13 10Ar00 28Li47 1Li22 16Ar53 20Cp39 26Cp04 8Ta47 18Pi25 22Cp38
10/29/20 7Sc13 21Ar52 27Li51 2Li35 16Ar41 20Cp47 26Cp07 8Ta44 18Pi24 22Cp38
10/30/20 8Sc13 3Ta43 27Li05 3Li47 16Ar30 20Cp55 26Cp10 8Ta42 18Pi23 22Cp39
10/31/20 9Sc13 15Ta34 26Li30 5Li00 16Ar19 21Cp04 26Cp13 8Ta39 18Pi22 22Cp40
11/1/20 10Sc13 27Ta27 26Li07 6Li13 16Ar10 21Cp12 26Cp16 8Ta37 18Pi21 22Cp41
11/2/20 11Sc13 9Ge23 25Li55 7Li27 16Ar01 21Cp21 26Cp20 8Ta34 18Pi20 22Cp42
11/3/20 12Sc13 21Ge26 25Li55 8Li40 15Ar52 21Cp30 26Cp23 8Ta32 18Pi20 22Cp43
11/4/20 13Sc13 3Cn38 26Li05 9Li53 15Ar45 21Cp39 26Cp27 8Ta29 18Pi19 22Cp43
11/5/20 14Sc13 16Cn01 26Li26 11Li06 15Ar38 21Cp48 26Cp30 8Ta27 18Pi18 22Cp44
11/6/20 15Sc14 28Cn41 26Li57 12Li20 15Ar32 21Cp57 26Cp34 8Ta24 18Pi17 22Cp45
11/7/20 16Sc14 11Le41 27Li36 13Li33 15Ar27 22Cp06 26Cp38 8Ta22 18Pi17 22Cp46
11/8/20 17Sc14 25Le05 28Li23 14Li47 15Ar23 22Cp15 26Cp41 8Ta20 18Pi16 22Cp47
11/9/20 18Sc14 8Vi54 29Li17 16Li00 15Ar19 22Cp25 26Cp45 8Ta17 18Pi15 22Cp48
11/10/20 19Sc15 23Vi09 0Sc18 17Li14 15Ar17 22Cp35 26Cp49 8Ta15 18Pi15 22Cp49
11/11/20 20Sc15 7Li48 1Sc23 18Li28 15Ar15 22Cp44 26Cp53 8Ta12 18Pi14 22Cp51
11/12/20 21Sc16 22Li47 2Sc33 19Li41 15Ar14 22Cp54 26Cp58 8Ta10 18Pi14 22Cp52
11/13/20 22Sc16 7Sc56 3Sc48 20Li55 15Ar14 23Cp04 27Cp02 8Ta07 18Pi13 22Cp53
11/14/20 23Sc16 23Sc08 5Sc05 22Li09 15Ar14 23Cp14 27Cp06 8Ta05 18Pi13 22Cp54
11/15/20 24Sc17 8Sg10 6Sc26 23Li23 15Ar15 23Cp25 27Cp10 8Ta03 18Pi12 22Cp55
11/16/20 25Sc17 22Sg56 7Sc49 24Li37 15Ar18 23Cp35 27Cp15 8Ta00 18Pi12 22Cp56
11/17/20 26Sc18 7Cp18 9Sc14 25Li51 15Ar20 23Cp46 27Cp19 7Ta58 18Pi11 22Cp58
11/18/20 27Sc18 21Cp13 10Sc40 27Li05 15Ar24 23Cp56 27Cp24 7Ta56 18Pi11 22Cp59
11/19/20 28Sc19 4Aq41 12Sc08 28Li19 15Ar29 24Cp07 27Cp29 7Ta54 18Pi11 23Cp00
11/20/20 29Sc20 17Aq44 13Sc38 29Li33 15Ar34 24Cp18 27Cp34 7Ta51 18Pi10 23Cp02
11/21/20 0Sg20 0Pi24 15Sc08 0Sc47 15Ar40 24Cp28 27Cp38 7Ta49 18Pi10 23Cp03
11/22/20 1Sg21 12Pi45 16Sc39 2Sc02 15Ar47 24Cp39 27Cp43 7Ta47 18Pi10 23Cp04
11/23/20 2Sg22 24Pi53 18Sc10 3Sc16 15Ar54 24Cp51 27Cp48 7Ta45 18Pi10 23Cp06
11/24/20 3Sg22 6Ar51 19Sc43 4Sc30 16Ar02 25Cp02 27Cp53 7Ta42 18Pi10 23Cp07
11/25/20 4Sg23 18Ar44 21Sc15 5Sc45 16Ar11 25Cp13 27Cp58 7Ta40 18Pi09 23Cp08
11/26/20 5Sg24 0Ta34 22Sc48 6Sc59 16Ar21 25Cp24 28Cp04 7Ta38 18Pi09 23Cp10
11/27/20 6Sg24 12Ta24 24Sc21 8Sc13 16Ar31 25Cp36 28Cp09 7Ta36 18Pi09 23Cp11
11/28/20 7Sg25 24Ta19 25Sc54 9Sc28 16Ar42 25Cp47 28Cp14 7Ta34 18Pi09 23Cp13
11/29/20 8Sg26 6Ge18 27Sc28 10Sc42 16Ar53 25Cp59 28Cp19 7Ta32 18Pi09 23Cp14
11/30/20 9Sg27 18Ge25 29Sc01 11Sc57 17Ar05 26Cp11 28Cp25 7Ta30 18Pi09 23Cp16
12/1/20 10Sg27 0Cn40 0Sg35 13Sc12 17Ar18 26Cp23 28Cp30 7Ta28 18Pi09 23Cp17
12/2/20 11Sg28 13Cn06 2Sg08 14Sc26 17Ar31 26Cp34 28Cp36 7Ta26 18Pi10 23Cp19
12/3/20 12Sg29 25Cn44 3Sg42 15Sc41 17Ar45 26Cp46 28Cp42 7Ta24 18Pi10 23Cp21
12/4/20 13Sg30 8Le35 5Sg16 16Sc55 18Ar00 26Cp58 28Cp47 7Ta22 18Pi10 23Cp22
12/5/20 14Sg31 21Le42 6Sg49 18Sc10 18Ar15 27Cp11 28Cp53 7Ta21 18Pi10 23Cp24
12/6/20 15Sg32 5Vi07 8Sg23 19Sc25 18Ar30 27Cp23 28Cp59 7Ta19 18Pi10 23Cp25
12/7/20 16Sg33 18Vi49 9Sg57 20Sc40 18Ar46 27Cp35 29Cp05 7Ta17 18Pi11 23Cp27
12/8/20 17Sg34 2Li51 11Sg31 21Sc54 19Ar03 27Cp47 29Cp10 7Ta15 18Pi11 23Cp29
12/9/20 18Sg35 17Li11 13Sg05 23Sc09 19Ar20 28Cp00 29Cp16 7Ta14 18Pi11 23Cp31
12/10/20 19Sg36 1Sc46 14Sg38 24Sc24 19Ar38 28Cp12 29Cp22 7Ta12 18Pi12 23Cp32
12/11/20 20Sg37 16Sc32 16Sg12 25Sc39 19Ar56 28Cp25 29Cp28 7Ta10 18Pi12 23Cp34
12/12/20 21Sg38 1Sg22 17Sg46 26Sc54 20Ar14 28Cp38 29Cp35 7Ta09 18Pi13 23Cp36
12/13/20 22Sg39 16Sg09 19Sg20 28Sc09 20Ar34 28Cp50 29Cp41 7Ta07 18Pi13 23Cp37
12/14/20 23Sg40 0Cp46 20Sg55 29Sc24 20Ar53 29Cp03 29Cp47 7Ta06 18Pi14 23Cp39
12/15/20 24Sg41 15Cp07 22Sg29 0Sg39 21Ar13 29Cp16 29Cp53 7Ta04 18Pi14 23Cp41
12/16/20 25Sg42 29Cp05 24Sg03 1Sg54 21Ar34 29Cp29 29Cp59 7Ta03 18Pi15 23Cp43
12/17/20 26Sg43 12Aq39 25Sg38 3Sg09 21Ar54 29Cp42 0Aq06 7Ta02 18Pi16 23Cp45
12/18/20 27Sg44 25Aq49 27Sg12 4Sg24 22Ar16 29Cp55 0Aq12 7Ta00 18Pi16 23Cp46
12/19/20 28Sg45 8Pi35 28Sg47 5Sg39 22Ar38 0Aq08 0Aq19 6Ta59 18Pi17 23Cp48
12/20/20 29Sg46 21Pi01 0Cp22 6Sg54 23Ar00 0Aq21 0Aq25 6Ta58 18Pi18 23Cp50
12/21/20 0Cp47 3Ar11 1Cp57 8Sg09 23Ar22 0Aq34 0Aq32 6Ta57 18Pi19 23Cp52
12/22/20 1Cp49 15Ar09 3Cp33 9Sg24 23Ar45 0Aq48 0Aq38 6Ta55 18Pi19 23Cp54
12/23/20 2Cp50 27Ar01 5Cp08 10Sg39 24Ar08 1Aq01 0Aq45 6Ta54 18Pi20 23Cp56
12/24/20 3Cp51 8Ta50 6Cp44 11Sg54 24Ar32 1Aq14 0Aq51 6Ta53 18Pi21 23Cp58
12/25/20 4Cp52 20Ta42 8Cp20 13Sg09 24Ar56 1Aq28 0Aq58 6Ta52 18Pi22 24Cp00
12/26/20 5Cp53 2Ge40 9Cp57 14Sg24 25Ar20 1Aq41 1Aq05 6Ta51 18Pi23 24Cp01
12/27/20 6Cp54 14Ge47 11Cp33 15Sg39 25Ar45 1Aq55 1Aq11 6Ta50 18Pi24 24Cp03
12/28/20 7Cp55 27Ge05 13Cp10 16Sg54 26Ar10 2Aq08 1Aq18 6Ta50 18Pi25 24Cp05
12/29/20 8Cp56 9Cn37 14Cp47 18Sg09 26Ar35 2Aq22 1Aq25 6Ta49 18Pi26 24Cp07
12/30/20 9Cp58 22Cn23 16Cp25 19Sg24 27Ar00 2Aq36 1Aq32 6Ta48 18Pi27 24Cp09
12/31/20 10Cp59 5Le23 18Cp02 20Sg39 27Ar26 2Aq49 1Aq38 6Ta47 18Pi28 24Cp11

Chart Entry

Chart Data
Restrictions Sun
East Point
House System Placidus
Equal (MC)
Zodiac Type Krishnamurti

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